Cindy Sheehan, Lew Rockwell having Affair?

Cindy SheehanThis appears to be nothing more than rumors on the Internets, but it’s jumped into talk radio so I guess it’s worth covering. The backstory, according to Melanie Morgan at KSFO, is that Lew Rockwell has been posting over at the Huffington Post, but that it only started after he met Cindy Sheehan (who incidentally has posted quite frequently over at

Here’s Morgan’s version (MP3):


Activist breaks camp in Crawford to do ‘damage control’

Cindy Sheehan packed her bags and left Crawford ,Texas, Tuesday afternoon and arrived home in Berkeley, Ca. late Tuesday evening. Sheehan rushed back to do damage control after explosive information became public today about an alleged affair that began while she was still married to her husband Patrick, and after her son Casey Sheehan died in Sadr City, Iraq attempting to rescue members of his trapped squad.

Sources are telling authors Melanie Morgan and Catherine Moy, (American Mourning, Cumberland Press) that Sheehan is furious that the news of her affair has gone public. Sources have identified the boyfriend as former right-winger Lew Rockwell of the Ludwig Von Mises think tank located in Alabama, who is himself married.

Sheehan was in Texas for over a week to confront President Bush about the war in Iraq, demanding a second meeting with the man she calls a ‘murderous bastard.’

Sources say that Sheehan met Lew Rockwell in an Internet chatroom, and exchanged 600 text mail messages before her husband learned of the affair through phone records.

Rockwell, who has a blog at and his own website has not responded to inquiries for comment.

Now, I’m going to get the whole ewwww out of the way, because I honestly didn’t want to think about the prospect of Sheehan having any kind of affairs, extramarital or not.

But if this is true, at least we know that it isn’t Arianna who you have to blow in order to be a blogger at the HuffPo. And damn if this doesn’t put the term “link whoring” in a new light.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. I wonder how her fast is going… you know, the one where she’s allowed to drink protein shakes?

  2. Sources say that Sheehan met Lew Rockwell in an Internet chatroom

    Well gosh, if Melanie Morgan is reporting this gossip, it certainly must be true. After all, as a pro-war right-wing radio shock jock, she surely has no ax to grind with adament anti-war folks.

    Plus, Melanie is All-American and a true patriot:

    Melanie Morgan gained national notoriety in the summer of 2006 when she suggested that Bill Keller, an editor of the New York Times, be killed in a “gaschamber” for the crime of “treason” after the Times’ reporting on US government spying on Americans.

    I just can’t wait to find out who Melanie’s secret sources are. Could it be David Horwitz? Or maybe Sean Hannity was in that chat room and figured it out all by himself? Maybe secret x-rated videos Lew and Cindy made got loose?

    I’m wondering if it was an al Qaida chat room.

  3. And who did the actress who plays “Melanie Morgan” have to blow to get her job? Answer: her husband, the station’s program director, who needed a “right-wing shill” on his morning show and got his wife — a glorified, talentless traffic reporter — the part. Not bad, and she gets to suck his dick a few times a week, too!

  4. If it will help my anti-war credentials any, I am having affairs with The Birdman, Jeff Diket, the entire staff of the Last Ditch and possibly Leonard Read–dead men take their time–if you know what I mean.

  5. A lot of the right-wingnuts hate Lew and everything he stands for….He is used to being under attack (as is I’d like to think this nonsense will die out right here so we can get on with our work

  6. Ethically challenged? Certainly you mean the genocidal racist Rockwell, right?

  7. Shocking? Well, his mentor, the happily married Dr. Rothbard, was notorious for propositioning women at LP functions. Some probably said yes.

  8. If it is true… SO WHAT?

    I mean come on… what, sex between consenting adults is now questionable?

    I hope the ‘right wing’ bloggers make a big deal about this, because it will backfire right in their faces.

  9. Well, if it is true, I can completely see what she’s saying.

    I mean, it’s obvious that engaging in adultery completely negates and refutes the man’s arguments against the State. Oh wait, except that it doesn’t.

    Spreading rumors and ad hominim attacks does not defeat their arguments.

  10. melanie morgan has had affairs with rush o’reilly hannityand
    and coulter its printed thus it should be true

  11. By this standard of evidence, Stephen you and Julian must have something going…or maybe it’s Nick….regardless, since when does this constitute anything approaching interesting news? Keep this up and you can change the sites title to the Weekly World News…

  12. Well, it might be a miracle all by itself….and thank God she is past (one hopes) conception age. This poor sad creature just can’t get enough of the spotlight, and doesn’t even know her 15-minutes of fame expired long ago. Who the hell cares who she sleeps with, there are plenty of men out there with absolutely no taste whatsoever and they probably deserve her!!!!!

