1. No career politician would ever risk their own ass in the same way Guthrie just did in order to prove that he’s dedicated to filling the role of the office in a trustworthy manner.

    This is called principle.

    I wish Guthrie the best and hope he puts this message verbatim on the air where he’s running.

  2. Yea, I have to say that I have a tremendous amount of respect for that guy. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is…

  3. It might be a good PR move that isnt as expensive as you think. It’s a loan for one thing. And it doesn’t mean he’s going to spend anywhere close to it. He may be repaid all of it.

  4. I admire Bruce’s dedication. I hadn’t originally budgeted to send him another contribution, but after his earnest expression of personal commitment, I just sent him more. Go Guthrie!

  5. Bruce has a pair larger than bowling balls and made of steel. $1.2 million is nothing to scoff at, fuck, that’s more than our Presidential candidate had at his command in 2004.

    Kick some ass, take some names, and win this motherfucker!

  6. Dissapointing. I was all set to call my former wife Barbara up, who lives in Port Orchard (near Bremerton) and tell her to vote for Bruce.

    Then I read on his web site that he opposes the War on Terrorism.

    Now I’ll tell her to vote for the Republican in the race.

    Sorry Bruce, you seem like a nice guy, but anyone who does not recognize the extreme threat libertarians face from the rising tide of Islamo-Fascism is not worthy of libertarian support.

    And my former wife Barbara is a hardcore libertarian, btw.

    Washington State is a big Military area, particularly around Brememton. (I was stationed there for a year on the USS Kittyhawk). Your anti-Military views will certainly cause you to lose a lot of support at Bremerton and Whidby Island.

  7. Dondero’s former wife may be a hard core libertarian but he isn’t. And since when does he get off telling adults how they are supposed to vote. No wonder she’s a former wife. Then he appeals to blatant pork by saying there is a “big Military area” (capital M which personifies it). Eric should go back to the Republicans and leave libertarians alone. We’d all be better off if he stoped claiming that his right-wing, war mongering is libertarianism.

  8. What’s Guthrie polling ? Maybe he can get on the Russert MTP debates now. Will this get him in the standard debates in WA?
    What’s the plan after the cash comes in ? TV ? Mailings ? Both ? Has to be one of the boldest moves by an LP candidate to date . . .

  9. I wish Bruce the best of luck in his campaign. He looks like an outstanding candidate. I only wish he was running for the House instead of the Senate where he would likely have a better chance of winning. That $1.2 million would go a lot further in a house race than in a senate race.

  10. We seem to have some good campaigns going on this year.What is differnt this year compared to 4 years ago.It seems like we are having more luck in the polls than in the past.I hope his (Bruce) race gets his whole state excited.

  11. “Then I read on his web site that he opposes the War on Terrorism.”

    Where on his site did he say he was anti-war on terror? I saw that he was anti-Iraq war, but that’s it. My donation is pending until I can be assured that Bruce will kill terrorists.

  12. From Guthrie’s website:

    Bruce Guthrie understands that it’s time to reduce America’s military presence abroad and explore new defense strategies that address today’s security threats.

    While it doesn’t specifically say “I support the War on Terror,” I think such a position can be reasonably surmised from the excerpt I just posted. If you can’t consider al-Qaeda to be one of “today’s security threats” then I don’t know who you can.

    Also keep in mind that Washington’s LP has traditionally emphasized more leftist issues, and that in this race especially, the “candidate to beat” is a Democrat. To remain relevant, we have to be the margin of victory, and that means denying the Democrat a majority. To WIN, we need to take votes away from the more popular Democratic candidate.

  13. So I don’t see why even Dondero can’t get behind this guy financially… technically speaking he’ll help the Republican win unless he outright wins himself. And a Republican who owes his seat to the Libertarian Party is going to be really conscious about not pissing us off on our issues, so yeah.

  14. When I questioned Bruce, he specifically told me that fighting terrorism should be what the U.S. does, not make us all targets for terrorism.

    When America has troops stationed in over 100 countries around the world, we are bound to p*** off somebody. Bruce supports bringing our troops home to protect us here, not make us targets all over the world.

    I support Bruce’s principles and values so much that I sent him another contribution. Go to his website, http://www.BruceGuthrie.com and take a look. Then click on contribute and donate an amount that almost hurts.
    Bruce did. Do you have principles, too?

  15. Dondero the fascist tells his wife how to vote. Classic.

    Again, we have here a VERY RARE, ACTUAL LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE and Dondero opposes him! Kinky Friedman, the racist socialist is a libertarian, but this guy isn’t????

    I just learned of Bruce Guthrie’s candidacy via this post, but he is already my favorite candidate running this year. My only objection to his platform is his “keep our promise to senior citizens” plank. But then again, a “let the welfare class of old leeches go off into the mountains and die with pride” is probably not very politically attractive.

  16. While I am very impressed with Guthrie’s commitment I have to second TerryP. Why can’t we get candidates this commited to run for things they can actually win. A state legislative seat is a great start and we could build on it. Even with this much money he will probably not win the senate race, and post election what do we have? Nothing. Sure, I can see the arguments in favor of spoiling the election, but winning elections is the most effective thing we can do to uphold our ideals.

  17. The only terrorist I kill is the one who invades my property. But then again, I’m a libertarian, not a murderer.

  18. I’d say he CAN win this race, though.

    Here’s the thing. In this year, the voters hate both parties but especially Republicans and especially incumbents.

