Colorado Libertarian Candidate for Governor

With virtually no money and no media, Dawn Winkler-Kinateder, the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Colorado received 3% in a recent poll. This may not sound like much, but neither the independent candidate Paul Fiorino nor Constitution Party candidate Clyde Harkin made it into the poll at all. Republican Bob Beauprez (who supports animal ID) and Democrat Bill Ritter (who flip flops on the pro-choice issue) are running a tight race. Winkler’s candidacy possibly stands to decide who wins.

Winkler says “I don’t know who is worse. Both are big government, Big Brother, and both are in essence, pro-life, which really means anti-choice.” Winkler criticizes Ritter’s big government approach to healthcare and his apparent indecision about who should and should not be allowed to legally have a safe abortion. Winkler also criticizes Beauprez’s support of national animal ID.

On August 11th, they squared off at a televised debate on Denver’s channel
12 KBDI, Colorado Decides, along with Clyde Harkin. This debate was sponsored by the Rocky Mountain News. Post debate coverage by the Rocky Mountain News failed to mention Winker or Harkin despite Winkler stating she was 100% pro choice. One of the post debate articles on August 12th was specifically about abortion.

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  1. I just watched the debate and think that Ms. Winker did well with the time she was given. The moderators were polite, but it was evident that they view this a a two man race. I would have liked for her to really discuss the plan her father started with regard to healthcare- I think that the Constitution Party candidate did a little better there. I appreciate her pro-choice position and think that her absolute stance was appreciated by the panel. While I think that the debate was not entirely fair, she was well spoken, attractive and all around a class act. If I were a Colorado voter, she would have my support.

  2. I plan to see the debate in Grand Junction this weekend and I look forward to seeing Ms. Winkler do well.

  3. Winkler’s hobbies include hiking and camping in the summer and skiing in the winter with her family on the beautiful Western Slope. She therefore advocates keeping public lands public.

    Huh. She must be one of those dirty unprincipled “reformers”. Where’s all the condemnation at for her unprincipled position?

    She must not have any PRINCIPLES. Where are her PRINCIPLES? Her PRINCIPLES must be suspect on all her other positions then. Why did she sell out all her PRINCIPLES?


  4. She is not libertarian enough for many commenters on this site. I read her entire web site and don’t agree with everything but I have never met or heard of anyone that I was in 100% agreement all the time.

    Start the slamming of her for not being a pure anarchist. Where are you, Paulie? How about the rest of you?

    I live in Colorado, will campaign and contribute to her and surely vote for her. Now, let me duck under something because here comes the venom from the anarchists purists.

  5. ya know, I’ve never even heard of Boortz until people started pointing him out. Dont know much and dont care anything about him. He’s on the radio somewhere I gather. Why has he got you so upset?