  13. NEWS FLASH: Libertarian likes women, gets laid!

    “Experts expressed shock and disbelief”¦”

    You GO, Lew!

    This had me lollin’ pretty hard. You rock at comments, Brad.

  14. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone who got more mileage or enjoyment out of losing a child – and I actually know a guy who killed his own son on purpose.

    When I see this loathesome woman in television, I never – and I mean NEVER – get the impression that she’d trade the spotlight to get her son back. If I were killed in Iraq and my mother started acting like this, I’d come back from the grave just to stuff a cork in her mouth.

  15. “acting like this”

    Like what? Heroically doing everything she can to stop an illegal and imperialist war of aggression? Idiots like you make me sick.

  16. And just when I thought Brad was clever and funny on post 21, I read post 27. Using the term heroic about Sheehan, the Mother, instead of the son COULD spark an interesting debate. However, saying that this war is illegal or imperialistic and calling people who disagree with you “idiots” is simply low class and ineffective blather.

  17. Isn’t there any better evidence than this? All you have is some phone calls and emails? It would make sense that if Sheehan is a columnist at Rockwell’s website, they would have a number of phone calls or emails.
    The only evidence is that her ex-husband provided evidence of phone calls and text mail messages. Well, if they had a nasty break-up, Mr. Sheehan would have motive to make this us (whether for money or for revenge).
    Come on! Let’s get better evidence than this before we spread this undocumented gossip!

  18. You’re right, J F. Sometimes this blog appears to mimic the MSM’s desperation for *any* kind of controversial story to get viewers (readers).

  19. Paul, I do agree with you that “entertaining puff pieces” are generally OK to add to the usual mix, but this particular one borders on character assassination and appears to be based on very flimsy evidence. Furthermore, the characters in question happen to be on the side of liberty (our side), particularly Mr. Rockwell.

  20. ok, I will. Everyone has an opinion, that’s what these little boxes are for: – here’s mine.
    Heros always have clay feet. So Lady Cindy of Sheehan likes to stick hers on the ceiling of this guy’s bedroom.
    So what? So, even the thought of her playing slap and tickle is so humorous, then calling our President a monster is laughable.
    And she picks a bedmate who looks like a married Jewish nebbish. So, the far, far left, looney wing picked the wrong icon this time around, George McGovern being indisposed as his walker is too wieldy. Joan Baez hair is gray, Peter Boyle is hiding for fear what is left of his career may go belly up, and Donald Sutherland turned in his Commie Card decades ago.
    So, what’s a lefty to do.
    Watch Cindy bump, tickle and scream. Watch the poor woman be happy again. It’s been the only time she’s been happy since she’s lost her son. Besides, maybe now, she’s stop answering Jane Fonda’s phone calls.

  21. Cindy Sheehan may be anti-war but I’d hardly concern her on the side of liberty. She’s Hugo Chavez’s buddy.

  22. “but I’d hardly concern her on the side of liberty”

    Oh yeah. Liberty is all about debating the finer points of scholarly studies on monopoly contract pseudo-privatization of municipal garbage services.

    War is the biggest threat to liberty. The Old Right understood that. Pity so many so-called “libertarians” don’t.

  23. You can sure tell it’s less than 90 days to an election. The shills and hacks for the war party will do anything to counter the slow but growing awakening that bushie and his Iraq war are a disaster for this country. Naturally this includes taking down Sheehan by any means including a smear campaign. Nice going Van Dyke and The Hammer of Slime for fanning the flames.

  24. Are you people serious? Since you clearly passed up the first line of VanDyke’s post, here it is:

    This appears to be nothing more than rumors on the Internets, but it’s jumped into talk radio so I guess it’s worth covering.

    A well-known libertarian is being accused of having an affair with Cindy Sheehan and we can’t cover the rumor, even with an opening-line caveat lector?


  25. War is the biggest threat to liberty.

    You can say that again, Mr. Spangler.

    A fact lost on liberventionists.

    Nobody here seems to realize that Sheehan’s articles were not written expressly for LewRockwell.Com – they are published widely. Lew also puts up articles written by Pat Buchanan. Does this mean they are getting it on, too?

    Does anyone believe that busy people like Cindy and Lew spend hours hanging around chat rooms? Click on Melanie’s name in post #4 and see more about where she is coming from.

    MRJarrell has it about right in post #16 as does CFisher in post #14

    I suspect this rumor has been started to distract attention from gossip that Ann Coulter is actually a transvestite.

