Brutally Honest Free Speech (Can be Retarded)

A Utah guy erected a controversial sign after a retard (uh… literally, for the language nannies who like to comment here) threw a rock at his daughter and the cops wouldn’t do jack to tell the kid’s mom who acknowledges the problem, “13-year-old Colton Heaton is developmentally delayed. His mother says he is more like a three year old.” (via Hit & Run):

Caution: this whole neighborhood is retarded

Here’s his defense:

Sam Penrod, Eyewitness News: “Why did you put that sign up?
Neighbor: “I’ve been harassed for six months, my daughter has been assaulted.”
Sam Penrod, Eyewitness News “By who?”
Neighbor: “The young boy, we got pictures and everything and they would not press charges because he is handicapped.”
The neighbor claims Colton threw a rock at his young daughter. Other neighbors told us they have frequently found Colton wandering onto their property.

In my opinion, he should fix the sign to more accurately state that he’s actually referring to both the retarded mother (figuratively here folks… hello!) who can’t/won’t control her retarded son, and the boy himself — that passerbys should beware of flying rocks and all that jazz.
But read the sign again and laugh. I’m actually leaning in the direction of calling him a retard as well, because genius here put an apostrophe after “retard”, making it possessive… so people with any reading comprehension are now on the lookout for something that belongs to the retard (oh no, what could it be? his flying rock!).
The whole neighborhood sounds retarded if you ask me.