Bruce Guthrie launches new television ad

Press release below:

(Seattle, WA) ““ Today, the Guthrie campaign launched a new television ad unlike anything his Democratic and Republican opponents have offered.

The ad is first in a series that feature audio from actual Washington voters expressing their conflicting reasons for supporting their candidate of choice. While this may sound tame, it’s the main characters that make the difference. Rather than using the original video from the interviews, the statements are voiced by puppets – paper bag puppets, to be precise.

Besides adding a dose of humor into an otherwise dry political season, the campaign hopes to sway independent voters to support Bruce Guthrie.

“From our conversations with voters throughout the campaign, it’s clear that many people are voting based on what they believe a particular party stands for, rather than looking at the voting record or campaign message,” explains Bruce Guthrie’s campaign manager Travis Wright. “I think these ads highlight the silliness and futility of voting that way.”

With less than 2 weeks until the election and absentee ballots already mailed, it’s impossible to predict what impact these ads will have on undecided voters and the more than 50 percent of voters who might otherwise sit this election out.

The 30 second television spot will begin airing today and will be available online at and by Friday.


  1. Very funny ad – and so true. I am definitely voting for Guthrie now. Before I saw him in the debate, I was going to vote for Aaron Dixon, the excellent Green Party candidate. What convinced me was Guthrie’s very pro-immigration statement in the debate. He concluded by saying that he supports increasing immigration quotas. Although I advocate open borders, his moderate views won’t scare voters away from him, and it’s a positive step for liberty.

    It’s good to hear a reasonable sounding, left-libertarian running a high visibility race here in one of the most pro-freedom states in the country. I’ll be proud to vote for him on Nov 7.

  2. Is the talking a little speedy in the “Don’t be a party puppet” section? At least to me, it seems like it’s going by at like 500 mph. Maybe that’s just how they do it with Washington espresso though.

  3. This guy is the best candidate going, bar none.

    Bruce Guthrie, the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate, appeared on statewide television last week and did what Maria Cantwell hasn’t done this election season””firmly aligned himself with the Seattle liberals and progressives.

    While Cantwell plays to the muddled, post-9/11 center and GOP candidate Mike McGavick tries to pass himself off as a reformer, Guthrie declared himself antiwar, anti”“Patriot Act, pro”“gay marriage, and pro-pot. Cantwell, meanwhile, says gay marriage is not an issue, and McGavick recently called for drug testing of welfare recipients. “I’d prefer drug and alcohol testing of members of Congress,” Guthrie said during the candidates’ televised debate Oct. 17”¦.

  4. and McGavick recently called for drug testing of welfare recipients. “I’d prefer drug and alcohol testing of members of Congress,” Guthrie said during the candidates’

    That was good!

  5. Like I said before, good candidates do not provoke enough controversey to run up 96 posts. It’s sad. Maybe Guthrie should take up the “deportation of Frenchmen” or “confiscation of BB gun” mantle in order to provoke some interest.

  6. Rex Bell sounds like a pretty good candidate so far, and as of this writing his thread is at 152.

    I could be wrong, but I thought past Guthrie threads had a lot more posts?

  7. No Tim, LRC members started claiming that the LRC “triggered” the newfound professionalism of the party. It has nothing to do with pure vs. un-pure.

    Bruce Guthrie presents uncompromising Libertarian positions in a moderate and appealing way. So does Rex Bell. If the LRC was only about that, then there would be no dispute. It is not.

    If Nick Wilson hadn’t suggested that “party radicals eat their words about LRC strategy” within the 1st post, then the discussion would have been dramatically different and more positive. The LRC does not hold a monopoly on practical political strategy. Suggesting that party radicals “eat their words” is a slap to the face of those very radicals who are out helping successful campaigns.

    You rightly get upset when some radicals call you a Nazi statist. You should understand why others get upset when you implicitly denigrate their contributions to the LP.

  8. site was down for a while.

    I’m gonna suspend the topic until after the election. I wanna see how our peeps are going to do and see if I can squeeze some donation money out to targeted candidates.

  9. What?

    I thought you had peeps.

    I was just waiting on you to roll in with your posse and make it all gangsta and shit.