Bloggapalooza in Cleveland

BloggapaloozaI was at the Bloggapalooza inception benefit here in Cleveland this Saturday evening and it rocked pretty hardcore. I’m sure my account of the events is certainly not one of the better written, but it’s not hard for me to link to where the best accounts can be found. I have a few pictures posted on Flickr and got to speak with quite a few NE Ohio bloggers who really know how to throw down when it comes to a party. Ghetto Wisdom, a local hip-hip/rock band with a political edge, totally rocked the house with their updated version of “War (what is it good for)” and some other song that was one of the better anti-Bush rap ballads I’ve heard in a while.

There were actually quite a few cameras flashing around the place (what do you expect from a bunch of geeky types, heh) and we ended up getting rightly smashed and making quite a few friends by handing out the Peirce for Ohio quiz cards (*cough* propaganda *cough*). We even handed out some campaign bumper stickers that were received remarkably well considering the overall make-up of the crowd.

One thing that seemed to stick out the most was how progressive/liberal the whole blogger crowd here in Cleveland is, as it literally defined the guest list of the event. Even liberal blog BlueOhioan was live-blogging and taping interviews of bloggers and visitors alike in front of their banner, I deferred simply because I wasn’t comfortable being in front of the banner, and I loathe actually speaking publicly (typing is another matter), and I was of sound enough mind to realize I probably shouldn’t do either while in an inebriated state.

George Nemeth (Brewed Fresh Daily), the guy who threw the whole thing together out of a labor of love to raise money for Meet The Bloggers, was a pleasure to meet, and I should probably read his site more considering he obviously way more jacked into Cleveland and Ohio’s politics than most newspaper journos around here (unfortunately, that’s not saying much, considering our sad state of political reporting).

If you’re an Ohio blogger and I met you, let me know where you blog at, since I didn’t have any way to write down your site URL at the time.

Update: It’s come to my attention that I’ve been spelling bloggapalooza wrong. Which honestly isn’t that hard given the nature of words that are better said than written. Anyways… it’s not bloggapolooza, it’s bloggapalooza. And incidentally its getting it’s own domain.

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