Bush spoke and the morons clapped on…

Liveblogging SOTU:

I just flipped the television on so I can blog live on Bush’s speech. The Jerry Springer Show State of the Union Address hasn’t even started yet, but CBS correspondents are already speculating that Bush will highlight differences between the Republicans and the Democrats. I wonder which differences they will cover: the fact that both parties support deficit spending, both parties support the war on Iraq, and both parties voted for the Patriot Act. Oops, I forgot — those aren’t differences.

It’s a freaking standing ovation (big surprise). Gag me.

Standing ovation number two. I am feeling the acid in my throat, now. I might projectile vomit at the television.

Standing ovation number three. John Kerry and Diane Feinstein looked happy together. I’m ralphing already. Not too chunky, yet.

Bush is talking about Coretta Scott King and the irony doesn’t even seem to phase him. Bush is now talking about political debate, but failed to mention that he ducked third party debates in his races. He seems to want people be be nicer to him. Awwwwww.

Bush: “[Democracy] respects the rights of their citizens and neighbors.”

Me: What about America? We’d like our rights respected here, too.

Bush is now stating that Al Quaeda wishes to take control in Iraq. We now know what will be replacing the worn out WMD lines.

Bush’s exit strategy: No peace or honor in retreat. If we leave, the bad guys will attack us here. Throwing things at the boob bube now.

Bush is now helping the Iraqis fight corruption. Perhaps he should look out his own tent flap, first.

He’s bragging about the Iraqi Constitution. What about ours?

Bush: “The road of victory is the road that will take our troops home.”

He scored on the wording of this one, but he clearly doesn’t really mean it.

He said he will seek out our good advice (as long as it agrees with his views) and the morons clapped.

He said it again: A retreat from Iraq would put the bad guys in charge. More applause in DC and more barfing across America.

Bush: “Our men and women in uniform are making sacrifices.”

How many children of Representatives, Senators, Supreme Court Justices, and Cabinet officers are making those sacrifices? Where are Bush’s children?

Bush used the word liberty without realizing the irony. He really is stupid.

Nu-CUE-lar! ROFL!

He is telling the people of Iraq how much he respects them. I guess those Abu Ghraib pictures are signs of his respect.

He urged Congress to serve the interests of America. Now that would truly be a first in my lifetime.

Now he’s throwing verbal yellow “Support the Troops” car magnets at the audience.

He urged for the Patriot Act to be passed, and morons who voted for it clapped on.

Now he is excusing domestic spying with the same lines of shit which have been spewing from the White House for a couple of weeks. And the morons clap on…

Bush: The economy is great. Jobs are great. Everything is great.

Me: How ’bout spending time with a typical American family and see if you say the same thing? Go live in a typical home somewhere in the heartland for a week.

Wow! He wants us to have more of our own money. Does this mean he will quit spending our money?

I missed some, as I had to grab a towel to wipe up some of the vomit.

He is complaining about Medicare and Medicaid expenses — and yet it was his prescription benefit plan that was the greatest expansion in government healthcare since LBJ.

Now he wants a commission to fix Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. I wonder how many trillion the ultimate consequence of this already doomed adventure will cost future generations.

He just said “global trade” and “buy American” in the same sentence.

ramble ramble ramble on the same old immigration lines which change nothing.

Bush: “wider use of electronic records” pertaining to health care. Just throw them in the same database with all our other private records.

Advance Energy Initiative. Yawn! BRB.

Nu-CUE-lar snapped me back. Is he talking about a new military strategy for the middle east?

He wants less foreign oil by 2025. Does this mean his personal profits (and those of his friends) will go up?

American Competitiveness Initiative. How about an Impeach Bush Initiative?

Now he is discussing how he wishes to leave even more children behind.

And the morons clap on…

He says we should be compassionate. What about all the people in federal prison for drug charges, then?

Democrats standing and clapping. Gag me.

He snuck in a homophobic clause.

Now he is bragging about Alito and Roberts. I wonder how many fundamental Constitutional rights will will lose under them.

Sandra Day O’Conner is retiring. Like this will restore any of our liberties.

Now he is opposed to all forms of cloning. The only cloning I am worried about is if someone cloned Bush.

“Uphold the public trust”, “ethical standards” and “public responsibility” LMAO!!!!!!

I was laughing too hard to catch what Laura Bush just did.

He is now taking credit for the post-Katrina disaster which was mostly caused by the government.

He is talking about AIDS and smirking.

He is comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. The only point in common is that Lincoln disregarded the Constitution, too.

He closed his bullshit and the morons clapped on…

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Well, it looks like Cindy Sheehan was arrested for wearing an anti-war shirt,promptly removed at the pleasure of one President. Monarchy/Plutocracy is all I can think of.
    It is sad to see the dems clap at this crap.He really made a lot of people mad tonight.

