Bob Barr to keynote Smither rally

(SUGAR LAND, TEXAS) ““ Bob Smither, the Libertarian candidate for Congressional District 22, announced that former Republican Congressman Bob Barr will keynote an upcoming campaign rally. Barr is best known for his leading role in the 1999 impeachment of Bill Clinton, and for his leadership on issues such as tax reform and the 2nd amendment.

SPEAKER: The Honorable Bob Barr (R-GA), former member of Congress
DATE: Saturday, October 28, 2006
TIME: 12 Noon
LOCATION: Sugar Land Marriott Town Square
16090 City Walk
Sugar Land, TX, 77479
No RSVP necessary ““ this event is open to the public.

Barr’s speech coincides with the launch of a new Smither for Congress campaign commercial. The advertisement, which features Barr’s endorsement of Smither, will begin airing on local radio stations in the 22nd District.

In the advertisement Barr acknowledges that Smither ““ the only candidate on both the Special and General Election ballots for CD 22 ““ is the best shot the conservative voters of the district have at defeating liberal Democrat Nick Lampson. Smither is running on a platform of tax reform, reduced government spending, and constitutional integrity.

[NOTE: The preceding is a press release from the Smither campaign.]

  1. Maybe Dondero or some other GOP supporter can show up with some “Republicans for Smither” signs. If those signs showed up in a newspaper photo or on TV news, it would probably do a great deal of good. You know, the picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words thing.

  2. They should have a big “Republicans for Smither” banner behind him as he speaks so it is gaurnteed to be in the media.

  3. DAP: That would be a hugely beneficial move. Can someone get that idea to the Smither campaign? Mike?

  4. It’s nice and will certainly give a good boost, espically with republicans for smither, but just to be a downer on the parade; Miss.Hypen has the bloody president coming to campaign for her on Monday, that’s going to hurt.

  5. “Maybe Dondero or some other GOP supporter can show up with some “Republicans for Smither” signs.”

    I’m sorry but Eric will be at a Lieberman campaign rally that day.

  6. Also I just want to add, even though the president is coming, hypen still has raised only close to the same amount as Badnarik has. we can easily get spending close to hers if all thoese people that support badnarik support a more winnable candiate.

    Also DAP – (this is just speculation) Even though I’m sure Paul would love to see him in congress and would support him in private, I simply don’t belive it’s politcally viable for Paul to do in in public, he faced a tough battle in the republican primaries this yaer and he simply can’t risk pissing people off too much/being identified with another party.

  7. Hooray! Another reich-winger who was so far right that even the LP specifically targetted him for defeat in the past. He’s Drug Warrior #1; leader of the bogus Clinton impeachment.

    Is Ron Paul offering support? Of course not. Even though Smither is just a poor man’s Republican, Mr. Paul wouldn’t dare offend his GOP paymasters by offering his support.

  8. Bruce Guthrie, Jack Cashin, Kevin Cherry, Mike Kole, Bill Perice, Hardy Mancia, Dick Clark, Bill Hall, Bill Wood, David Nolan, Mark Werner, Eric Sunwall… I could go on.

  9. There will be a good presence of “Republicans for Smither” at the rally. Signs to that effect have already gone up all over the District. They’re getting noticed.

  10. Real Clear Politics this morning has added a link to Libertarian Bob Smither on the TX CD-22 page.

    This is a major victory. I’ve been hammering on them, along with y’all’s help, to do this for weeks.

    Thanks to all who have sent them emails to complain about their Smither black-out. Your efforts proved fruitful!!

  11. Bob Barr is alright “for a Republican”.. and he has seemed better in the past couple years.

    The reality whether you like it or not, is winning this race requires capturing a majority of the “right wing” or “conservative” vote.. And this district appears to be heavily conservative. Probably a good number of libertarians and libertarian-leaning, but still a miniscule %.

  12. UA doesn’t want to advocate incremental steps in order to get Libertarians elected, he would rather we keep doing what has been unsuccessful for the last 30 years. He really doesn’t want to see any Libertarians elected. I am not sure he is even a Libertarian to be honest.