  26. It is rare that I do as I am told, but I checked Melanie out. Wow, what an irresponsible person. $25k in credit card debt for a gambling “addiction”? CPS had to intervene because she neglected her child? Funny stuff. It is, I guess, fitting that she would be extreme right and wish to talk about other people’s morals.

  27. You people are a funny group.You fuel your points by By merely attacking others positions. I wonder how much and what you do to help those less fortunate in our own country? Do you do anything at all? I suspect not. Words are cheap, like many of you. It is easy to attack a woman who lost her son or the president, words are cheap. It is a lot harder to get off your ass and help your less fortunate brother. But then again, that’s not very fasionable is it?

  28. Michelle, thank you sooooo much for checking Melanie out for us. With you on the case I feel much better. Could you tell me what Castro is doning now. Who the hell are YOU to comment on anothers morals? Shall we check you out? What might we find? Al, nice work, while I can’t totally agree, you might be on to something.

  29. Tom, WTF?

    Who the hell are YOU to comment on anothers morals?

    Well who the hell is Melanie to comment on anyone’s morals? Sounds like the warmongering bitch has pretty piss-poor credentials to me. And you dare to feign outrage? Pathetic.

  30. Hey, even spiny sea urchins have sex. Of course, Sheehan’s not as cute, but still . . .

  31. When Mr. Rockwell comes under attack, be afraid. Some serious diversion is going on. Some impotent people are scared, the wheels are about to come off, and the central government is about to do some fantastic thing.

  32. We launched a War on Iraq that appears to have killed more than 100,000 people, Congress responds to a half trillion dollar a year increase in the national debt by renaming French Fries, again, and we get this? WHy is this matter conceivably even slightly interesting?

  33. > WHy is this matter conceivably even slightly
    > interesting?

    Exactly! It’s the bread and circuses that our rulers count on to keep the massess distracted. And as we see over and over and over the shills and hacks for our government masters will do anything to keep the massess distracted from their crimes.

  34. Tom,
    I will tell you what you will find about me. I worked in medical equip for years but before that, I danced topless. I used to do tons of blow. I still like ex and mushrooms in the right country. What you won’t find is me outing a sexual relationship of any kind. This Melanie woman seems to be a real pill.

  35. “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians.. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. – A true patriot as well as a genuine leader must always take the higher ground of God’s law when confronted with the evils of man’s law. – Government is not the enemy, for it is ordained of God. The enemy to freedom is tyrannical government that presumes to take the place of God.” — “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!- I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    – Patrick Henry

    “Jefferson’s war against the Barbary pirates was taken up after more than one million Europeans had been made slaves by Muslim traders.” –

    “No Jew ever blew himself up in a German restaurant.” – Wafa Sultan

  36. well obviously she had sex with someone to have a son who lost his life fighting in our armed forces… since she has totally thrown her sons heroic measures over board to promote her own pitty party she certainly is up to committing adultry. but I just cant believe anyone would be attracted to her except maybe a homely lesbian from the left wing extreme…

  37. #27 – I guess I must be an “idiot,” then, for not considering Sheehan’s efforts “heroic.” She called Bush a “terrorist” and said he was waging “nuclear war” in Iraq. She said she’d rather live in Venezuela than here and that Hugo Chavez has it right. She’s put herself in the position of being used as a pawn by the far left, and she’s sucking it up like a Hoover DeLuxe. The one time I saw her in person – with the equally unstable Cynthia McKinney – she was whooping it up like she won an Oscar. If this woman is grieving for her son, she hides it very well.

    So, if I were killed in Iraq, I wouldn’t want my mother whoring for camera time and sounding like a deranged loon whose 15 minutes should have been up a long time ago. The woman is an absolute embarrassment and a joke, and I’d be ashamed to call her my mother. In fact, she’s even more embarrassing than intellectually bankrupt flotsam such as yourself whose first response to anyone who disagrees with them is to scream “idiot.”

  38. @nick

    she has totally thrown her sons heroic measures over board to promote her own pitty party

    Her son was, effectively, murdered by his commander in chief and every armchair general out there like yourself who politically enabled his war criminal ass. You’ve got blood on your hands, every single one of you and you’ll be damned lucky if this situation doesn’t ultimately devolve into war supporters being hunted through the streets like dogs. You’re not fit to lick the mud off Cindy Sheehan’s shoes.

  39. “So, if I were killed in Iraq…” Damien Kane

    You’re just the type of dumb ass brain dead sheeple who’d believe the bull shit lies of his government masters enough to go die in Iraq.

  40. “…You’re just the type of dumb ass brain dead sheeple who’d believe the bull shit lies of his government masters enough to go die in Iraq…”

    Hope the cramps clear up soon, buddy.

