Bill Peirce Wants to Be Your MySpace Friend

MySpace/Peirce mashupOver the past month, the Peirce for Ohio campaign has taken their netroots operation deep into the youth vote using popular social software. Plowing into the MySpace territory in a short time-span, Bill Peirce’s profile has managed to amass roughly 45 new Ohioan friends and supporters every single day since June 18th, for a recent total of 1365 friends. Peirce’s nearest competitor, Democrat Ted Strickland, has a paltry 585 friends even though he’s had an account since at least February.

The lesson? Reaching out to voters doesn’t always have to be hard, you just have to know where they are. And many are finding themselves receptive to Bill’s plans for less government and increased liberty for the state of Ohio, something that’s crossing party lines more often than not these days. And it’s ringing louder than ever with young voters and activists.

Funny enough, Republican Ken Blackwell, who has lagged behind Strickland in every single poll has a campaign strategy that seems intent on keeping MySpace a Libertarian and Democrat goldmine this election. Campaign press secretary Carlo LoParo happily burned the MySpace bridge before they had even come to it saying, “We would consider a MySpace page if we could be 18 again. Ken Blackwell is running for governor of Ohio, not student body president.” Incidentally, Blackwell does have a profile, though it appears to be one that makes fun of him.

Even more curious is that Peirce has even managed to quickly blow by Libertarian heavyweight Michael Badnarik, who’s been on MySpace since at least mid-April 2006 and has 1185 friends.

I called the campaign and asked how this fit in with a lack of media coverage. Charles Peirce explained, “When people are actually presented with Bill’s ideas, they are receptive. And we’re actually listening to their questions.” He pointed to a corrolary MySpace group where anyone can ask Bill Peirce questions on his issues and policies in an open forum — Q&A with Bill.

I say bravo to Charles for running with this idea so quickly and so far. It will be interesting to see how much we can level the playing field in these few months leading up to the elections.

[disclaimer: Stephen VanDyke is an avid supporter and ally of the Peirce for Ohio Governor campaign and has received payment in association with his work for them. This post is not paid for or endorsed by the candidate]

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. Bill has done an absolutely incredible job with MySpace. I believe MySpace can be a very effective tool in reaching out to young voters and getting your name out there. You can add videos, information, blogs, and a lot more to help spread your message. I have started my own profile ( to help spread the Libertarian message. I have had very good success thusfar. With little effort, I already have over 800 friends and have recieved a lot of good responses from people. There are tons of groups where Libertarian and Libertarian leaning people can be found to reach out to. I hope that others join me in doing something similar because I think it is a really easy and effective way to make our name heard.

    -Mitch (L-GA)

  2. Does anybody know somebody in the Badnarik campaign to contact? I would really like to see them expand their use of MySpace like Bill has done. No offense to Bill, but Badnarik is a much more well known name and he should be friending a lot more people. If he just went to groups specifically for Texans, he could reach out to a lot more people in the area.

  3. SVD, this is completely off-topic, but with SG more focused on LP National, where does that leave Liberty Mix? It seems to have completely fallen to the wayside since the blown date of 6/6. We haven’t really heard anything more or anything about beta testing or anything. I’m starting to worry about the project we were asked to donate to. :(

  4. Would someone care to explain in more detail what is being discussed? I have used myspace, but only as a slightly different internet site for posting messages.

  5. George, I would sign up for MySpace and then take a look at Badnarik’s and Bill’s profiles that are listed in the original post. I think it it is an effective campaign tool and I would love to see you get on there.

  6. Actually, I have signed up for MySpace. I have used it as a forum and message posting facility, though it is a bit slow. I found some of the features less than intuitive. Thanks for the advice. (I do run huge computer programs, that take months and months to run on the fastest available machines, but they are written in FORTRAN).

  7. Reading MySpace comments is always interesting, to say the least. I guess the idea is to invite everyone found from Ohio?

    Blackwell’s ( “my nephews call me tom”) is obviously one that makes fun of him as well as a part of a network of other fake Republican profiles ( thanking him for steaing the election,etc). A lot of time on hands, I guess.