Bob Smither Needs Your Phonecalls

Normally I don’t rock the whole straight-up copypaste of a press release, especially one from LPHQ (which most of you would have likely read anyway), but I figured this was justified. This is time-sensitive and I haven’t found anything on the LP site (do correct me if it’s on there) about this-so yeah. Help out the LP, and let’s see just what kind of an edge that our new GOTV tool can give us. And let’s get Bob Smither in Congress.

Here’s the press release.

Dear friend:

Do you want to see a Libertarian in Congress?

Of course you do.

And thanks to Tom DeLay, the Libertarian Party may have its best chance ever.

A surprise opportunity has offered itself recently, and we need to exploit it.

A federal judge has ruled that Tom DeLay’s name can not be replaced on November’s ballot with another Republican politician.

Late last week, DeLay announced that he will withdraw his name, leaving only two candidates on the ballot: a liberal Democratic former congressman, and Libertarian Bob Smither.

Bob is well known by the voters and media in this Houston-based district.

In fact, the Democrat in this race boasts of his long record of working to prevent child abductions and recover missing children.

That’s a record he compiled while working on behalf of a non-profit group founded by”¦ Libertarian candidate Bob Smither!!

And here’s the kicker: this district has already elected a strong libertarian icon to Congress! Key counties in this district repeatedly re-elected Ron Paul to the U.S. House of Representatives before the lines were redrawn in 2000.

We need your help TODAY! I’m not asking for your money, I’m asking you to make a direct impact by volunteering your time from your home or office.

The Republicans remain divided, bickering over which candidate to back, in what by all accounts will be a disastrous write-in fiasco!

Local Republican leaders will be meeting this Thursday to discuss their options for Texas 22. We need to convince them to support the Libertarian candidate on the ballot. If they do not, they will have another liberal Democrat entrenched in the House. It is in both Parties’ best interests to have a Libertarian congressman serving the 22nd district.

There are 19,000 people that we must contact to make an impact on this decision and I need you call at least 76 of them on your own using our new tool, the LP Ballot Base. I know I’m asking for a great deal but 76 phone calls by 250 Libertarians will reach all 19,000 people that we need to influence.

This will be the second trial run of the Ballot Base, an online system through which we can place phone calls to influence elections for Libertarians.

To volunteer, contact John LaBeaume at LPHQ by calling 1-800-Elect-Us x232 and leave a message and John will contact you ASAP to get you started.

Marc Scribner and Chris Thorman can also help you.

It will only take a few minutes to create your Ballot Base account and walk you through the system.

Your help is needed today to exploit this extraordinary opportunity.

The more calls we make, the more voters will know that our Libertarian candidate is actually ON THE BALLOT and that Bob Smither can win!

Your volunteer effort today will also help perfect this system to better prepare us for November.

We want to offer it to as many candidates as possible in the near future.

I look forward to working with you and appreciate your help.

Best Regards,

Shane Cory
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards is a 26-year-old land surveyor based out of Portland, OR. He is a left-leaning geolibertarian and (theologically) liberal Christian, and has been blogging on and other libertarian sites since 2004.

  1. Because of timing problems, I can’t help on the phone calls. However, I just sent Bob Smither another contribution via his website and pledged to send more to reach the legal maximum I can give. He has an opportunity and I want to help him make the most of it. Lets all pitch in and help Bob by phoning via the GOTV program or sending him a donation. Lets help elect a Libertarian to Congress.

  2. This is an absolutely fantastic job by the National Libertarian Party. I’ve been around the LP for over 22 years now, and I’m starting to believe that Shane Cory is the very best National Director they have ever had.

    Good job Shane! Good job LP. As one who is on the ground here I can tell you first hand that these phone calls will be enormously helpful to the Bob Smither Campaign.

    BTW, we begin precinct walks tomorrow evening. If anyone in the Houston area is willing to help contact us right away.

    Also, if you want to come down to help for a few days or even a weekend, you are MORE THAN WELCOME to stay at my home here in suburban Houston. My wife and I will treat you to first class treatment, cozy couch, 3 square meals a day, all the beer you can drink. All we ask in return is that you walk precincts for Bob!!

  3. Late breaking news. Smither just picked up the endorsement from a Republican Congressman.

    Full story at

    The dam has broken. Look for more GOP endorsements in the coming days and weeks.

    And remember, for those who bad mouth Republicans, Republicans may be more inclined to do more endorsements like this, if we Libertarians treat them in a more friendly and cooperative manner. Constantly attacking Bush and the GOP makes them far less inclined to work with us.

  4. I think that half of the “Republicans” are attacking Bush right now.

    I really hope that this does great things for the Libertarian Party and for our country. Can we donate to Bob Smither so that his website doesnt look like a Geocities site? How about printing and mailing letters to the voters of the district? Is there a way to reach them without calling? Is it a part of the new GOTV system(addresses along with phone numbers)?… it should if it is not.

  5. Smither seems to be all about tax reform and the so-called “Fair Tax,” as far as I can tell from his website. What is his stance on other issues? TX folks, is he for real? Or is he a politically-cross-dressing Republican?

  6. He’s for real on social issues, no worries. He’s saying that he’ll vote “with Republicans” if the Republicans endorse him, but my impression from the news articles is that that means he’ll vote with Ron Paul. Smither’s the real deal.

  7. I’m assuming Smither would caucus with Republicans, meaning he will vote with them on procedural issues in the same way Bernie Sanders caucuses with the Democrats.

  8. Hey, thanks to all for their enthusiam.

    We can indeed get you signed up immediately and on the phone.

    Give us a call at LPHQ: 202-333-0008

    Marc, Chris or I will set you up!

    The New York Times noted Smither’s potential today!


    John Vaught LaBeaume
    National Campaign Coordinator
    Libertarian Party USA
    (202) 333-0008 x232

  9. I really do wonder where the LP is heading when Eric Dondero endorses both Shane Cory and Bob Smither.

    NOTE: Bob Barr is not a Congressman.

    Looking at Smither’s website, I saw only two issues: eminent domain and the Fair Tax. Smither made several misleading comments about the Fair Tax which would lead me to believe he either hasn’t read HR25 or he is intentionally misleading people about it. He ends up dragging out the old canard about not rejecting the good for the perfect – as if the Fair Tax is good.

    Why is Smither silent on the number one issue – the global war on terror – and all the issues that go along with it: billions in spending, provocations that harm national security, the surveillance state, etc.?

    I’m sure Mr. Smither is a good guy and his election might be good for the LP – but what about libertarianism? What about some of the really important issues? Does he think he can win on two issues?

    The LP may go the way of the old conservative movement.