Brutally Honest Free Speech (Can be Retarded)

A Utah guy erected a controversial sign after a retard (uh… literally, for the language nannies who like to comment here) threw a rock at his daughter and the cops wouldn’t do jack to tell the kid’s mom who acknowledges the problem, “13-year-old Colton Heaton is developmentally delayed. His mother says he is more like a three year old.” (via Hit & Run):

Caution: this whole neighborhood is retarded

Here’s his defense:

Sam Penrod, Eyewitness News: “Why did you put that sign up?

Neighbor: “I’ve been harassed for six months, my daughter has been assaulted.”

Sam Penrod, Eyewitness News “By who?”

Neighbor: “The young boy, we got pictures and everything and they would not press charges because he is handicapped.”

The neighbor claims Colton threw a rock at his young daughter. Other neighbors told us they have frequently found Colton wandering onto their property.

In my opinion, he should fix the sign to more accurately state that he’s actually referring to both the retarded mother (figuratively here folks… hello!) who can’t/won’t control her retarded son, and the boy himself — that passerbys should beware of flying rocks and all that jazz.

But read the sign again and laugh. I’m actually leaning in the direction of calling him a retard as well, because genius here put an apostrophe after “retard”, making it possessive… so people with any reading comprehension are now on the lookout for something that belongs to the retard (oh no, what could it be? his flying rock!).

The whole neighborhood sounds retarded if you ask me.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. this post is retarded. So are people that hate words more than more than deeds.

    I’ve looked quite retarded at times during my illness. Before my illness too I bet. :D

    Screw em all. Come here, I’ll drool on you, biotch…..

  2. Soooooooooo what will the jar heads in the police function do when this coddled ‘tard discovers his “special purpose” and drops the rocks and starts chasing the neighbours kids with his wood on…or heaven forbid actually rapes a smaller child?

    Charges laid then? Like waht were the jar heads saying in this case…that all retards are not responsible to the law or to civil behaviour…or at least behaviour in line with community standards?

    More and more we see the police function making value judgements outside the scope of their authority…if there was a conmplaint and there is evidensce of a crime ( in this case assault with a weapon) they must charge….none of this nanny state differnt laws fer different folks BS

  3. I questioned “neglect” in another post, but here might actually be a case. Where are the do-good CPS/DCF agents here? According to the story, the mentally delayed child assaulted a neighbor and trespassed on private property. And Tom Brownlee, Advocate for those with Disabilities said, “I hate that word, it was very offensive and I just want them to see that people with disabilities deserve the respect that they are entitled to.”
    It seems that the boy is getting the respect he deserves. Wait, he can’t read the sign. I guess his mother is getting the respect she deserves.

  4. I think the neighbor is too retarded to mean it as a contraction. I would bet he just doesn’t know how to use ‘s

    I mean have you seen the neighbor? Sure looks like a big retard to me.

    Also since people are so wussy these days, it’s hard to know what “assaulted” means these days. I mean I remember when kids were kids and no one called the police for a little bullying. or did you want the “retarded” kid arrested for walking on someone’s lawn?

  5. Graham, send a photo to me- I am sure that you and the girl’s dad will look like cousins. As for assault, it is defined as: A violent physical or verbal attack. Throw a rock at me- I promise that I will respond with an assault of my own. The boy is out of control. Police or CPS need not be involved- we just wish his parents would be.

  6. Oh, Graham, sorry. I think late after some wine. My sign might read, “Small cock feigns concern over a word a boy can’t read. Wishes to act like a PC superhero and prevent perceived heartache. See next door- not the one with the fucked up parents- the one belonging to guy seeking attention.”

  7. Eye for an eye. If that were my child i would tell him/her to throw a rock back at him. Sometimes people only learn when it’s done to them and retarded or not if he gets hit with enough rocks he’ll get the point. Thats what my mom taught me. She would always tell me never to start the fight but dont ever let someone pick on you either and if someone hits you then you hit them back.

  8. um, actually, “retard’s” is not possessive. an apostraphe + s indicates a contraction: “retard is” — as in, “retard is in area.”

    “retards in area” would indicate multiple retards, and there is only one.

  9. He should’ve just put “caution: retard in area” and left off the S entirely.

    Having grown up around people w/ mental disabilities, I fully understand the frustration this guy has. It seems no one can find a happy medium anymore, it’s either they callously abuse and make fun of people for being the slightest bit different or they excuse everything and as a result treat them like they’re some animal and not a human being. I don’t care if your kid is mentally handicapped or not, if he’s smart enough to throw rocks at people he doesn’t like (give that one some thought before anyone barks…) then he’s smart enough to learn the consequences.

  10. BTW: the people comparing the word “retard” to a racial slur are idiots. Go look at a dictionary and you’ll find this:

    To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede.

    Thus, “mentally retarded” means their mental capacity has been delayed or impeded by some form of defect. There is no similar verb form of racial slurs like “n****r”.

  11. So let me make sure I’ve got this straight–the kid can throw rocks and not get in trouble, but a guy complains about it in a way that might be considered offensive and the police are looking at legal options?

    Oje, I get the feeling if you were in this situation we’d be hearing about a hate crime! ;)

    Sadly, I won’t be surprised if 20 years from now we hear this boy’s doing jail time because he never faced consequences early on.


    “A Nephi family that alleges their neighbor’s autistic teenage son wanders the streets and rifles through nearby homes has taken down a sign in their front yard that said “Caution Retard’s [sic] in Area.”
    Kallie and Darren Galbraith did not return calls seeking comment about their sign or why they took it down. But Nephi Police Chief Chad Bowles said they took it down after he visited their home Friday evening.
    “We talked to them. I think they understood by using that type of wording they made a mistake,” he said. “It’s so degrading and it ridicules the [boy’s] family.”
    But Bowles said he understands the Galbraiths’ frustration.
    He said neighbors have complained for some time about the 13-year-old, whose mother, Carrie Heaton, said has been diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities and functions at a 4- to 5-year-old level.
    “Mostly, they complain that he goes into their homes, rifles through their things and eats their food,” Bowles said. “There are a lot of people in the area who are frustrated with this boy.”
    But Bowles said the Police Department has mulled over charges of criminal mischief and even aggravated assault. The Galbraiths alleged in November that the youngster threw rocks and hit their 10-year-old daughter in the knee and elbow.
    “But how can you prosecute someone like that?” the chief asked. “He can’t understand what he’s doing. He’s not capable of going into juvenile court.” “

  13. The sign-poster is a “retard” himself. Nice use of apostraphe. I love it when rednecks expose their ignorance.