Bob Smither News Coverage Continues

The Washington Times published “Libertarians see shot at DeLay seat” by By Robert Stacy McCain.

Reason Online published “Smither, Eh? Ex-cellent!” by Shawn Macomber as well as a blog post titled “Hello. Smither. You’re. Quite. Good. At. Turning. Me. On.” by David Weigel.

Macomber brings to light the need to donate to Smither’s campaign either financially or by making phone calls, or both.

Meanwhile the GOP is squabling over who will get the honor of being their write-in candidate(s).

This could very well be the Perfect Storm that puts the first Libertarian in Congress.

  1. There is already a Libertarian in Congress. You mean declared or designated as Libertarian.

  2. “Republican agreed Thursday to support a Houston city councilwoman as the write-in candidate on the November ballot in place of former House Majority leader Tom DeLay…. Tina Benkiser, the state GOP party chairwoman, said Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs was selected by a clear majority of the precinct chairmen who attended a gathering in Pearland. About 85 of the 150 precinct chairmen invited to the closed-door meeting attended.”
    from Google News, breaking AP story.

  3. As I said, the leadership close to the real powers-that-be would lead them over the cliff. And so it was.

    If our elections had a definitive chance at changing things, they would be illegal. That pretext however must be maintained. There are many levers available to prevent unaccounted contingencies from happening. Delay executed one of them.

  4. And outside of libertarian publications, there is no mention of Republican support for Smither. In almost any story he is mentioned as an afterthought (much like Badnarik) as “also on the ballot is Libertarian….”

    Bob Barr’s endorsement, though nice to have, prbably doesnt mean much considering he has been backing Libertarians since the last election and it didnt exactly help or make news outside of libertarian “preaching to the choir” circles.

    I think he will make a nice showing and it will certainly be interesting but any hope of major Republican support was just a nice dream.

  5. Here are some reasons why the Sekula-Gibbs write-in effort will fail:

    1) Some will vote straight ticket “R” and end up with
    no vote.

    2) Some who would otherwise vote for her will forget
    her since her name is not printed on the ballot.

    3) The tedious effort required to enter a write-in
    name will discourage some.

    4) “Sekula-Gibbs” is not exactly “Jones” – it’s not
    going to be easy to spell correctly and I suspect
    there will be a fairly rigid standard for spelling
    accuracy before a write-in vote counts as a valid vote
    (anyone know how they validate write-ins?)

    The Republicans are going to waste a bunch of money on
    this and all it will accomplish is splitting the vote
    with Smither, thus ensuring a Lampson win. Sorry to
    sound so pessimistic, but I just don’t see any other
    way of this playing out.

  6. Robert, I heard that voters are given a separate list of write-in candidates (but no party affiliations are noted on the list). I don’t know if this is true or not.