Cavuto Interview of Dixon and Verney

As we reported, Libertarian Party Chair Michael Dixon and former Perot advisor Russell Verney were interviewed by Fox’s Neil Cavuto the other day. Mike Nelson found the video online — watch it here. It didn’t come off as bad as some of the libertarian reviewers made it seem, and I thought Dixon did well in one of his few recent mainstream media appearances.

Cavuto did make one pertinent crack: Bill O’Reilly isn’t interested in being a presidential candidate. I already knew that, as O’Reilly obviously prefers having his nose stuck up the president’s ass, and he isn’t limber enough to do that for himself.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. I think the interview was very good. I’m guessing that the reason why some libertarian critics did not like the interview was because Mr Dixon did not stress the party’s views, but that was not the topic of the interview. I’m also happy that they had a Libertarian on and not a Green.

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  3. I agree with Dennis, the interview was about the viability of a third party candidate to win, and what that would take, not the views of the party.

    The LP has always made the mistake of being too specific in ideals when running campaigns. Not that I approve of the dodge and cover technique’s of the GOP and DNC but they have alot of experience and practice at winning elections.

    Bottom line for me has always been, if we can’t get in office, we can’t do ANYTHING. So I’m all for compromise, and moderaton if it accomplishes a few of the things we want, even if we don’t get everything we want.


  4. Nigel,

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  5. How did Dixon get on Cavuto? Is there that much of an interest in an alternative party or were they just trying to fill a time slot? We need about 1,000 times more coverage, and MSM has ignored us thus far so I don’t high hopes.

    If only we had a “Freedom Channel”…

    We wouldn’t have to deal with these gracious 4 minute clips of air time and we’d be able to bypass all the fluff. If the LP ever makes any headway, it’ll be the boob tube that gets us there.

  6. It was good to see a speaker for the Libertarian Party on a national TV program. Michael did a good job and made a favorable impression of us. 2008 is shaping us as fine opportunity for the Libertarian Party to make a significant showing. Lets do it together.

  7. I think the secret to getting Libertarians on TV is to purchased campaign ads. If you noticed, Badnarik finally started to get some TV coverage once he started running TV ads at the end of his Presidential campaign….