Blogger Certainly Loves America!

Jeremiah BullfrogI’ve been enjoying the writings of Jeremiah Bullfrog (who incidentally looks like Shepard Smith with a moustache and mullet). He writes funny tongue-in-cheek renditions of a Southern yokel’s political views laced with links to the flip side of the coin. Random snippet from his blog — Goddamn I Love America!:

Now the terrorists dont know who might git caught next!
Its like when you look at one feller and throw the football to another feller that aint expectin it….It shor is funny when that ball hits him in the face, aint it!

Hah ha HAhah…take that Saddam!

Saddam is all cryin “Why did you do that to me for? I didnt do nothin!”
And GW says, “Oh Yeah….what about 9/11?”

And the terrorists are so cornfused that they dont even know who to attack…They might be a’thankin, “if we attack again there is no tellin who GW might hit! No one is safe”. GW is the terrorist’s terrorist…puttin the same fear in them that they put in us! If we is attacked by Syria GW might hit France jez to really scare them terrorists!

So succinct, so funny. So… trailer parkish.

[disclaimer: I’m from Georgia, so I can get away scot-free with such jabs at the redneck culture]

Stephen VanDyke

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