Bruce Guthrie: don’t be a party puppet

Bruce Guthrie has released two more “Party Puppet” television ads that are even funnier than the first, which was a huge success according to his campaign:

“We’ve gotten a great response from the first spot,” states Guthrie’s campaign manager Travis Wright, adding, “people have been emailing and calling to tell us that they loved seeing a political commercial that was funny and to the point.” The campaign hopes these ads will help tip undecided voters or those who might otherwise skip this election in favor of Bruce Guthrie.

Guthrie’s campaign began airing the new commercials today.

Third video after the break.

  1. Hell ya, that commerical rocked. I can see why people like it, very funny stuff. Plus it is not a “negative” ad. Yes it brings up his oppostion, but not in a sleazy way, in a honest and informative one. I imgaine that they are cost effective with regards to production (airing time is of course the same price). keep them coming!

  2. A bit rough at the transfer to Bruce Guthrie, but I can see time constraints doing that. Powerful stuff, and I truly, truly hope they do him wonders.

  3. A great idea, but the ad doesn’t do much to sell the real candidate. It needs a stronger close, and a contrast to the candidate he is mocking.

  4. Chris — not so strange. It’s the typical “absorb the political goals of 3rd parties” thing.

  5. Yeah, don’t be a party puppet.

    And if your initials are JVD, don’t be Dick Cheney’s cock puppet – just say the paty’s over!

  6. Actually, McGavick is trying to hype Dixon and Guthrie in a hope that they will siphon off votes from Cantwell. I don’t think it is a very smart move for McGavick, but someone on his campaign staff obviously does.

    What I got from McGavick’s ad is: Hey, these two other guys have guts and stand on principle. I don’t really have guts or principles, but I have more than Cantwell, and I could actually win. Vote for me.

  7. And it is strange that a Republican would actually mention the Libertarian candidate, display his picture, and say nice things in a campaign ad.

    I’ve never seen anything like it.

  8. I think it would be a better idea if Guthrie took the entire time to speak directly to the voters about why they should vote for him, rather than saying why they shouldn’t vote for Cantwell. Nonetheless, they’re entertaining.

    As far as why McGavick complimented both Guthrie and Dixon in his commercial, it’s obvious. They will both take away votes from Cantwell. Since Guthrie is appealing to liberal (and libertarian) values, he’s going after Cantwell’s supporters. McGavick’s only chance at this point is to prop up both the Green and Libertarian candidates and hope they take enough votes away from Cantwell.

  9. Leroy,

    Bruce already has good name and issue recognition in our target market. We’ve done bus ads, literature drops, and robo-calling. Not to mention the debate coverage. We just need to give a little push to get those who agree with his positions to actually vote for him.

    What many of you probably don’t know is that WA is nearly all vote-by-mail. With over 3.5 million ballots already sitting in people’s living rooms and kitchens, it’s easier to give that last nudge to action.

    The time for selling the campaign message is over. It’s time to get voters to actually vote their values and not give into the silly temptation to vote from habit or fear. That’s what these ads are geared to do – and the response has been positive.

    If you want to help us make one last media buy before the weekend, there is still time. Please visit and give whatever you can. Everything counts at this point.

    Travis Wright
    Campaign Manager
    Guthrie for Senate

  10. Ideologically, Bruce Guthrie is my favorite candidate for office anywhere in the country. I have donated close to $1000 to canddiates this election cycle, but I can’t bring myself to give money to a guy who has $1.2 million of his own money in the race. What will my $100 do but simply be a $100 that Guthrie won’t spend of his own money? I’m sorry, but I need the $100 more than he does.

    The ad is great.

    The Republican ad is very strange. Wow. But yes, I think the point is to drive leftist votes to the L and G camp, while making it clear that he is the pro-war “conservative” candidate (also taking conservative votes, however few, away from Guthrie).

  11. a guy who has $1.2 million of his own money in the race.

    As I understand it that was just a loan.

    I can’t tell you how to spend your money, but if I had $1000 to give to candidates he would certainly get a share of that.

  12. The fact that it was a loan makes me less likely to give.

    Well then, since you are obviously the king of sacrific, why don’t you mortgage your home and life savings and run for office yourself then. Show all these idiot candidates how it is done King UA!!

  13. It was a loan to meet the minimum fundraising requirement to get into the televised debate. Bruce has a new wife and baby on the way, he can’t spend his life savings on a campaign!

    Even after his campaign repays his loan, he still has personally absorbed the costs of not working over the past several months to campaign full-time, and the transaction costs of mortgaging his house and liquidating his other assets for the campaign loan. This is in addition to all the other time and money he has contributed over the years. Bruce has sacrificed plenty to advance the Libertarian cause and I think all of us should step up and help him.

    I recently lost my income yet I was so impressed by Bruce’s own sacrifices that I still donated some of my savings to his campaign and have been volunteering for him about 30 hours/week for the past few weeks. I did all this — despite having burnt out and sworn off LP stuff a couple years ago — because I think this campaign will turn the WA LP around.

  14. I really have no money to donate. If I did, this would definitely be my pick out of the higher level races ( though I would prefer to only give to state level).While I understand what Jacqueline and others are saying about Guthrie’s loan and true financial situation, for a lot of people even having access to $1.2 million from anywhere is a lot better than most of us could do.

  15. I meant to add…that said, I would rather donate to a millionaire Bruce Guthrie who made such an impressive loan and put it to good use ( TV ads, even) than a candidate who raised ( and wasted) half a million.