  41. I’m new here, so just don’t understand what I’m reading. Guess I’m glad to know that everything is the fault of George Bush, so some kind of correction (such as electing Bush haters this fall) will cure everything.

    Guess the words “Hezbollah” and “bomb plots” and Islamic fascists” are meaningless. Quotes like “We will push the Israelis into the sea” tell us nothing. And quotes such as “The holocaust never happened” and “The U.S. government secretly brought down the World Trade Center towers” present the ultimate truth.

    Poor me. . . so poorly informed, so misled, so naive.

  42. Poor me. . . so poorly informed, so misled, so naive.

    There’s been a lot of that going around. Don’t feel bad.

  43. It might also be worth noting that this article about Sheehan being hospitalized in Texas on arrival Friday from spending several days at the Seattle convention of Veterans for Peace would seem to indicate that the above report of her leaving Crawford Texas Tuesday for Berkley, CA is potential disinformation.

    Put that one in Melanie’s file.

  44. >Poor me. . . so poorly informed, so misled, so naive.

    Just the way your government masters want it. Keep working half the year for the government (what you wind up paying in all forms of taxation approaches this) and don’t complain when they run up ruinous debt and buy their lies about their wars. And don’t complain as they spy on you and rape the Bill of Rights. Be a good little taxpaying, empire supporting, sniveling little bitch.

  45. And don’t worry John Sullivan. The same government that brilliantly protected this country from Hurricane Katrina and dealt with its aftermath is the same government that will protect you from those big, bad terrorists!

  46. Wow, this is one of the biggest insultfests I’ve ever seen on this blog. EVERYONE’S getting in on the action this time around.

    To keep the flow going, uh, Tim West? You’re a, um, poopyhead.

    That’s right. You heard me.

  47. >Seriously though children, let’s grow up.

    Come on, these insultfests as you call them that get people riled up are great for your site. They generate more traffic to the site and advertising revenue.

  48. Shhhh you guys… everyone will know the secret to successful political blogging now. :P

  49. Thanks, Robert.

    And Mr. Van Dyke, yes the secret is out. How do you think Mr. Gordon affords those fancy cigars? :)

  50. Again, the left is correct. Brad StarSpangler, Sol and yes even you Michelle “i show my tits for blow” Shinghal should reconsider what it is that you have in this country. If you are so unhappy move to Cuba. I am not from this country but I will tell you that as a recent legal immigrant your President is NOT the cause of your WAR. The issue is all of you. It is so much easier to point the finger at another with no real solution of your own. Perhaps many of you have forgotten very conveniently, the atrocity of your last President in Bosnia or Somalia. Yes, you sad misinformend, angry, unhappy people. So sad, very, very sad.

  51. Who the hell is this guy Tom (not me) who thinks he wandered into a lefty blog brawl?

    He demonstrates the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Republicrat clowns that worship at the feet of Bush Junior.

    Tom, for your information, I think “your last President” is a damn war criminal – only his crimes come no where close to the crimes of your current President. I supported the impeachment of Clinton and I support the impeachment of Bush. Most likely, I’ll support the impeachment of the next fascist scum bag that gets elected.

    So, Tom, don’t feel bad if you don’t understand what you’re reading here. I’d suggest you move to Cuba where you will find the reading much more uniform and you won’t have to hear complaints about the ruler. That little totalitarian paradise should be to your liking.

    And where the hell is Enrico don Dino or Eric Rittberg or whatever the hell he calls himself – no insultfest is complete without that warmonger to hurl hate balls at.

  52. Tom- not Blanton- I never showed my tits for blow (cash and funny money was the preferred method of payment) but I have shown them under the influence once or twice. But, that was soooo long ago. I, like most people reading here, practice what I preach. I did not trash the woman who made nasty comments about business outside her own. I simply commented about her own admission of fucked up irresponsible behavior. She has some balls to judge/comment on another person’s behavior. You attacked me for that and I simply stated that my past has some “colorful” stuff.

    You do not trash a person’s character while standing on an imagined pedestal. That is what the Melanie woman did, and you are a dick for celebrating her high school behavior. I will call you out now- what are your dirty secrets?? Make sure you pull your wife’s dildo out of your ass before you answer- perhaps you will be nicer.

  53. Tim West? You’re a, um, poopyhead.

    That’s right. You heard me.

    Comment by Stuart Richards ””


  54. Oh me, oh my. I just feel awful. We’ve all jumped all over poor Tom when we should have welcomed him to our fascist nation. Not only that, he will probably go away thinking all libertarians are crazy right-wing liberals or extremist left-wing conservatives.

