“Busted” Now on YouTube

If you have never watched this one before, you should. Everyone should. “Busted” is now on YouTube.

Update: From looking at comment dates, I guess it’s been on for a while, but somehow I missed it.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Some of you have expressed very strong anti-ACLU sentiments, while I agree with you in limited terms, I’d like to ask that everyone keep the discussion on-topic and polite. Discuss the video linked, please.

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  1. Sometimes I love the ACLU.

    Interesting video, but I knew most of it from reading Boston T. Party’s “You and the Police!”

  2. Valuable advice indeed for surviving in our present day police state, especially as our government masters outlaw more and more activities and behaviors.

  3. This is not an ACLU presentation, it’s “Flex Your Rights”. The host was involved with the ACLU.

  4. I enjoy how the movie doesnt try to hide that its goal is to protect criminals from the law. (Of course, none of these things should be crimes.)

  5. I see this more as protecting the innocent from the law; the glass half full way of looking at it.

    I don’t plan on smoking pot any time soon, but I still plan on using my rights if ever nessecary.

    Besides, isn’t one innocent until proven guilty?

  6. The police in this video are really manipulative taking advantage of people not knowing their rights. Terrible!

  7. I agree with Leeon, but I’ll be a little more specific.

    RIAA: Acts Illegaly Against You.

    ACLU: Acts to make the shit you do legal, and help you get away with illegal stuff.

  8. man; this video is really cool and everything but i’m afraid it wouldn’t work in my country; over here the cops are the ones that plant the evidence to incriminate you; especially if you resist any kind of search. anyhow it seems to be balanced out since parallel to the cops planting evidence is the fact that you can buy the police off. most of the times when they stop you over here they just want like $20 or $50 now if they find something incriminating or they plant it, then you really gotta pay a lot of cash.

  9. as it turns out; over here we’re taught that if you see a policeman you gotta walk away from them instead of turning to them for help :->

  10. even so…., my car got stolen once; and luckily i recovered it the same day through a tracking device; when the cops arrived they blackmailed me to pay to get my car back. otherwise they threatened to keep the car for ages until they completed an investigation to see if the car had been used in any kind of crime which would have cost me lots of money just for their parking. when the law clearly states that any car that has been recovered in less than 24h can be returned to the owner withouth any kind of investigation

  11. Last night I was eating dinner with my wife friend and her husband.Her husband is a Georgia state patrol officer.We have a famous DUI lawyer in Atlanta that tells people something close to this video and to give them a card with their rights on it. The lawyers tells the people not to talk but just hand the cop the piece of paper with your rights on it.The state patrol told me when he is handed this paper he will make sure he finds away to give them a ticket.I sat on the grand jury last it is amazing how many
    people gave up thier righs to a search.

  12. Simon,

    Is the twist that you actually live in America? Where I live in America we’re not quite that bad, but it actually isn’t that far off.

  13. Wow ACLU is a buncha of monkey fucking shit eaters! im glad some of you “love the ACLU” because youre a child rping FUCKTARD WITH NO BASIS ON UNDERSTANDING THE ACLU, LIKE did you know theyre trying to leaglizeChild pornography? wow….you should love them.

  14. Hahaha, I’d like a greater explanation of how the ACLU is trying to “legalize” child pr0n.

    With no basis on understanding the ACLU I don’t think that I’m relegated to raping children. We leave that to some of the unhappier war drunk soldiers in Iraq. As I understand it a large collection of people tried to cover up that investigation and or lie on behalf of the troops. So basically you are saying if we support the troops we are child rapists. Funnily enough the same goes for all of congress, as they’ve not released the second round of Abu Gahraib photos which supposedly include the abuse of children as well.

    Retards, you are a terrorist lover and you should move to Libya. Go to Libya and listen to your Gary Glitter.

  15. It should be clear that whether or not they are “helping people get away with breaking the law” or not, even if you are innocent, you can wind up in trouble. I thought that the art student example illustrated that perfectly. Actually, all three did. In the two pot examples, people who didn’t use drugs got arrested too. Not only that, but even if you are “guilty” and beleive people who commit such offenses, you will almost assuredly receive a sentence that is asymetrical to the offense.

