Bill Peirce Owns MySpace

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Bill Peirce’s MySpace.

  1. Congrats on the coverage. Badnarik myspace update: Badnarik’s original myspace page had NUMEROUS problems including not being able to add friends in the very end. We topped out at 1307 friends before we had to move due to a complete lack of response from the myspace help team. The new address is That page has existed since Monday, 8/7 and we have 477 friends. I’ve got a local volunteer that adds friends daily by searching for zip codes within the district.

  2. This is really great news. I am glad to see Bill finally getting some well deserved coverage.

    I want to once again reiterate the usefulness of MySpace for spreading the Libertarian message and campaigning. As Libertarians, our greatest problem is lack of funds and lack of media coverage. Supplementing a political campaign with a MySpace one is a great way to get out to voters. It is cheap, easy, and effective. I would like to see more Libertarian candidates utilize the site and model their profiles after Bill’s and Michael’s because they have done excellent jobs.

    I would be happy to help out in the effort. If a candidate is interested in me helping by doing something like adding friends (which can be a bit tedious), they can contact me through my MySpace page that is linked to my name.