    Now he will probably never join the LP – just when we are trying to build a three-ring big top party.

    And Michelle, how dare you imply that Tom has his wife’s dildo up his butt – for all you know he isn’t even married and the dildo belongs to his dad.

    I suspect Tom is disgruntled because while he was dressed up like Cowboy Dubya, he accidentally popped his Cindy Sheehan inflatable doll playing Abu Ghraib. It happens all the time.

    Maybe we should send this guy over to the Republican Liberty Caucus.

  55. Tom-Blanton this time- you are so right. I jumped to conclusions and committed an unpardonable sin. I thought that Tom was Melanie’s husband. I thought that he grabbed what she used to fill the holes in her life— never mind- this is only going to get MEAN. I have had some wine tonight. hehe

  56. Dang. At the rate things were going, I thought someone was bound to ask why when Eric Don-dildo dropped his maiden name, he didn’t become Eric Gannon. Or would it be Eric Guckert?

  57. While all this nonsense is going on, you can be sure of one thing. Lew will publish six days a week and the Mises Institute will continute to grow and flourish. He is a true champion of liberty and we NEED him to carry on the fight for us. If you agree, now’s the time to help out with a donation and see that he can continue to publish it.

  58. Tom-Blanton this time- you are so right. I jumped to conclusions and committed an unpardonable sin. I thought that Tom was Melanie’s husband. I thought that he grabbed what she used to fill the holes in her life”” never mind- this is only going to get MEAN. I have had some wine tonight. hehe

    Remember, um, you represent the blog and you, uh, should be held to a higher standard and all that. Something about stepping in shit, I think. You’ve lost this woman and her friends to liberty forever. Yeah.

    I can’t remember who told me that once. :p

  59. Gosh. When did we lose Hitler to liberty forever? Did Albert Jay Nock spill his drink on him at a cocktail party or some shit? Did Rose Wilder Lane not want to go out with him? :)

  60. Why do I not find it strange that a right wing shill has broken a story smearing Cindy Sheehan, after all weren’t they busting blood vessels over a Democratic primary this week. At this point I put nothing past the right wing, their antics grow more childish and bizarre as election time nears. Like a religious mantra they continue to recite their daily talking points of lumping the disasterous Iraq war with the worldwide fight against terrorism, in an attempt to justify the lies and manifestations that brought America this needless war in the first place. Cindy Sheehan will continue to be attacked as long as she remains a thorn in the side of the right and a critic of the worst President in American history.

  61. Michelle, Tom (Blanton), and Brad… You guys had me in stitches.

    “Eric Don-dildo”. Hee-hee!

  62. I would like to know the income for Sheehanjob before and after her media sociopathy – how she cashiered the death of her biological (certainly not emotional) son for cash and prizes. This (woman?) remains — Hermann Goering level filth: profiting (like the menacing media must) off of the deaths and the effort of better people, like her dna-based son. Godspeed Casey Sheehan, the leverage.

  63. Stuart- thank you for trying to keep me honest. I fell into a bottle of wine last night and lost my internal editor. ;o)

  64. I refuse to criticize Cindy Sheehan – the woman lost her own flesh & blood in an illegal war. If I were a mother – and I lost my son I would do THE SAME THING. I would speak out and do whatever I could to tell other mother’s to keep their sons safe.

    She is to be commended,not judged.

    Let he/she who is without sin throw the first stone.

  65. The libertarian blog sites need to make sure they are always linked to the far left web sites. That seems to me to be the direction the LP is heading, to the far left.

    Will it not be long before the Second Amendment for libertarians is not worth keeping?

    When will we give up capitalism in favor of “share and share alike”, and openly embrace all that oppose liberty around the world? Oh, some of you are already there.

    And you call me a right wing neocon nazi. I believe I am much more interested in reestablishing the Constitution as our blueprint for this nation than most of you.

    Freedoms only apply to some of you narcissists, not to the rest of us that may not agree with every word of your personal philosophies.

    Cindy Sheehan has soiled her sons memory and legacy. She has used his death to advance her own personal agenda. It has become obvious she really did not care about him. Her being from Berkley explains everything. End of story.

  66. Michelle, Tom Blanton, Brad, I came to this country looking for freedom and liberty. Something all you take for granted and soil everyday. I was born into a dictator rule, one that took the life of my father. You have no idea waht it is like to be persecuted for your belief and your lifestyle. Being a liberal blogger does not count. And Michelle, how dare you imply that Tom has his wife’s dildo up his butt – for all you know he isn’t even married and the dildo belongs to his dad.

