Bush: We Don’t Need No Libertarians ‘Round Here

The other day, I noted that Patricia “Lynn” Scarlett, the interim head of the Department of the Interior, was not only in favor of ending the war on drugs, but probably very libertarian — as evidenced by her stint as president of the Reason Foundation. My prediction that Bush would not keep her on came true (and pretty quickly, too). From M&C:

President George W. Bush named Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne to succeed Gale Norton as secretary of the interior Thursday.

In a brief White House appearance with the nominee, the president said Kempthorne would build on environmental progress made by Norton.

Somehow, this came as no big surprise to me.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. On the positive side, his rejection of Scarlett helps counter the recent trend of the word “libertarian” being used to describe conservatives.

  2. Good. Serves her right, although we here are the only people that it “proved” anything too, it is impossible to prove anything to a conservative. Frankly I am just to smart for this to be “the straw” or some great revelation. I hope you are too.

    I love how conservatives are having some revelation that Bush “isn’t really conservative”. LOL. Bush is the prime perfect, ideal conservative. They supposedly don’t like the spending. There is a good article on this at some blog – wish I could find it. The GOP went right along with Bush on everything because it meant more power for them, and now they are trying to save their asses. If you ever take a chance on a conservative standing for principle, you might as well buy yourself a lotto ticket.

  3. http://thesaurus.reference.com/search?q=conservative

    Synonyms: bourgeois, cautious, constant, controlled, conventional, die-hard, fearful, firm, fogyish, fuddy-duddy, guarded, hard hat, hidebound, holding to, illiberal, inflexible, middle-of-the-road, not extreme, obstinate, old guard, old-line, orthodox, quiet, red-neck, right, right-wing, sober, stable, steady, timid, traditional, traditionalistic, unchangeable, unchanging, uncreative, undaring, unimaginative, unprogressive, white bread…antipathetic, averse, biased, bigoted, chauvinistic, contemptuous, dictatorial, disdainful, dogmatic, fanatical, fractious, hateful, illiberal, indignant, individualistic, inflexible, irate, irritable, jaundiced, narrow, narrow-minded, obdurate, one-sided, outraged, racialist, racist, red-neck, short fuse, small-minded, snappy, stuffy, stupid, tilted, uncharitable, unfair, unforbearing, unindulgent, unsympathetic, unwilling, upset, waspish, worked up

    (more at the link above)

  4. Lynn’s not really a libertarian, in the sense that you or I might use it, on a lot of issues. When it comes to the regulatory side of things, specifically environmental regs, most of the time, yes (she’s great on waste management issues, for instance).

    But she hasn’t been all that libertarian when it comes to the use, disposal, and acquisition of public lands at Interior.

    Both she and Gale had substantial libertarian credentials prior to taking the reins at DOI, but a lot of people were disappointed that they weren’t more aggressive in implementing more minarchist policies. Now, a lot of this has to do with the politics involved, and a lot of it has to do with the career staff on board, but leadership does set tones.

    Ask Mike Hardiman, who is now back working for Chuck Cushman’s American Land Rights Association. Mike spent months shadowing Lynn as she worked to create a substantial park down near her home in Southern California.

    He’ll tell you all you need to know!

  5. Bush is an anti-Libertarian. In fact, Bush is an outright Liberal on Domestic Policy and he is a facist on Privacy Rights.

    It has to get better in 2008…

    Mike Sylvester

  6. In fact, Bush is an outright Liberal on Domestic Policy

    paul) I disagree. He’s a fascist in all aspects of his policy.

    and he is a facist on Privacy Rights.

    It has to get better in 2008…

    paul) No it doesn’t. How does Hillary vs. McCain or Hillary vs. Giuliani, to take two revolting likely matchups, strike you?

    And that’s if dubai-ya doesn’t stage an RF 2 (see previous threads for context) to suspend the election altogether.

  7. If Michael Reagan’s right when he says “if you want socialism later, vote Republican; if you want it sooner, vote Democrat”… then having Prez Hillary in 2008 would make Karl Marx squirm in his grave, dying to get out and receive a cabinet post.

  8. At least Hillary pisses off Republicans. Meanwhile, McCain and Giuliani, who are every bit as bad as Hillary, get a free pass from the Blue Bandana Gang.

    And don’t discount other disturbing possibilities, such as Bush staying in office. Here is a good explanation, with links, of stuff I’ve been saying for years:


    And there’s weirder stuff in the works:


    SO, to say that it “has to get better in 2008” is way wrong….