Britain Follows US Lead on Prostitution

The British government just announced plans to relax laws so that prostitutes could work together in small brothels. From the Times Online:

PROSTITUTES are to be allowed to work together in mini-brothels in an attempt to reduce the risks involved in the sex trade.

In plans announced yesterday, up to three women will be allowed to operate legally from premises as part of a government strategy to tackle prostitution in England and Wales.

The change is intended to provide greater protection for women, but the Home Office admits that it could cause a nuisance in areas where the mini-brothels operate.

A rational mind could take this logic and apply it almost equally to the War on Drug Users. Artist and writer Sebastian Horsley hit the nail squarely on the head:

I have paid for it for many years and I have been paid as a sex worker myself. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it at all, it’s all about consent. So long as somebody consents to do it then I don’t have a problem with it at all.

He added:

Prostitution is the mirror of man, and man has never been in any serious danger of being bogged down in any kind of grace or beauty. We’re all prostitutes. Some of us sell our souls, some of us sell our minds and some of us sell our bodies. We all expose ourselves and our reputations to careering and whoring and pamphleteering. We’re all selling something, none of us are innocent.

Horsley obviously knows that the United States has led the way in legalizing prostitution. As opposed to the proposed brothels of up to three women in England and Wales, we already have one brothel of 100 and one of 435 whores. On second thought, I’d like to apologize to the women (and men) who honestly exchange sex for money by comparing them to American politicians.

Stephen Gordon

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