O’Reilly Shocker: “Just Say No doesn’t always work”

He also didn’t dis medical marijuana when he got the chance. Other than that, it’s just typical O’Reilly bloviation, but worth the watch. His main line of attack was the George Soros connection, described by Jacob Sullum this way:

Since the book’s anti-prohibition message is not exactly subtle, it’s odd that O’Reilly latches on to Cortes’ expression of thanks to George Soros, a major patron of the drug policy reform movement, as evidence of the author’s support for marijuana legalization. Cortes, for his part, is weirdly evasive about why he thanked Soros (the book was supported by two Soros-funded groups, the Marijuana Policy Project and the Drug Policy Alliance) and what he thinks about the drug laws, although he eventually says he has a legalization plan that may or may not be similar to the one Soros supports.

Be sure to listen for the Clinton-like I didn’t swallow line.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Oh… this guy totally knew how to turn the conversation back on O’Reilly’s own book at the perfect juncture (“your own book talks about sex, but doesn’t promote it, and that’s exactly what I’m doing”).

    Mad props for knowing how to deal with and defuse he who bloviates.

  2. I do see the big deal with that clip. O’Reilly is known to not support the drug war as it currently is and to not care much about adult pot useage.

  3. He had O’Reilly dancing a little bit at one point. That’s quite an accomplishment on enemy turf! But I was disappointed with Cortes’ dance at the end. He just didn’t seem forthcoming on the Soros issue.
    I call it a draw.

  4. “Plan”? There are no “legalization plans” for any prohibited activities. That is nothing but Orwellian doublespeak (the kind formerly used to grow alfalfa) for continued regulation. To make something legal, you rescind the laws that prohibit it. ALL of them. Period, The End.