    “I have no problem with incrementalism so long as the incrementalism is in the right direction.” – Joseph Knight

  13. Mike,

    That’s not actually true. U_A has said he favors incrementalism in a left-leaning direction; which is essentially what I have been saying as well, despite all the people who think I can only support 100/100 libertarians such as myself.

    In fact, I believe that may well have been what Joe Knight was saying there as well.

    As for Bob Barr, he does have an attrocious record on the drug war, including medical marijuana, which is why we helped get him out of office. As far as I know, his views about drugs have not changed.

    Funny thing is, though, instead of becoming a bitter anti-libertarian as a result, he has taken some of the criticism to heart and is moving in our direction on some issues.

    He has been standing up against the war and the patriot act, against torture and executive dictatorship. In fact he calls himself a libertarian now, although I wouldn’t call him one.

  14. I’d like to see some “Democrat for Smither” signs, too. Wouldn’t that paint a picture!

  15. We better welcome the support from Republicans and Democrats.

    If Smithers fails to attract Republicans to vote for him and maybe a smattering of Democrats, how is he going to win? There aren’t enough libertarians to vote him in office.

    Get real, people. How the hell do you think we are ever going to succeed if we alienate voters from other parties. Let’s win by attraction and promotion, not by warring with our opposition. We need the votes regardless of the source. How about it, u_a, would you rather he just lose?

  16. undercover_anarchist

    Are you afraid those of us that have abandoned our original parties may have some influence on the outcome of elections by voting libertarian that libertarians might actually win?

    You have been losers for so long that you have no idea how to be successful. All you want to do is whine about how things are and would have nothing to do if a few libertarians win.

  17. If Bob Smither could win, he would be extremely influential. It would be a double whammy if Joe Lieberman wins. This could be the beginning of the end for the corrupt, empire building Republicans and Democrats.

    In a way, the two of them could possibly be the most powerful Congressmen in Washington DC. They would be the political wild cards with the expected almost even split between Democrats and Republicans in Congress. I can’t wait for the outcome.

  18. Bob Barr was removed from office by the LP for good reason and he deserved it. Now he’s free to do what he is doing. Who says that the LP’s spoiler effect is worthless?

    Bob Barr is also doing 100000x more than Boortz, not just for the movement in general, but also for the LP. Notice that Boortz is silent, because he’s a selfish phoney, liar and fraud.

    As for UA’s liberal sensibilities, it’s like folks are saying here: This is a conservative/Republican district. You aren’t going to win them over with left leaning, populist politics. I agree that the left populist approach is the overarching strategy we should be targeting, but there are obvious exceptions. Were this San Francisco, then unquestionably someone like Loretta Nall would be more appropriate. But here, Smither is the best man for the time and place.

    A Smither victory would be good for everyone, in particular disaffected Republicans.

  19. Sandra, you have a good point there. I think working to erode Democratic support wouldn’t just be good strategy. It would be good for Democrats. The Democratic opponent will only be there for one term. Furthermore, true liberals won’t be getting much of ANYTHING from him because he’ll try and be a DeLay Jr. to get reelected. The Democratic opponent won’t do a THING about the war for one. Nor drug laws, nor spending, etc etc. However, liberals DO get something by having Smither win – he’s certainly a lasting, viable in-district alternative to a Republican DeLay Jr. ala Hyphen-Lady et al. And of course, having Smither win would be good for “our democracy”, which liberals seem to like to use as pseudo-slogan. We’ll see if they can live up to it.

  20. Good point by Devious David.

    If my one vote decided whether or not Smither were elected, and he were the deciding factor between Hastert or Pelosi as speaker, I would vote for Lampson.

    There is a Democratic bull market going on. Even Dondildo’s idol Larry Kudlow admits it. Pelosi was on his show last night and she was speaking sensibly, except for her idiotic support for windfall profits taxes. But I’ll take that over slavery and torture any day.

