Breaking News: LP Ballot Access Petitioners Harassed by the Cops

Sorry for not blogging anything today, but we’ve got a serious problem going on in Birmingham with the Loretta Nall ballot access drive in Alabama. The police are now demanding IDs and telling our petitioners they can’t collect signatures on public property (in this case, a sidewalk on a state university campus). We are going to talk to the police right now and see if we can sort this out.
If we can’t use public property to collect the 43,000 signatures required by state law, there is no way the signatures can be collected. Alabama already has one of the worst ballot access restrictions in the country — which is the relative equivalent of a poll tax. Now that we are beginning to raise enough money to pay the poll tax, they are blocking our access to a political race with guns. It looks like we are going to need some more financial assistance to get Nall on the ballot.
This story is still developing. I’ll update as soon as I can, unless I’m arrested…