Bush Should Practice What He Preaches

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Is Bush going to call for a cease fire in the War on Drugs? Check out this quote from the White House:

Now, some of you all may be old enough to remember the days of Prohibition. I’m not. (Laughter.) But remember, we illegalized whisky, and guess what? People found all kinds of ways to make it, and to run it. NASCAR got started — positive thing that came out of all that. (Laughter.)

It’s a true shame that he won’t apply the same logic to Cannabis sativa that he applies to corn, malt, rye, and barley. To the best of my knowledge, Bush is the greatest prohibitionist in the world (please correct me if you’ve got better data).

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  1. Bush as an incredible knack of saying some of the most poignant things about a wide range of subjects, and then doing the complete opposite in policy.

  2. Penalties for illegal drug sales or possession in the U.S. pales when compared to Singapore, Iran and North Korea. Bush cannot lay claim to that one.

  3. I’m aware that some countries are worse with penalties, but consider the total amount of deaths which occur. However, we sentence mmj users to death, like Magby and McWilliams (and perhaps Kubby).

    I’m not sure if anyone has ever tried to determine who is the king of all drug warriors or what criteria should even be used (i.e. deaths, dollars, amount in jail). The conversation which might ensue should prove interesting, though.

  4. Julian, I’m really tired of the line of argument that claims that just because we’re not as bad as some other place in the world, we should apparently shut the fuck up and like it the way it is.

    If that’s not moral relativism, I don’t know what the hell it is.

  5. We would also do well to recall that other despots are entirely honest about their iron fisted rule. But Bush actually campaigned on a promise that he would leave individual states to set their own medical marijuana policies and that his administration wouldn’t interfere.

  6. Stephen Van Dyke

    Don’t get wrapped around the axle. I was just responding to Stephen Gordon’s challenge that Bush is the greatest prohibitionist in the world. He asked to be corrected if there was better data. There is. He has yet to order almost immediate executions for drug possession (any drug).

    It is Friday night. Have a drink, light a cigarette, and enjoy whatever other soothing substance you choose to take. Relax.

  7. Taking the importer/dealer out of the equation seems a logical way to reduce the negative aspects of drug use such as gangs and people stealing and creating mayhem to get them. One of the problems with “legalization” is that we would have to come up with standards of strength and quality for legal dope. Government dope will never be as good as illegal dope. And, what kid wants the legal stuff? Part of doing drugsis simply the fact that one is not supposed to be doing it.

  8. Drugs should be legalized. The stronger and more pure the drugs, the better. I even believe, in this case, drugs should be made available at no cost even at koisks on street corners to those that choose to use.

    The only condition I see is directions for usage provided so the user will have an idea what the dosage should be for whatever high he wants to experience.

    Maybe we can clean up the neighborhoods of the dredges by letting them practice libertarianism in its purest form.

    We certainly can use more space and reduce the welfare roles.

    What about the gangsters that will have no means to make a living? Citizens, arm yourselves. We can get rid of those unemployed dredges too. I may even enjoy going on the hunt.

  9. James Bovard gives us this reason to end the drug war.

    “In March 1992 a police SWAT team in Everett, Washington killed Robin Pratt in a no-knock raid while carrying out an arrest warrant for her husband. (Her husband was later released after the allegations on which the arrest warrant was based turned out to be false.) The Seattle Times summarized the raid:

    “Instead of using an apartment key given to them, SWAT members threw a 50- pound battering ram through a sliding glass door that landed near the heads of Pratt’s six-year-old daughter and five-year-old niece. As deputy Anthony Aston rounded the corner to the Pratt’s bedroom, he encountered Robin Pratt. SWAT members were yelling, `GET DOWN,’ and she started to crouch to her knees. She looked up at Aston and said, `Please don’t hurt my children’. Aston had his gun pointed at her and fired, shooting her in the neck. According to attorney John Muenster, she was alive another one to two minutes.”

  10. The piece on Robin Pratt above is just of of hundreds
    of these type of events that we should be parading in front
    of the American press and public. This is a shame and an pox upon our justice system.