  21. Well, because of news like this, this starving student just donated $120 to his campaign. Will you too be able to say you helped get the first Libertarian elected to Congress?

  22. Hopefully the campaign can apeal to Democrats by telling
    them that if Lampson wins he will be out in 2 years and
    then it will go to a Republican. But if Smither wins he could
    keep the seat for good.

  23. Rover — let’s not forget also the potential of the following sound-byte:

    “Democrats; who would you vote for — a man who did good works for the poor, or the man who directed him and used his own money to do it? Mr. Lampson was Mr. Smither’s employee. Don’t let Mr. Smither’s little girl’s memory be betrayed by hiding who is *really* responsible for those good deeds. Vote Bob Smither. A True Conservative. A True Liberal. A Good Man.”

    Or something like that. lol

  24. Just got off the phone. Couple hundred bucks coming from folks I’ve talked to plus my $200.00… maybe more.

  25. #10 – Bob Barr has been at the forefront of the fight against the Bush administration’s civil liberty incursions in the name of “security.” He’s a pro 2nd amendment warrior and fought against traffic cameras & the suspension of habeas corpus. To suggest he’s a “big government” type displays extreme intellectual dishonesty on your part.

  26. Radio ads for Republicans for Smither are now running on KNTH (Michael Medved, Gallagher, Hugh Hewitt, Prager), and KSEV (Laura Ingraham, Mike Reagan) in Houston for the Bob Barr Rally on Saturday.

    The ads feature yours truly as the voiceover. Saying that as a former Senior Aide to US Congressman Ron Paul I’m endorsing Bob Smither and more Republicans are now supporting Libertarian Bob Smither. Come on out and hear former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr….

  27. To Neal Conner and Mike Nelson: Thank you for supporting Bob Smither in this historic campaign for liberty. You are heros.

  28. George – no thank you. I know you are a dedicated donor and I appreciate that. BTW – don’t forget Devious David, who is also donating and helping to get others to donate.

  29. Alright, alright already. All this thanking each of us here is making my head spin.

    IMHO, the true heros of the Bob Smither Campaign, besides Bob himself (and his sister Pamela the Campaign Treasurer), of course, are Campaign Manager Kevin Tunstal and LP HQ Staffer Stephen Gordon.

    I just spent the last 3 days working very closely with these guys. They literally have the cell phone glued to their ears. Neither one of them has gotten more than 3 hours of sleep. Stephen has taken a shower since he got here.

    To all Donors of the Bob Smither Campaign, trust me y’all got your money’s worth!!

    Now, how about we all start a Vacation to Tahiti fund for Stephen and his wife, and Kevin and his wife departing November 8.

  30. Y’know all this talk about Bob Barr, most of which is positive here, except the fringe of the fringe (UA, ahem, cough, cough).

    Have you LPers thought about drafting Barr for the Libertarian Presidential Nomination in 2008?

    We libertarian Republicans could get behind someone with experience like Barr. Whereas if you run a George Phillies, Pot guy Kubby, Carol Moore, or Michael Badnarik II, you couldn’t get any votes from more real worlder libertarians.

    I think Barr would be an excellent choice for y’all. And he’d be crazy enough to do it.

    Running mate? Ed Thompson maybe??

    Or, how about ex-Houston area Congressman Steve Stockman. He’d also be crazy enough to do it, and he’s itching to get back into the political game. Plus, he’s friends with Ron Paul.

    Imagine that ticket. Bob Barr/Steve Stockman. Two former Congressman. That would jet propell the Libertarian Party into the mainstream of American politics.


    Notable sponsored bills in the 104th Congress included:

    H.CON.RES.166 Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the Washington for Jesus 1996 prayer rally. This was Stockman’s only succcesful sponsored legislation.
    H.J.RES.87 A constitutional amendment to prevent citizenship to native-born children of non-legal residents, and other changes.
    H.R.2087 To provide that human life shall be deemed to exist from conception.

    Notable cosponsored bills in the 104th Congress which became law included:

    H.R.3396 To define and protect the institution of marriage, the Defense of Marriage Act.