    “I suspect Tom is disgruntled because while he was dressed up like Cowboy Dubya, he accidentally popped his Cindy Sheehan inflatable doll playing Abu Ghraib. It happens all the time.”

    Michelle, Brad, I don not have a wife and my dad has passed away. I do have a boyfriend, Yes I am gay. I came here looking for freedom not small minded people who are angry because they can’t have what they want. You were born with a silver spoon and yet fail to realize what you have been given.

  67. Tom, libertarian is not liberal as in your mind. Please look up the philosophy before you comment again. Libertarians know EXACTLY what we have and what we are losing. If you are so new to this country and see what it used to represent, you would be joining us instead of insulting us. That is, of course, if they still teach anything about civics in the immigration process.

  68. Call a neocon bad names? Consider the real terrorist threat to America:

    The Republicans are, of course, silent about the real terrorist threat attacking the United States on a Regular basis, the one that actually does attack us on a near-daily basis because they hate our way of life. That’s because the real terror threat to America is near the Republican Party.

    I am referring, of course, to the anti-abortion terrorists of the Republican Christian Ultraright, who in 30 years have staged more than 3000 attacks on abortion clinics around the United States. This includes bombings, arson, acid attacks, rockthrowings, and on several occasions asisassination by sniper terrorists.

  69. …assassination by sniper terrorists.

    The Republican Ultraright Party has a long list of other ways in which they hate our way of life, as witness their efforts to ban abortion, persecute homosexuals, create a theocratic state by terror (recall, for example, the occasion on which members took exception to a local Wiccan priestess by stuffing a rattlesnake in her mailbox), prevent people from living with each other without the cover of marriage, ban the sale of contraceptives such as Plan B, force schools to teach the Republican Ultraright Party’s interpretation of their Holy Book ”” an interpretation rejected by almost all other Christians ”” as to the origin of species, party platforms (see Texas) that call for imposition of a theocracy, kidnapping Americans and throwing them into prison camps as witness Mr. Padilla, kidnapping foreigners and torturing them in violation of American law, etc.

  70. The Republican Ultrarightists are chief active terror threat to the United States. Unlike the Islamite factions who attack us because they dislike our foreign policy but do not hate our way of life (note they ignore other countries, more socially liberal than our own), the Republican Ultrarightists hate America, including our freedom for women (Bush’s Occupation closes its eyes as our Iraqi puppets drive women into fifth-class citizenship) and our biomedical science, notably the Republican Christian Ultraright veto of stem cell research.

  71. Damn George give us pro-lifers a bad name will ya? I am against government funded stem-cell research and government funded abortions. You’re rants does not do your campaign any justice George. Personally when it comes to the LP platform we shouldnt take a stand on the abortion issue…but thats my opinion.

  72. “The libertarian blog sites need to make sure they are always linked to the far left web sites. That seems to me to be the direction the LP is heading, to the far left.”

    That Julian cracks me up. Yup, we’re just all lefties! I keep expecting him to call Stuart Richards a hippie and tell him to get a haircut. And Stuart will say, “What are ya gonna do? Send me to Vietnam, er, I mean Iraq?”

  73. Chris Bennett

    The rant of George Phillies about abortion shows his true colors or maybe he is ignorant about whom is damaged by anything anywhere goes on abortion including right up to the last minute that some advocate.

    You know what I believe? Abortions harm minorities more than any other group, particularly when free abortions are made available. It is what some subgroups of whites want, population control but aimed at anyone not white.

    I am anti-abortion because everything is present for life at the time of conception which means I believe it is murder of a human being. Apparently some believe murder is acceptable under circumstances where the victim cannot voice an opinion or defend him/herself.

    Come on, George Phillies, bring it on and try to murder someone that can fight back. Try me on for size, coward.

    Are you labeling me a Republican? You don’t know that to be true. I believe I will label you a communist.

  74. I’m here laughing at all comments and their replies, and I can’t help to summarize everything into a simple statement:

    “Democrats: YOU LOST!!!”, you lost in 2000 and said the elections were stolen, and… in 2004, you lost AGAIN,..get over it!!!….hahahaha!!

  75. Mariam, you obviously never acquired the reading skills necessary to figure out that we are not Democrats. I know now what is wrong with the country.

  76. Reading it’s not about decoding letters, reading it’s being able to “read between the lines” and then, being intelligent enough to “connect the dots, but hey!, I’m patient, I can wait until you look for a dictionary.