    There is no magic bullet to prevent the police from trashing your rights or planting evidence, but if you follow these suggestions your chances improve dramtically and best of all you get under the worthless hogs skin. The police despise your rights, and hate it even more if you know, respect and assert said rights. That’s why that worthless hog patrolman somone had supper with would find a way to give you a ticket. Because he wants to punish you for reserving the rights he swore an oath to protect.

  16. I saw this vid earlier at Reason, thanks for posting it here. it’s sad how so many people suppport abusive policing and the whole “police should be allowed to do whatever they want, break in your house, shoot your dog, slam your grandmothers head against the wall- and if you arent doing anything wrong you shouldn’t have a problem with it” mentality. Regardless of the people in the vid committing any “crimes” ( and the only one that should be a crime at all is the vandalism and even if the kid did it, there was no probable cause to search a kid waiting for the bus) even the guilty have rights. personally, I do not use any drugs, and probably would not have anything illegal (who knows they can probably find something or fabricate smething if they want).However that does not mean I want to be violated, groped, assaulted, have my stuff ransacked for no reason,etc. No one should have to worry about beng assaulted by police as a routine condition of breathing.

  17. BTW, if the police are not doing anything wrong then they really should have nothing to worry about. Seriously. If they arent attempting to coerce, manipulate or violate an innocent citizen’s rights, then they should have no problem with said citizen asserting his rights. Especially in these cases where not a single real crime is under suspicion. No one is investigating a rape or a murder or a child sex offense. And even if they were, they wouldn’t have any reason to pick on random kids. Routine traffic stop, some loud music, wow. Even if there is dope, whats it worth to get. The fact that there is any incentive for a cop to go through so much hassle to dig and search so deep for some weed, is a serious problem. Those who think harassing some stoners or some kid on a bench somehow protects us from “bad guys” are fucking idiots. if anything, it makes it easier for rapists, thieves, and murderers to “get away with murder” while cops are jerking-off and filling their fake-crime quotas.

  18. WARNING: This comment contains a suspected malware URL listed on Google’s list of malware sites. The URL is: http://stoptheaclu.com/archives/2005/07/17/aclu-policy-to-legalize-child-porn-distribution/ – More info available at Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page.


    Enough with this crap. Yeah there are bad cops. There are a LOT more bad citizens out there. You better decide whether you you want the bad citizens to have more freedom.

    Here is a little advice for you dullards that can’t think straight when you are high. If you have a bunch of dope in the car, don’t f-ing speed. How freaking stupid are you?

    Here is your info about the aclu and porn for kids.



  19. Hashahaha, that web page is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.

    Let’s see how many statements we can ream contextually in one place!

    What’s funny is how easy it is to see through the contextual reaming into what was likely a very complex legal argument…

    Get this guys. Bush totally said the word I, am, and a terrorist in the same three sentences.

    He totally admitted he was a terrorist!!!!


    Of course the ACLU is fighting for people you despise. SO did your founding fathers asshole, get a clue.

    As for the child pr0n accusation, not once in there do any ACLU representatives fight for the rights of child pron. You’re missing the point, they’re fighting to keep people’s personal information personal. It’s that simple. That case doesn’t legalize the abuse of children in any way.

    Our war on the other hand goes far beyond simple sexual abuse, maybe just because the kids recieving it don’t have the same color skin as yours you’re willing to turn cheek?

  20. Funny how anyone would be against an organization that helps you exercise and protect your American civil liberties that are constantly being eroded in this day and age.

    The more freedom you give away, the less control you have over your own life.

    That’s not to say that I am an advocate of child pornography, but in my opinion, bringing that up is wayyyy of topic to begin with.

    The movie is about police encounters, not banging kiddies, lets keep that staight for the neo-cons.

  21. Did he just threaten him with jail?

    I assure you, one night in jail, is people sleeping.

    Noone is “marking their ground” in jail There is a big difference between prison and jail. People don’t get rap*d and beat up in jail.

    Thanks for making all cops look like a**holes you dbag.

    I’m very liberal, but this is a joke. This is a project done by 16 year old twats that wear scarves year round and drink starbucks for every meal.

    I encourage people to learn their rights on their own not by this biased shit that makes all cops look like shit.

    this video only teaches you how to hide pot from cops and be smarta**es.

    no digg. please die. learn your rights from unbiased sources.