    Notable cosponsored bills in the 104th Congress which did not become law included:

    H.J.RES.79 An amendment to prohibit desecration of the flag.

    This is what you call libertarian, Eric? JFC.

  32. Mike, why should Eric support any libertarians. Every time he gets on here he gets ripped a new one by Paulie or UA or someone else. While he was probably already to the point of pushing for republicans all the time at the expense of everyone else including Libertarians, coming to this site certainly would have pushed him even more. Why push for a libertarian when in the long run it will likely hurt the republicans more if a libertarian wins then if a democrat wins in Tex-22. He is doing the exact right thing since he is a republican party supporter. If he was more libertarian in his beliefs he would be pushing for Smither.

    I would rather have a Ruwart-Kwiatkowski ticket. You can leave off Kubby and Stanhope if we can get these two. I don’t know enough about Barr yet to have any opinion about him.

  33. Here is a good candidate, Bruce Guthrie…

    Bruce Guthrie, the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate, appeared on statewide television last week and did what Maria Cantwell hasn’t done this election season””firmly aligned himself with the Seattle liberals and progressives.

    While Cantwell plays to the muddled, post-9/11 center and GOP candidate Mike McGavick tries to pass himself off as a reformer, Guthrie declared himself antiwar, anti”“Patriot Act, pro”“gay marriage, and pro-pot. Cantwell, meanwhile, says gay marriage is not an issue, and McGavick recently called for drug testing of welfare recipients. “I’d prefer drug and alcohol testing of members of Congress,” Guthrie said during the candidates’ televised debate Oct. 17….

  34. He is pushing for Smither, and as much as Eric and I will rip on each other I’ll say good things about him at times.

    Eric is not endorsing Lampson in that article. He is, however, a political realist, and he wants his team, the Red bandanna gang, to keep control of the House. He’ll do whatever he can to help make it happen,, including wielding the pom-poms and megaphone.

    He realizes that Lampson is probably going to win the seat, so he’s hedging his bets, hoping Lampson will do what it takes to get re-elected if he gets elected.

    But that does not mean he actually wants Lampson to win. He just understands that in politics sometimes you have to do whatever you can with the second-best choice.

    In my case, while I would like a Libertarian to be elected, I’m more interested in the Democrats taking the house, creating gridlock and committee investigations of teh bUsh gang and perhaps an impeachment.

    So, I would have to support Lampson since Smither promsies to caucus Repub.

  35. Does anyone know what would happen if neither Lampson nor Smither get over 50% of the vote…would a run off be required. And if so who would be on the ballot? I’m just curious?

  36. Joe,

    In the special election, there will be a runoff if no one gets 50%. There is no democrat in the special, but there are several repubs running along with Smither.

    In the general election, it is won by plurality. The only candidates are a Democrat and Smither in a 60% Republican district.

  37. Get Bob Barr & Loretta Nall in the same room with each other, lock the doors for a good five hours, and see if the Drug Warrior comes out pro-drug-war after being exposed to The Great Converter. lol

    Hrm… how do we make this happen?

  38. How about Bob Barr for President and Loretta Nall for Vice President? I’m just joking, sort of. Upon reflection, I think we are going to have a very interesting 2008 convention.

  39. “Have you LPers thought about drafting Barr for the Libertarian Presidential Nomination in 2008?”

    Barr would have to renounce his support of the drug war before I’d even consider him.

  40. While I think I’d probably vote for Smither just to put a Libertarian in office if I had the deciding vote, I actually agree with Paulie and UA that having Pelosi over Hastert would be preferable. But since I doubt Smither will be the deciding vote anyway, I don’t think that this would be enough to drop my support of him.

    Around every election time, Cato and Reason herald the benefits of divided government, and having a shrill partisan like Pelosi would be good to shut down the most abusive Republican legislation, while Bush would likely veto any economic authoritarianism pushed through by Pelosi and a Democratic House.