    All it would take to put a third-party campaign in range of winning an election is a credible message for the majority of voters (check), and a campaign funded sufficiently well enough to make the voters aware of its existence (check). Voters aren’t THAT stupid, after all… just because they only see five Libertarian TV ads compared to 20 Republican or Democratic spots doesn’t mean that they’re automatically going to vote for the duopoly.

    Just making sure that the entire state can see Guthrie’s message enough for them to understand the basics will probably be enough for him to win. The dude’s moderate enough in his stances that we’re not going to scare anyone off with our message.

  19. Although I admire what Bruce is doing, I doubt he’s going to get more than 1% of the vote. This is a close race and that will surely hurt the 3rd party candidates. The incumbent Democrat, Maria Cantwell, is a much better candiate than Mike McGavick, who’s a pro-Bush Republican. I would really hate to see McGavick win, as would anyone else who’s anti-Bush. In addition, the Green candidate, Aaron Dixon is a great candidate who’s campaigning hard against the WoD, and is probably getting my vote. I wish Bruce success though.

  20. Hey undercover anarchist at what point can you use deadly force.Do you have to wait until they are on your property or can you use force the moment they threaten you and your family.

  21. You guys who think that $1 million will win a U.S. Senate race are into PCP or something.

    The best bet would be TV ads. Guys like John Kerry can afford to mortgage a home to spend on campaigns. A Libertarian who’ll probably capture maybe 10% of the vote will be homeless…

  22. Legally, I can use deadly force whenever my property is being intruded upon and I feel threatened. For now, that’s good enough for me. When the terrorists actually invade the country, then we can discuss a legitimate war where the rules would change slightly.

  23. Stuart, my young friend. I admire your ignorance. But let me shatter your little conservative dreams: There is no fucking way Mr. Guthrie will win this race. He could lend himself $1.2 BILLION and spend it all on TV ads, and he still would be lucky to finish second. $1.2 million spent will net him 10% if he is lucky. And that’s not a slight against the man, whom I respect as a candidate very much.

  24. He looks like a strong candidate, but why does the word “Libertarian” not appear on his website?

  25. Stuart: I’m just messing with you. Also, I should have said I “envy” your ignorance, not admire. And perhaps “youthful zeal” would have been a better word to use than “ignorance.” When you get to be the ripe old age of 28 like yours truly, perhaps you will see the world in a different, more jaded light. You will certainly have reason to if things continue on their current path.

  26. With $1.2 million, you have a very good shot at winning a congressional race, but for a Senate race it is just a drop in the bucket. While in a smaller area such as a congressional district we can pound away with our message to the voters, it is much harder/more expensive to do this in an entire state. Most people at this point will still just pull the lever for the R or the D becasue they don’t no any different. Until we can get to the point where people feel that the LP is a viable option I see it being virtually impossible to win a Senate seat unless the person has far more money and visibility than Mr. Guthrie has. Once we can win a few congressional seats than we have a chance at a few Seante seats. Until that time he is likely throwing a lot of money at what will likely only be a educational campaign tour. (con’t)

  27. I also have a problem when we are viewed as the spoiler. That is not a victory in the long run. If in this case we pull enough votes away from the democrat for the republican to win, the libertarian leaning democrats will never make that “mistake” again in voting for a libertarian. In the long run we will have made it much harder to pull that libertarian leaning democrat into the LP fold. Also, whenever we run hard in a very close competitive campaign the libertarian usually loses votes to the other candidates. Take a look at what happened to Badnarik in New Mexico. He campaigned hard there and polled much higher than what he ended up with. From an efficiency and vote total perspective he would have been much better off putting his time/money into an area where the money could be spent more efficiently and the lesser of two evils vote would not be as prevalent. I fear Bruce could fall into the same category. I hope I am wrong, as he otherwise seems to be a great candidate.

  28. “He campaigned hard there and polled much higher than what he ended up with.”

    This keeps being batted around as proof that when people hear the Libertarian message, they don’t like it. That’s not what you’re claiming in your comment, Terry, but your analysis suffers from the same misconception.

    Libertarians almost always poll “higher” than their actual vote total. The closer a cadnidate is to 0%, the more unreliable the poll becomes. Specifically, the margin of error in the New Mexico poll was around 4-5%, with Badnarik at about 5%. Statistically, Badnarik’s actual total was just about what the poll said it would be — somewhere between 0% and 10%.

    As for efficiency, Badnarik had the highest number of votes per inflation adjusted dollar spent of any LP presidential candidate.

    Of course $1.2 million would probably result in a higher percentage for a congressional race vs. a senate race. But there is no LP candidate with that kind of money running in a congressional race.

  29. Chris, you are right, I was not trying to convey that once people hear our message that they don’t like it. In fact it think once they hear our message if it is not too radical they actually like it. The problem is that they don’t believe we have a chance at getting elected and they would rather vote for the lesser of two evils or in their eyes a “winner”.

    What I am talking about with regards to efficiency is that in a smaller congressional district that $1.2 million can be used to target his voter with ads as well as face-to-face much more often. With that kind of money he can be doing as much marketing as the the R or D. In a Senate race, that amount of money just isn’t very much compared to the competitors and to be honest since the voters do not know us or understand us as well we need to do even more marketing than the R or D’s to have a chance. With the $1.2 million we would have that chance in a congressional district but not in a senate race.

  30. If I had $1.2 million burning a hole in my pocket, a lot of time, and a desire to seek office, I would run for congress or state rep rather than senate. Unfortunately, I have none of those things. Maybe in the future.

  31. My donation is pending until I can be assured that Bruce will kill terrorists.

    Don’t be silly. It’s illegal to threaten the life of the “p”resident.