Bush’s Poodle Calling it Quits?

Rumor has it that Blair is finally getting the hint. Per The Sydney Morning Herald:

A member of Tony Blair’s Cabinet said the British prime minister was likely to step down next year, and a newspaper trumpeted a report that advisers had drafted a detailed plan for his final days in office.


The Daily Mirror said the advisers suggested that Blair’s farewell tour should include visits to a number of cities and a round of media appearances.

The newspaper quoted the memo as saying: “As TB enters his final phase he needs to be focusing way beyond the finishing line, not looking at it.

“He needs to go with the crowds wanting more. He should be the star who won’t even play that last encore. In moving towards the end he must focus on the future.”

The amount of effort being put into this staged event is interesting. If only half as much time was spent planning an exit strategy for the Iraq War, they might not be in this predicament in the first place.

Hopefully Bush is next, one way or another.

  1. He will be gone before the end of the month…B.liar that is.

    7 junior ministers have tendered their resignation today, his house of cards is collapsing and he will fall with it.

  2. I lived in Mr. Bliar’s New Britannia for five years, the average Joe was great but the government was fucking ridiculous. Tony Bliar is a scum bag, a tosser, a wanker. It is to bad that this ass will soon be gabbing it up for the UN. If I was to ever meet this prick face to face my fist would soon be making its way towards his nose and my knee would be travelling at a high rate of speed towards his groin. Why the people of the UK have not already drawn and quartered this cunt is beyond me, it truly is. Some people call Bliar a rat/weasel/poodle, I think he is a cockroach and if I was a labour MP I would have grabbed his tie and started choking him as I dragged his sorry ass out of parliment. Fuck off Bliar, just fucking fuck off.

  3. I don’t really like Tony Blair, but he has got one thing going for him – that he has the guts to stand up to the camel jockeys. That really takes some cojones – whereas the rest of the world has gone soft and thinks that we should be nice to these fuckers, at least Tony and George W have stood firm and done their best to blow the fuck out of the miserable bastards.

    All bleeding heart liberals should realise that it’s now us against the sand niggers. Good work, Tony. Kill them all. Every last fucking one.

  4. Mike: Blair was a wank before bush made him his biatch. Now he’s a wank with an Idiot as a leader; Americans and their idiotic unquestioning patriotic robotic existence need fuked in the A before any camel jockey is unwonted.

    Mike h8 your work

  5. Mike’sG4Ym8, I find it entertaining and yet very sad that you preach to Mike about his racism and racial generalizations, yet you do the same exact thing immediately afterward. Bigot.

  6. Kill them all. Every last fucking one.

    Define “sand nigger”. If I understand the term correctly, you are talking about 1-2 billion people, which would make you an order of magnitude or two worse than the worst mass murderers in human history (Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Genghis Khan, etc). That’s if you had the juice. But of course, you would fail, there would be survivors, and you would be brought to justice and either killed in war, or hung for crimes against humanity afterward. If you believe in either karma/reincarnation or heaven and hell, the bad news gets worse for you at that point. Where’s the upside?