    Remember, fellow libertarians, divided government is good, and until we can build an effective libertarian alternative (Smither’s election would be a step in the right direction), divided government and turnover is the next best thing. Thus Libertarian candidates should always focus their push on outwitting the incumbent ideology.

  41. Mike, I’m real dissapointed in you. How in the bloody hell did you get the idea from that article that I’m in any way supporting Nick Lampson. I hate the bastard. He’s the ultimate asshole politician, just like Greg Laughlin was. (The Democrat who switched to Republican in 1996 and ran against Ron Paul in the GOP primary). They are Democrats who go for whomever is cutting them the best deal.

    That article is political speculation. Not at all the scenario that I would like to see happen.

    What I would like is for Bob to kick ass, hopefully win. But if not to run again in 2008, maybe this time with both the GOP and LP Nominations, as a Fusion candidate.

  42. Wrong Paulie. You got it dead wrong as well. Though I appreciate the kind words.

    And my team? Libertarian Republicans. I want what is best for the entire libertarian movement, including occasional Libertarian Party candidates.

    Besides, what you posit wouldn’t work, cause Lampson may switch AFTER THE ELECTION, not before.

  43. You guys who want Pelosi as Speaker. Are you prepared for the consequences?

    Just saw a press coference reported in USA Today where top Dem Mayors from around the country were calling for tougher gun laws.

    Pelosi has said first on her agenda is repeal of Bush’s tax cuts the minute she takes the gavel.

    Tax increases and gun confiscation. Is that what you all really want?

  44. There is no momentum for “gun confiscation.” Actually, there is about as much likelihood that your prescious penis-envy compensation device will be consfiscated as there will be an “Islamo-fascist” takeover of the US. Perhaps we can both agree on that.

    The Bush tax cuts don’t mean shit to me. Pelosi said on Kudlow & Company that she would leave investor tax cuts alone.

    Kudlow himself has dubbed this the “PELOSI BULL MARKET.” I’m riding the wave and loving it.

  45. Eric,

    I just wanted to say thanks for the help.

    I do want divided government right now. I would like to see
    Bush impeached. I wanted Clinton impeached too.

    Some other guys, The republicans are not evil incarnate.
    Stop being so partisan. You may think Eric is partisan
    (and to some extant I guess he is. He probably doesn’t want
    to see Bush humiliated and powerless) But if you shrilly
    claim all republicans are equally evil you are just as partisan.

  46. Who claimed all Republicans are equally evil? Some are very evil, some only slightly evil, a few merely naive (actually, if we are talking about voters rather than politicians they vote for, probably the majority are merely naive) and a *very* small handful actually pretty good.

    Eric, what exactly did I get wrong?

  47. No, I’m not for tax increases or gun confiscation.

    But if W is good for anything at all, he’ll veto those.

    What I do want to see is investigations into his war criminal regime and perhaps an impeachment.

    Yes, divided government is good.

    And it may well come down to one Congressman’s vote who will be the next speaker. It looks like it might be very close.

    The Democrats peaked kinda early after it was demonstrated that No Child’s Behind will be Left, so now the Rapepubliccon NSGOP is enjoying a rebound momentum which might make it right down the line.

  48. Again, for those who think there’s no chance of gun confiscation pick up a copy of yesterday’s USA Today. Big article on Big City Mayors – all Democrats – calling for tougher gun restrictions if Dems take over the House. It was frightening.

  49. Rover, thanks for the kind words. But alas, you and I disagree on one point. I sort of like Bush. He was my Governor for 8 years, and a damned good one at that. He has fought the Islamo-Fascists, taking the fight to them. I applaud him for that.

    But Bush sucks on mainly two scores in my eyes.

    Where the F*ck is my second tax cut you promised me George!!!

    And why in the F*ck did you stand up for Dubai Posts Inc. who have ties to terrorists???

    Let’s keep in mind also, that GWB is the 1st President in history to be able to speak Spanish. A major plus in my eyes. Plus, the guys got an excellent personality, and a cute wife to boot!

