Bush Polling Badly, Congress Worse

Congress - file photoFor anyone who’s paying even a modicum of attention to government, you’re probably not surprised that a large majority now disapprove of the whole lot of politicians in office. From Political Wire:

“Americans persist in their bleak assessment of events in Iraq, the state of the U.S. economy, and the job performance of President Bush and Congress,” the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows.
The poll “shows a modest uptick in Bush’s job performance, to 39% from 37% last month, but a 56% majority disapproves Bush’s job performance. Congress fares even worse, with 25% approval and 60% disapproval.”
“The public’s desire for a change in direction represents bad news for the Republican majority. By 48% to 38%, voters say they prefer that Democrats win control of Congress this fall; by identical proportions, voters say its time to ‘give a new person a chance’ in Congress.”

Well, last time we checked, half of America figured the whole lot of them were corrupt. So when you take that corruption angle out of the poll, it’s not surprising that the number of disapprovals go up substantially.