Bill Peirce on Brian Wilson Show

WSPD 1370Bill Peirce was interviewed today on the Brian Wilson Show, WSPD 1370 out of Toledo. Dirk Thompson (a Columbus radio host) was filling in for Brian Wilson, and the phones were buzzing with people wanting to know more about Bill’s positions and how to help his campaign.
Not surprisingly the conversation stirred pointed questions towards Ken Blackwell and Ted Strickland over why they are utterly afraid to be in the same room as him, with Thompson hammering the issue over and over.
Listen now (MP3 audio, 16min 22sec, 15.7MB)
It was a rather pleasant interview with a very nice host, which is becoming the norm for Peirce when he’s interviewed. I have to be honest though, the Peirce campaign has that grassroots vibe right now that I sensed about a certain other presidential candidate back in 2004 when the two major parties wouldn’t debate him. Only difference is that this time the candidate is immensely qualified, to an extent that the other major party candidates should be in his shadow (especially true when it comes to economic expertise), and there’s no tough battle looming for him other than steadily gaining media coverage and rising poll numbers. This is a campaign that could potentially rock the foundation of the duopoly and pull off a major upset if given half a chance, and interviews like this are really testing those waters.
[disclaimer: Stephen VanDyke is an avid supporter and ally of the Peirce for Ohio Governor campaign and has received payment in association with his work for them. This post is not paid for or endorsed by the candidate]