British Bureaucrasher Assaulted by Police

Here’s Crasher Graham’s account of the story:

After making my way around the stadium after the match, I got caught in the hustle and bustle and the police mounted section started moving in with dogs behind them. Obviously, this caused more panic and made it even harder to get away from the ground. During my effort to get home, I was kicked in the back by a mounted police officer and told “Hurry up, you bastard”. After that, I’m not sure whether a horse panicked or was instructed to shove me by its rider, but I was knocked to the ground and then stepped on by another, or possibly the same, horse. Police horses are not small animals. Two policemen then dragged me along the ground and made the comment “Over here, you tosser”. Fellow supporters then broke through the barricade, carried me to safety, and phoned an ambulance. Requesting the police to get an ambulance brought the response, “It’s not my problem”.

Sounds like things aren’t all that different on the other side of the big pond, either.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face — forever.”

    George Orwell