  2. the scariest thing that I heard was his rhetoric directed at Iran…… substitute Iraq for Iran and it is the same crap he spewed a few years ago as he prepared to invade Iraq….

    is he gearing us up for some form of attack on Iran???

    you have to wonder…

  3. Until Bush learns how to control his spending China will be financing any of our future wars. Do you really have National Security when you can not afford to make your own weapons?

    How deep in debt will this country be after the Bush years? The poor bastard that takes the office next will have to raise taxes and cut the crap out of every single government program.

    What happens to our economy when the debt reaches 9 trillion or 10 trillion?

  4. Look whether you agree or disagree with Sheehan is irrelvant.

    The mere fact that she was ARRESTED for wearing an anti-war T-shirt if absolutely fucking OUTRAGEOUS, people.

    What the fuck has America become?

  5. Here is the question we need answered but first some facts:

    Fact 1: In this country, the people are sovereign.
    Fact 2: Sovereign mean supreme power holder.
    Fact 3: Supreme means NONE over the top.
    Fact 4: The federal government is by Consituional edict, the government of “SMALL ENEUMERATED POWERS.” (Translation in case you are a moron member of Bush’s team or Congress…they are numbered and they are small.)
    Fact 5: The people hold the supreme power, the states hold significantly less and the feds own even less. (Why do you think they were given only 12 square miles in Wash DC?)
    Fact 6: The federal governmnt is divided into 3 branches.
    Fact 7: Bush and his criminals are part of but one branch and the other branches are separate.

    Only the REPUBLIC respects rights. A democracy is two wolves voting to deprive the sheep of his life. Get over it George…the Constitution only mentions and guarantees a REPUBLIC.
    Democracy is the “direct” rule of the
    people and has been repeatedly tried without success. Our Constitutional fathers, familiar with the
    strength and weakness of both autocracy and democracy, with fixed principles definitely in mind,
    defined a representative republican form of government. They “made a very marked distinction
    between a republic and a democracy * * * and said repeatedly and emphatically that they had founded
    a republic.”

    Now when George tries to slip you the ole’ “DEMOCRACY WEENIE” think:
    “Is this moron trying his propaganda again to convince ME that I live in a Democracy? Does he really think all he needs is votes to steal away unalienable rights? Does he really think we’re as stupid as that?”

  7. She was only detained, not arrested. She will not be charged with anything. She broke a house rule for the visiting area which prohibits (apparently) any sort of protesting by visitors viewing from the observing area. Or something. Apparently she was also pulling out some sort of banner or flag… and she was not responding to requests to comply with the house rules. So they they required her to leave (don’t know if she complied peacefully, I imagine).

    I wonder if this was intentional. Personally, I have no respect for sheehan at this point. Her time was up long ago.

  8. Dave – are you sure. The media reports I’m getting clearly state arrest. Got a link?

  9. Re: Patriot Act

    Never confuse Nationalism with Patriotism and their acts therof.
    Nationalists worship nebulous graven IMAGES such as flags, country, wars and tyrant-figure-heads. Nationalists whip innocents into a fervor by fear and use them for their own eveil deeds. Nationalists use religion and race as dividing lines between human beings and “collateral damamge.”
    Patriots cherish CONCEPTS that are self-evident: Unalienable rights, real freedom, pursuit of happiness, etc.

    One worships the PHYSICAL, the other the SPIRITUAL. The physical is easily changed from one figure by the controlling: one flag to another such as what Hitler did, one evil guy to another such as what Bush does. The Physical worshippers always have wars…Wars on nouns if they can…and if they can’t have a war on a noun, a war on a pronoun will do: Drugs, poverty, terror, etc.

  10. “Dave – are you sure. The media reports I’m getting clearly state arrest. Got a link?”

    Hmm, I watched the SOTU via fox news (well, it was a local fox station which channeled fox news for the SOTU) and they made that particular point that she was detained rather than arrested. It seemed reasonable so I believed it.

  11. I was right about it being intentional though. And although I’ve no patience left for cindy (or anyone who can tolerate michael moore) I have to admit it’s a bit weird that you can’t wear a shirt with a political statement in the capitol building. Demonstrating is one thing is it could disrupt the order inside the building (becoming a nuissance and a fire hazard etc.), but arresting someone for simply wearing a shirt is like arresting people for possessing alcohol because it might make them unrulely if they drink it.

  12. She was invited to the “circus”. I’ve got twice the patience for Cindy as I do for liars like Bush. Or the stand-up sit-down puppets and clowns in the show.Or the Fox “news” that you were “trusting”.
    And Cindy has twice the balls M.M. will ever have.

  13. “What happens to our economy when the debt reaches 9 trillion or 10 trillion?”

    I don’t know, bac, why don’t we all just wait a few months and find out?