    So, overall, he gets a C+ by me. If it wasn’t for the no 2nd tax cut thing, and his idiotic stance on Port Dubai, I’d give him a ‘B’.

  50. “So, overall, he gets a C+ by me. If it wasn’t for the no 2nd tax cut thing, and his idiotic stance on Port Dubai, I’d give him a ”˜B’.”

    You’ve obviously got really low standards when it comes to politicians. I give “Dubya” an F-.

  51. Of course, you would. You’re a Bush hater.

    If you stubbed your toe on the sidewalk you’d blame Bush.

    Cloudy day, overcast? Just blame Bush.

    Your stocks take a dive, and your 401-K loses some ground. No doubt, you’ll just blame Bush.

    Goldfish dies? Yup, you guessed it. Blame Bush.

  52. W is the first president who can speak Spanish, but Clinton was the last who could speak English.

    Dubai Ports was a free trade issue, so of course you opposed it, you racist, commie bastard.

    The only way my stocks will take a dive is if the Republicans steal the election. Listen to Kudlow, this is the PELOSI BULL MARKET.

    I do have a few put contracts on Exxon-Mobil. I’m hoping there is a post-Election blow up of that welfare queen.

  53. Biggest increase in government spending since FDR? Blame Bush.

    Blow up the twin towers and then use it to launch a crusade against the whole Muslim world, steer multi-billions to your nepotistic corporate welfare cronies, destroy 800 years of progress in civil liberties (torture, wiretapping, secret prisons, etc, etc…)

    kill 650,000 innocent Iraqis and Afghanis, declare a presidential dictatorship (signing statements etc.), horribly bungle the aftermath of Katrina…

    well there’s too much more to fit into any reasonable number of posts but let’s just say F is too weak a grade if anything. Perhaps FFF, you know, like XXX?

    Actually I read there’s a new grade of X for cheaters, so Bush gets a XX, for stealing both elections which he allegedly won.

  54. “Of course, you would. You’re a Bush hater.

    If you stubbed your toe on the sidewalk you’d blame Bush.

    Cloudy day, overcast? Just blame Bush.

    Your stocks take a dive, and your 401-K loses some ground. No doubt, you’ll just blame Bush.

    Goldfish dies? Yup, you guessed it. Blame Bush.”

    You sound just as absurd as the Democrats who dismissed people who were critical of Bill Clinton as “Clinton haters.”

    Bush has increase the size of the federal government at the fastest rate seen in several decades.

    George W. Bush’s Contribution to Big Government

    Under Bush Fastest Spending Increase in 30 Years

    These articles are from 2004 and the pattern has continued since then.

    How could anyone who claims to be any kind of libertarian consider this to be acceptable? Why are you even here? Are you a plant? If so for whom do you work?

  55. “Dubai Ports was a free trade issue, so of course you opposed it, you racist, commie bastard.”

    The Dubai Ports deal had NOTHING to do with free trade. The President has no authority to hand over American tax payer property to foreign corporations (and note that in this case the corporation was OWNED by the government of Dubia!). Ron Paul hit the nail on the head with this one.

  56. Exert:

    “This is not a true free market transaction, but rather a marriage of multinational corporate and state interests. And surely the American people should have a say over foreign governments doing business here, especially when that business affects port security.

    It’s important to note the administration did not bother to consult with Congress or the state governors involved. The Treasury department approved the purchase with no congressional oversight whatsoever. While many applaud unchecked presidential authority when it comes to war in Iraq, wiretapping, and other national security matters, they now demand that Congress overturn a unilateral administration decision. The lesson learned is that everybody likes presidential power when they agree with how it’s used. When they don’t, they rediscover that the Constitution authorizes Congress to make policy after all.”

  57. Another exert:

    “There also is an important states’ rights issue involved in this controversy. Why are Treasury department bureaucrats in Washington making decisions about port security? Most American ports are owned by U.S. states, cities, or local port authorities, not the federal government. Do Treasury department personnel 1500 miles away really know what’s best for the ports of Galveston or Freeport?”