Bush Polling Badly, Congress Worse

Congress - file photoFor anyone who’s paying even a modicum of attention to government, you’re probably not surprised that a large majority now disapprove of the whole lot of politicians in office. From Political Wire:

“Americans persist in their bleak assessment of events in Iraq, the state of the U.S. economy, and the job performance of President Bush and Congress,” the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows.

The poll “shows a modest uptick in Bush’s job performance, to 39% from 37% last month, but a 56% majority disapproves Bush’s job performance. Congress fares even worse, with 25% approval and 60% disapproval.”

“The public’s desire for a change in direction represents bad news for the Republican majority. By 48% to 38%, voters say they prefer that Democrats win control of Congress this fall; by identical proportions, voters say its time to ‘give a new person a chance’ in Congress.”

Well, last time we checked, half of America figured the whole lot of them were corrupt. So when you take that corruption angle out of the poll, it’s not surprising that the number of disapprovals go up substantially.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. How many polled consider themselves democrat vs how many republican? This is important because this usually dictates the % on the rest of the poll questions.

    Ex: more republicans = higher bush approval rating, more democrats = lower bush approval rating.

    If more democrats at home( and still using land lines instead of cell only) during hours the polster call (work hours? weekends?), then you’ll see a greater % of democrat respondents and thus a lower approval rating for Bush. Judge for yourself.

  2. So in other words, people that voted Republican will vote Democratic and vice-versa. Nothing changes. We haven’t even gotten into the inflamed election year wedge issues that will whip people into submission, either. And let’s be sure we don’t throw our votes away by throwing them away on a Democrat or Republican. And everyone admits that Congress is corrupt as hell, EXCEPT for THEIR Congressman that they elected.

    In summary, nothing is going to change. This breakthrough dramatic increase is people’s awareness and intelligence is not ever going to happen. It’s impossible. People don’t just spontaneously get smarter.

  3. The main problem is that most people thing 434 representatives and 98 senators need to be given the boot, but the one in their district is ok, so they keep voting incumbent.

  4. Who are these people who are satisfied with our president and congress? Does 30% of the country work for FOX News?

  5. Is the Libertarian Congressional Campaign Committee positioned to take advantage of this opportunity?
    M.H.W. Vancouver, WA

  6. Michael, you hit the nail on the head.. that’s what the Democratic and Republican parties would do– pay a fundraising company to call people for money for their Congressional candidates. They have millions of $ already, as we talk.

  7. Michael W. & David W.,

    As we petition to become an independent Congressional candidacy we find a lot of outright resistance to our attempts to be on the ballot. About 35% of those under forty will sign their names. Only about 15% of those over 50 will even stop to hear what you have to say. Once they ask you for your party affiliation they put on the Red or Blue blinders.

    We do come across a friendly Free Stater or Libertarian occasionally. We laugh and cry together.

    Meanwhile as people bemoan their electoral lot, only a small percentage of Congressional districts will even have an option outside the Red & Blue. Discontent will not overcome apathy, ignorance or outright hostility to anything different. Boots on the ground might. It’s all about access.

    Unfortunately our greatest sympathy comes from foreigners with better democracies. I met a gentlemen from Dublin and many Canadians who would sign in a heartbeat if they could.
    Ballot access, not pledges or platforms.