  77. Reading between the lines and connecting the dots brought you to the conclusion we are Democrats??

  78. Libertarianism is a philosophy based on the principle that individuals should be allowed complete freedom of action as long as they do not infringe on the same freedom of others. This is usually taken by libertarians to mean that no one may initiate coercion, which they define as the use of physical force, the potential use (threat) of such, or the use of fraud to prevent individuals from having wilful use of their person or property. …

    Gosh Michelle, I guess I missed that lesson while running for my life. How mad all of you must be, Michelle, Sol the rest of you. I came to this blog to learn a little about all of you. I have found that you are mean, and unwilling to have a civil conversation. You blast the “right” whatever the hell that is and you cover your comments with self righteous indignation. Michelle, I say to you now, You take your husband’s dildo out of your ass.

  79. Must I refer you back to your original comment? #42 You, Sir, are the mean one. My response to your meanness was one that said that you would find things about me that some people would find unflattering (#49). You responded uglier and I was drinking and had a Mel Gibson minute. The wine drowned my internal editor and I said something ugly back. When you decide to be civil, I will happily treat you the same. Now back to the dildo in my ass- I know how to turn it on so it provides something more pleasurable than the pain of talking to you.

  80. Thank you Tom. I apologize as well. FYI, the Libertarian Party is the only party working to keep the freedoms that you risked your life to realize. We do not only bash the right. We are equal opportunity around here and see not a damn bit of difference in the Right and Left. I am happy to speak to you about what my county and our party are doing for liberty. I will email you privately.

  81. Sol, the playground fight is over and Tom and I have apologized. No shots were fired and the state did not have to get involved. Libertarianism at work.

  82. I have been reprimanded by Michelle, rightfully so. I will not enter into a pissing match with you. I know very little about your party and wanted to know more. I am happy you can memorize things, good for you. You should try to think for yourself and come up with and original idea on your own. I don’t know you but I hope you are not the voice of your party, if so one may wonder why you can’t attract more people. Sol you may want to contact Howard Dean, he has done wonders for his party. And SOL, I have hidden under rocks, I have been hit by rocks and I have even crawled under a rock to escape the torture of my government because I was different. You my friend have not the balls nor the where-with-all to walk in my shoes. I wish you well.

  83. Michelle, I may take you up on your offer or others from your party. I appreciate the thought very much. Thank you.

  84. Tom, I sent you a very nice email and it was returned.

    Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
    Giving up on

  85. Sol, my message #109 was meant for you, from my heart. I now know that you represent a very, very small part of your party and an even smaller voice. I hope that sometime we are able to exchange ideas and perhaps even agree to disagree, because it is through conversation and compromise that we grow as individuals. My best to you.

  86. So, Tom, where are you from? Mississippi?

    I’m surprised that only Julian and Mariam graduated from the Rush Limbaugh school of political analysis where if you don’t like Bush, you must be a leftist – you know, like Pat Buchanan. Y’all don’t even know about the Bill of Right – that would be the 2nd Amendment. All them other amendments are leftist commie pinko junk.

    Remember, if it ain’t right-wing, it must be left-wing.

    So, get some goose in your step, click some heels, and lick the Bush boot or these sharp political observers will know you are a Clinton-loving socialist that wants the terrorists to win.

    By the way, I did a LP booth today at a street festival with about 100,000 people and I reached the conclusion that the general public is even more frigging crazy than the knuckleheads that pop up in here. I’ve never seen it so weird. America is in deep trouble. My advice is throw away the baby-step shoes, buy gold, canned goods, and ammo, and head for the hills.

  87. Great advice, Tommy Boy. I’m right on it. First thing tomorrow I call Howard Dean and in the meantime I’m practicing my Dean Scream.

  88. Yes America is in sad shape, Tom Blanton. The country is polarized between those who believe in right wing propaganda and those who believe in left wing propaganda. Neither the Democrats, Republicans or Greens believe in freedom. They all want big government and that’s what most of the American people seem to want. But what else can we expect when the government has a monopoly on education? Remember that from the time a kid is in 1st grade he or she is pledging allegiance to the state in a government run school.

  89. Sol you are a dick. You give those of us working in the LP party a bad name. This blog is full of your childish, insolent insults. “Tommy boy” is NOT a compliment. You appear to be no different than the politicians we so tirelessly fight against. When you are called out on the carpet as with “Tom” you reply with and insult and demean him or any other person whom you disagree with. I’m sorry Sol, that’s not what this party was founded on. You DO NOT represent me our MY party. You seem to have taken your rhetoric from the GOP playbook. Dare I say you should take a hard look at yourself and your conduct? Many of us find it to be unacceptable.

  90. Ben, you complain about the blog being full of “childish, insolent insults” and then you add one of your own! Man, everybody needs to lighten up around here. The subject matter of this thread isn’t even about anything consequential, a puff piece, as Paul indicated.

