Call-In with Drug Czar on C-SPAN

drug czar John WaltersThis Wednesday morning at 9:15am ET, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal will have as their guest John Walters, head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (a.k.a. the “Drug Czar”). As a public service announcement for our libertarian readers against the drug war, we encourage you to take the time to call into the show via the “support independents” number:

(202) 628-0205.

Some topics that callers might want to ask on air:

  • It took a constitutional amendment to outlaw alcohol and make prohibition a reality. It took another to re-legalize the alcohol. Where is the constitutional amendment for marijuana and other drugs that are prohibited?
  • Even during the alcohol prohibition era, doctors could make allowances for medicinal purposes. Why don’t these same allowances exist for medical marijuana or other pharmaceutical agents with clear medical benefits?
  • How does the DEA justify throwing the Bill of Rights into the garbage can and allowing for asset forfeiture, before one is ever tried and convicted before a jury of his peers?
  • Are states’ rights in the drug war not valid?
  • You claim to be simply enforcing and upholding the laws that have been passed, but aren’t you obligated to also question those laws yourself when you are able to witness firsthand that they are causing more problems than they solve?
  • Has the DEA caught any terrorists linked to Al Qaida using new powers granted under the Patriot Act?

Or you could be like Ali G and mess with his head.

[Stephen VanDyke contributed to this article]

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Our follow-up analysis and link to video is now up.

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  1. Have you taken a look at the ONDCP’s “blog”. They title it “Pushing Back”? I’d really like to know what the hell they’re pushing against. People WILLINGLY looking for recreational drugs? Drug dealers, aka entrepreneurs fulfilling a hole in the market? They’re “pushing back” against the will of people, they’re “pushing back” against economics, and they’re “pushing back” against pure fucking common sense. They will lose every time.

    Also, why doesn’t National LP have a team of people ready to call in on these types of shows.

  2. I only caught the last half and it seemed to go fairly well. The Constitutional amendment issue came up and unfortunately the Czar side stepped an actually defense of prohibition by merely saying the courts have ruled it is Constitutional.

  3. Also, why doesn’t National LP have a team of people ready to call in on these types of shows.

    Good point.

    I would also hope we would stock that team with intelligent well spoke people. The media specifically pokes you with a stick to try and get you to stammer…

    I’d like to hear some well educated truths smacking his money laundering scheme down! ;-)

  4. anon – – I found that blog for the first time while Stephen and I were researching this announcement. Pretty freaky, IMO.