    God I hated this so much.

  22. God, this is so retarded.

    This video is about HOW to deal with NEGATIVE police encounters, is it not sensible that the cops dealt with would be acting badly, as this is the entire purpose of the eductation of THE VIDEO?

    What’s in the water? Where are all these idiots coming from on HOT lately? Atleast Julian had his moments of clarity.

    Spencer, there are no unbiased sources, lots of cops are assholes, I’ve seen it, everyone I know has seen it hell my grandma has seen it.

    I for one appreciate such a simple informative tool as this video, as I don’t have the time or energy to waste reading through a bunch of legal crap in order to determine how to stand up for myself in an unfairly leveraged situation like a police encounter.

    Police intend to intimidate, regularly. It’s common, this is a tool for those of us who don’t enjoy it to defend ourselves. What can you possibly have against that?

  23. This is one that I cannot get a handle on.

    Why is the ACLU hell bent on disallowing public employees in Louisiana from donating their own money to a private organization for a Christian cross on private property?

    This makes no sense to me unless the income they receive from taxpayer money is now forever considered public funds no matter how the public employee spends it. Does that now mean that the house the employee owns is really not his but belongs to you and me as taxpayers?

  24. For all those people that say there are more bad people than bad cops, remember this: Our legal philosophy of innocent until proven guilty is based on the idea that it is a far greater crime to imprison the innocent than to free the guilty.

  25. Spencer, indeed all cops ARE shit. All cops ARE assholes. Cops are the societal equivalent of the mad, mangy mutts junkyard owners keep to protect their property. They are needed but they are not like the rest of us. Think about it. Police work inherently attracts cruel, domineering people. And even those who get into law enforcement with naive ideas of “helping people,” are quickly disabused of their silly notions.

    But just like the junkyard owner doesn’t let his dogs turn against him, neither should we allow our dogs to turn against us. It is our DUTY to exercise our rights, even if we have broken the law.

  26. Good information – wish I had it a year ago when I was illegaly stopped and harrassed, but this would have done no good for me when my home was illegaly entered and contained for 8 hours whithout a warrant, even though I did NOT consent to the search. They lied to get the warrant, and they took our computer under the suspicion that my ex’es son (who was only visiting us) was looking on the internet for certain things, and they found nothing because there was nothing to be found. They ripped apart my own son’s bedroom who was not inovolved at all in their accusations. The cop who ran the bogus operation was fired, and the DA took the case away from the bafoons and returned our computer, but we were still left traumatized, especially my daughter who was only 5 at the time. The ACLU wouldn’t even return my calls when I searched for help. I just wish they could put their words into action a bit more…

  27. This video did not work for me, but I see what it was going for. Half the people here say its just some thing to get criminals out of jail, but not every person a cop arrests or searches is guilty. Many cops do illegal searches and If you let them know that you know that, they won’t search you, and if they do anyway, take their badge number/name and report them for it.

  28. I was relieved to find that this is NOT an ACLU video because it is flawed, and giving bad advice. The most serious of which, is implying that when have committed an ARRESTABLE offense (20MPH over is arrestable in many areas), then they don’t have to have consent to search the car (or you). The passengers have more leeway with their rights, but the driver is “done for” if he has committed an ARRESTABLE offense and encounters an asshole cop. “Flex your Rights” seems to have their heart in the right place, but this video is dangerous if you don’t want to go to jail. Further more, why on EARTH are they advising you to be a smart ass with an asshole cop when you have marijuana in the car? As much as we hate it, you HAVE to kiss their ass and treat them like they can have you legally jailed at any moment when you have something to hide. I say all this because I am and ACLU member, and a cop. I’ve paid the price in my job for being “rights conscious” from co-workers (i.e., asshole cops).


    But only because an arrestable offense has been committed first. (Driving 20mph over is reckless driving, and arrestable in almost all states!) IF YOU COMMIT AN ARRESTABLE OFFENSE FIRST, YOUR CAR CAN (AND WILL) BE SEARCHED.

    Had the driver only been doing 10, the story could be accurate.

    But if you are transporting illegal goods, the best bet is to be completely normal, and POLITELY DECLINE THE REQUEST TO SEARCH.

    That’s all.