  91. Tom Blanton

    Got me wrong, asshole. Nowhere, ever, anywhere on this blog or any other blog have I ever said I was a fan on Rush Limbaugh or Bush. How did you read something that does not exist?

    You have defined the problem. Too many of you invent or just tell plain old lies to make a point.

    It seems to me if the libertarian purists don’t always get their way, they stomp and sputter and then name call. You are the jackboots trying to force everyone to fit into your little world.

    I have done what you recommended and do live in the mountains. I don’t trust you or those in power so when all hell breaks loose, don’t come looking for me and my associates to save your sorry ass.

  92. Robert, did I insult Sol? No, I simply let him know that I think his comments and insults (on this blog) are childish and insolent. Not an insult, just an observation.

  93. Sick of all the crazy rants, and outlandish statements by the Kooky Computer-Geek wing of the Libertarian movement?

    Join us in the Mainstream libertarian movement.

    We don’t mess around with full-time blogging, or nutty conspiracy theories. We concentrate on POLITICS WITH A CAPITOL P!!

    Read the latest news on libertarians who actually hold elected political office and others who are running for public office as real worlder libertarians at

  94. Sick of all the statist rants and Orwellian statements by the Arbeit Macht Frei wing of the Libertarian movement?

    Join us in the Movement of the Libertarian Left.

    We don’t mess around with pandering to the political class, or nutty coincidence theories. We concentrate on ANARCHY WITH A CAPITAL “A” AND REVOLUTION WITH A CAPITAL “R”!!!

    MAKE the latest news on libertarians who are actually building a free society — from the bottom-up and without begging permission from the Boot On Your Neck Party.

  95. That Julian cracks me up. Yup, we’re just all lefties! I keep expecting him to call Stuart Richards a hippie and tell him to get a haircut. And Stuart will say, “What are ya gonna do? Send me to Vietnam, er, I mean Iraq?”

    I love it. I’m this huge fucking cliche and it’s great. I should have put this pic up instead:

  96. Stuart Richards

    I see you just pulled your middle finger out of your ass and had a good taste. You are sick.

  97. Julian:

    I dressed up like a hippie once and took a picture. What’s so horrible about that?

  98. Julian is driving me away from here now that he has exposed me as a lying, sputtering, name-calling purist wearing jackboots and trying to force him to fit into my little world.

    On second thought, maybe I’ll just hang around and try to make sure Julian and Dondildo never enter my little world.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just be sputtering and hoping the Islamofascists take these guys out. I’m wearing my porkchop zodiac medallion, so I’m safe from the evil-doers – at least the Islami-Commie variety.

  99. Tom (the refugee- not B) and I shared a private email exchange. He seems very kind and thoughtful. I think our conversation ended nicely and there are no hard feelings.

  100. They ought to make up their minds. Is it jackboots or Birkenstocks? We’re fascist hippies?

    Great, first it’s “islamo-fascists”, now hippy fascists. Next come the Girl Scout fascists I suppose — but never, ever, ever right wing fascists. Oh no.

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”Inigo Montoya

  101. >i cant believe this thread got 138 comments. Including mine.

    139 :) Pretty good considering this site was down for over a day. What happened? Anyway, Tim comes in here hurling expletives and then lectures people on there behavior here. How rich! Not only is he a Republican in drag but he’s also a hypocrite of the first order.

  102. How rich! Not only is he a Republican in drag but he’s also a hypocrite of the first order.

    Oh honey, you only wish you were that fabulous.

  103. hey Stu, is he talking about moi?

    don’t recall doing any of that stuff.

    You, however, did call me a poopyhead and made me cry.

    Maybe Sol’s just jealous.

  104. >Anyway, Tim comes in here hurling expletives…

    D’oh! Typo. I meant Tom, the refugee or whatever he is. Sorry!

  105. Sol, I am sorry if you feel the need to keep attacking me. I am relatively new to this. I said a couple of things that I should not have a apologized for them. “How rich! Not only is he a Republican in drag but he’s also a hypocrite of the first order.” I’m not sure what you mean by being a republican in drag but I would hope that you are not referring to my post #88 even you can’t be that boorish. I came into this looking for information and seem to have received an education.

  106. Sol perhaps you could get off the “Tom” (the refugee- not Tom B) bashing it is getting old and you are showing your “real” colors.

  107. Tom, you may disagree with what most of us believe on this one issue, but that’s okay. I hope you stick around and continue to add to the debate in future.

  108. Perhaps we shouldn’t be invading Ms. Sheehan’s personal life so much and we should just let her live.

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    Hunter Law Office, PLLC
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