Blognarik is Back

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Looks like they are getting the site trouble resolved at Mikey B’s site. Here’s Allen Hacker’s campaign update:

It’s been a difficult haul, but here’s the blog again! We lost a few pictures that Michael can probably restore, we lost a little good-will and time, but worst of all we lost a good friend. Sometimes you just never know why someone disappears, or goes off the deep end, or does whatever it is they do when they never return your phone calls anymore. We kept hoping, we allowed too much leeway, and what might have taken days took two months. {{sigh}} We wish her well, just the same.

We’re on a new server now with a different vendor, have a new system administrator (Yea, Ryan! ““Ryan McGuire, Cedar City UT”“), and things are coming back together pretty well. The glitches in the new setup are disappearing rapidly, the email should be perfect again soon and the Calendar restored “” the future looks bright.

We’ve accomplished a lot in the time the blog was down, as many of you know. We’ve passed $276,000 in fundraising. We’re certain we’d be well over $300,000 already if not for the technical difficulties, but now that these are pretty much history, we still have the possibility of going into the LP National Convention having raised over a half-million dollars.

Here’s wishing luck and success to Michael Badnarik and his dedicated campaign team. Props to Trevor.

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