C-SPAN Video of Portland LP Convention

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C-SPAN LP Convention Portland, ORI guess the mantra “better late that never” certainly applies to this bit of media coverage the Libertarian Party got for the 2006 convention in Portland Oregon. It’s limited video that’s over a month old that C-SPAN finally made available on their online archives, woop dee doo (gee, but there’s that boring ass BookTV every… damn… day… WTF?).

Writeup from the LP blog:

Here’s some coverage (fixed link), courtesy of C-SPAN, of the LP National Convention in Portland. Please note that RealPlayer (free download) is required. The LP portion begins at time marker 14:22 and is slightly over an hour long.

Speaking are Christopher Farrell of Judicial Watch and Andrew Neil of Sky TV, The Sunday Times, The Economist, BBC and other organizations.


I would suggest to all LP candidates and organizations to buy or hire their own camera crew for events, as it’s really up to us to push our views and media coverage out there and we simply cannot expect to win if we’re not proactive in disseminating our content into the wild.

Update: I don’t know what the hell is wrong with C-SPAN, but the link seems to be dead… we’re trying to locate an alternative link for the video (can’t find it in the search), but it seems kind of suspicious that the video would simply disappear from their site.

Another update: Ok, the clip didn’t disappear, it’s just C-SPAN’s search system is totally retarded for some reason. Stephen Gordon emailed to let us know that the clip is linked from the front page of C-SPAN.org right now, and I’ve fixed the links above.

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  1. Kris Overstreet: I’m not daft and know what you’re hinting at. I’m gracious at the miniscule amount of media coverage we get, but I’m a little skeptical of anyone who’s putting all their eggs in this pre-Internet basket that says we need to rely on the MSM and big media. It kills me how easy this is and yet everyone still seems to think “only the media can help us spread our views.”

    Fuck that, there’s hundreds of libertarian-friendly blogs out there that would have loved to gotten word of a video online last month, if only someone had brought a camera and set it up themselves.

    When Hammer of Truth is given a press pass for the 2008 convention, you can bet waiting a month for video news won’t be an issue in the least.

  2. SVD,

    I got a lot of video in Portland.
    We’ve got two weeks of petitioning left in NY.
    I’ll post stuff after the dam sigs are in.

    Highlights – Bob Barr speech, George Phillies & Barry Hess
    interviews. Even some of the LNC meeting with Gordo himself.

    Sorry, just too busy since convention with petitions.