Bush Approval Continues to Drop

disapproval29.jpgGeorge Bush’s approval ratings are continuing to drop. From UPI:

U.S. President George W. Bush`s job approval rating has fallen to 29 percent in a new Harris Interactive poll.

It is the lowest job approval rating of Bush`s presidency, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Of 1,003 U.S. adults surveyed by telephone, 29 percent said Bush was doing an ‘excellent or pretty good’ — down from 35 percent in the Harris Interactive poll conducted in April. Bush`s job approval rating had been 43 percent in the Harris Interactive poll conducted in January.

While the most recent Gallup survey shows Bush’s approval rating at 31 percent, it’s Bush’s lowest approval rating by that poll, too. From WaPo:

More than two-thirds of the American public thinks the country is on the wrong track and voters prefer Democrats to Republicans by double-digits margins. Bush’s job approval rating has reached a low for his presidency of 31 percent.

Even Republicans are dropping their support for Bush:

Throughout Bush’s five-year presidency, conservatives have remained remarkably faithful. But the latest polls suggest that is no longer true.

A Gallup poll this week found just 52 percent of conservatives and 68 percent of Republicans approved of Bush’s performance, record lows for both.

The grounds for impeachment are clearly out there. With approval numbers this low, the political timing for the Libertarian Party to call for impeachment is right, if not past due. The LNC has the ability to pass a resolution calling for the impeachment of George Bush, but hasn’t done so. I’d recommend contacting your LNC representative and asking why the LP isn’t acting like a principled political organization.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. We all know the polls are just numbers that represent what people are thinking…. out in reality…

    We also know reality has a WELL known liberal bias. I know, my gut tells me so.


    Thank you again Stephen Colbert.


  2. Bush pulls wool over eyes of his flock:

    Poor leaders will claim that great purpose has been achieved even through a most egregious blunder. They will also try to deflect leftover blame onto anyone but their most sycophantic followers.

    Aside from possibly thinking he could one-up his father by deposing Saddam Hussein, with little forethought George W. Bush launched his “pre-emptive” war into Iraq. Now, in words of justification befitting a juvenile delinquent, he passes off this mistaken venture by claiming that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein.

    If a tsunami had swept up the Tigress and Euphrates and gotten Saddam, but in the bargain taken thousands of lives and cost our nation dearly, we might expect Bush to also find great good in the wall of water and take credit for its course.

    This man can only lead sheep. To his dwindling flock of followers, have a nice bah, bah, bah.