Boobs for Votes (Part II)

We brought you “Baring Boobs for Votes” the other day. As of today, there’s a new pair out there.

Angela Keaton told me she intends to run for one of the at-large positions on the Libertarian National Committee. There are a couple of reasons why I’ll probably support Keaton’s bid, but they aren’t the obvious ones. Her photo gallery indicates that she’s not only patriotic, but she doesn’t swing too far to the left or the right — but those aren’t the reasons, either.

Here are some good reasons why Angela will likely receive my support:

  • I’ve been in communications with her for some time. Her political reasoning is solid and uncompromising. Because we’ve discussed such things, I know that she knows how to appeal to a wider segment of the population than her website and radio program (which I did listen too while in Austin) indicate.
  • Libertarian Party leadership is dominated by white males. It would help the party (both our message and appeal) to entertain a broader point of view, genders, and races. Angela’s perspective (and vote) on issues facing the LNC would certainly enhance the party.
  • Angela is bright. Contrary to some opinions, people with boobs can also have brains. In correspondence between the two of us pertaining to issues of a sexual nature, she wrote to me, “…I am a serious uptight egghead but I would be a fool not to pull out all the stops to get people to my site.” The LP, especially the LNC, could use more of that sort of common sense approach.
  • Aside from race and gender issues, there are other sub-groups not well represented on the LNC. These include the more activistic, younger and more idealistic party members. From what I know of Angela, she’d be able to represent those groups well on the LNC. She knows how to speak their language and shares many of their frustrations. She also deals well with people of other perspectives. This could lead to less in-fighting and a greater level productivity.
  • I’ve painted Angela with more of a radical brush she deserves. She is intelligent, well-spoken, and not easily intimidated — but she also has a very practical streak. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of that between now and the LP National Convention.

    Stephen Gordon

    I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

    1. Sounds like my kind of candidate. Initially speaking, she’s got my vote, if I’m there.

    2. Sounds good, but let’s get off of the boob fetish, please.

      Now that was distinctly unAmerican.

    3. I’m all for openess in government and candidates who are willing to expose their ‘policies’ for public examination.

    4. Forgive me for aksing, but does she wear panties?

      (If my question confusues you, read Boobs for Votes Part i).

    5. I’ll try to take a higher road…Stephen, could you elaborate on Angela’s “very practical streak” other than self-promotion using sex?

      She describes herself as an “anarchist’s anarchist.” How can she know how to appeal to a wider segment of the population?

    6. Daniel,

      1) In the spirit of Beavis and Butthead dropping by, saying “higher” road around here might get you mistaken for a pothead or something.

      2) I’ll try to get Angela over to answer questions for herself.

    7. Not be negative, I mean she’s very attractive… but this doesn’t seem like a good image to project to the public. There are a great many other female Libertarians who would be as or more qualified for this position.

    8. but this doesn’t seem like a good image to project to the public.

      Why not? I think it’s fine.

      She describes herself as an “anarchist’s anarchist.” How can she know how to appeal to a wider segment of the population?

      Gee, is the crowd mentality too deep to figure out for an anarchist? I do it all the time.

      Her photo gallery indicates that she’s not only patriotic, but she doesn’t swing too far to the left or the right


    9. I certainly support Angela Keaton for LNC — not because she’s hot (but damn, she is hot), but because she’s spent a lot of time and effort involved in the libertarian movement, and her involvement (especially as a radio host) has lent itself to her familiarizing herself with the issues confronting the movement and the people in the movement.

      She has the obvious knowledge base — issues and people — to make a big contribution on the LNC. And damn, she is hot (even more so in person than in web photos).

      Tom Knapp

    10. I will answer any questions if you email me. I check my email about every other day or so when I am in Austin and every hour when I am in LA. My cell number is also available through email or the men’s room at The Standard in West Hollywood.

      Mr. Ong’s comment on “practical streaks” touches on too many issues which is why I’d like to read about his and your specific concerns. Also, I want your thoughts on the current direction of the NatCom and where they stand on the issues which divide the party.

    11. Angela,

      I appreciate your invitation to correspond. Unfortunately, my outgoing email is down, but I hope to correct this situation soon.

      I do understand you are running not for public office, but a seat on our LNC, so your image is not an issue. The combination of your self-professed “anarcho-objectivism” and Gordon’s highlighting of a “very practical streak” is intriguing.

      I have observed many anarchists (minarchists too) opposing any incremental measures toward more freedom, and many objectivists being even more strident against those holding personal religious values than they are against excessive government. Both work against increasing the appeal of the LP to a wider audience.

      Support from Knapp and Gordon is high praise indeed. Maybe your perspective could be quite valuable to the LNC.

    12. I have listened to Angela’s radio show for years and that show converted me from democrat to libertarian. This was before I knew she was physically attractive. Bottom line she has a lot to say, she is very well spoken and is tolerant of those who disagree with her. She can also produce a verbal tone that is filled with angst and this makes people listen to her.

    13. My initial reaction is that Angela is right that we should oppose the “pro-war” Libertarian faction. But, I’m not sure I agree that we should also oppose the “big tent” idea, where many are welcome, even if they don’t agree on everything. It sounds like the “purist” argument again, designed to keep us small and irrelevevant. I’m not a Libertarian purist — I lean more left than many Libertarians; and I do not want to be looking over my shoulder to find out if I am next. I AM a delegate, and will be listening for those who are pricnipled without being exclusionary. BTW, I am also an attorney for adult entertainers, and I love her not being shy about being attractive.

    14. Congratulations on being elected an LNC Rep. At Large, Angela! I did vote for you.

      (more thoughts on the LP later when I finally get around to dealing with my email problem)