Blogging Live from the Libertarian Party State Chairs’ Conference

The worst part of almost any conference is the session right after lunch. Everyone tends to stay up late drinking the night before and drag in looking a bit worse for wear in the morning. After staying awake though the morning sessions, lunch break is always a relief. However, the first session after lunch is often the worst one of all.
I’m sitting in Phoenix in the FEC Compliance Session at the Libertarian Party State Chair’s Conference. While the information presented is certainly very imortant to state parties and campaigns, it isn’t enough to keep my sleep deprived and recently fed body from falling alseep. In order to keep you up-to-date while I try to survive the post-lunchtime blahs, I thought I’d provide a few updates from the conference.
The ballroom was packed with people watching the new Aaron Russo documentary. The reviews I heard about the film were mixed, mostly very positive. Russo covered enough controversial material in the film that most people will have one or two points of contention, but the overall response seemed incredibly positive. It started by dealing with IRS abuses, covers the Federal Reserve system, various abuses of civil liberties, and ends with Real ID and RFID implants. As one would expect of him, Russo closed the movie with a strong call to action.
On the personal side, Russo is growing his hair out a bit longer. The combination of the hair and improved health has Russo looking as young as I seen him look for some time. Michael Badnarik showed for the conference, as well. He is looking well and seems energized, too. I spent most of last night juggling between their tables at the hotel bar.
Sam New and I gave the presentation on the Libertarian Leadership School presentation in the morning. From my perspective, it went well. The audience asked reasonable questions, and seemed enthused about the new project. George Phillies raised one question about federal law and educational activities which I missed, and I understand that he and Sam New will be meeting to discuss his issue.
Bill Redpath announced his intention to run for LNC Chair. According to his campaign flyer, his platform has five key components:

  1. We need candidates, money, and electoral reform.
  2. The LP is a political party and needs a political director in the national office.
  3. Ballot access must be a core function of the national party.
  4. Change the election method of the National Committee.
  5. It’s too expensive to be on the NatCom.

Indiana state chair Mark Rutherford made a pretty exciting announcement. Penn and Teller have just filmed pro-LP footage, which will be put out in DVD format. David Owens described the content as being critical of both the Republicans and Democrats. The final version will probably run six to seven minutes long, with 50 especially tailored endings, one for each state. The neatest thing is the message from Penn Jillette: Get off your asses and get involved!
Sunday morning update: Michael Dixon told people at our table at the bar last night that he intends to run for re-election for LNC Chair. George Phillies and Ernest Hancock announced their intention to run for the same position, too.