Best Comment I’ve Seen on the TABC Issue

Most of us must be freakin’ wimps. Frequent HoT commenter GreginOz hit the nail smack-dab middle of the bloody head (hopefully with our hammer) with his take on how the goose-stepping goons in Texas are effectively trying to outlaw pubs, taverns, and other fun places that serve alcohol:

I’ll be fucked by a rabid wombat! Youse cunts won’t even let a guy get drunk anymore? Christ on a shaslick stick, what the fuck was The Alamo about? Guess who will NEVER spend tourism dollars in your (police) State? Me, ya fuckin’ wankers. GreginOz. And P fuckin’ S, since I am in Australia – get a bristly Brahman bull up yer arse, bristles backwards, you sanctimonius butt fuckers.

Greg, you put us all to shame, dude!

  1. I’m working on getting the TABC spokesbureaucrat on FTL. Will post when confirmed. Notice may be short. Stay tuned to HoT.

  2. GreginOz is giving me a run for my money when it comes to honest, brutal, “nutcase” (props to N) style of writing :D

  3. “Sanctimonious buttfuckers” has been added to my personal lexicon.

    Mike, as I recall, that “nutcase” comment I made was made sometime when I’d rather have been sleeping…not quite sure why I decided that you were more insane than anyboy else.

  4. If only our congress critters would write bills like that. People (themselves included) might actually read them, and realize what the fuck is going on.

  5. One thing that no one as mentioned is that in almost every public intox arrest a bartender has also been arrested for “sale to intoxicated person”. I myself was arrested for this almost a year ago. It is a Class A Misdemeanor. I had to pay an attorney $1000 to get put on pretrial divirsion than pay $40 a month for six months than the DA droped charges, But the arrest is always going to be on my record. If it takes a TABC officer to perform a sobrity test to see if someone is intoxicated, how can I as a server tell if they are intoxicated just by asking what they want to drink?

  6. Stephen — I’m ashamed of you. The Presidency is the only office of government which also requires you to be a natural as well as a citizen.

    So nope, no Aussies for President… well, then again, considering the constution *IS* according to our president, the obviously highest authority in the land, merely “a piece of paper” — perhaps we *can* elect an Aussie?

    Sadly, however, I suspect that The Demolition Man would be a better prophetic tool when it comes to foreign-born individuals in the White House.

  7. Ian – that was the reason for the sarcastic smile.

    This said, we’ve had VP candidates who weren’t “natural”, tho — Peter Camejo in the last election.

  8. Sarcastic smile… that *really* needs its own emoticon. Especially on this website.

    I know about the non-national/natural VP candidate thing. Always made me wonder — could such an occurance of one proceding to office invalidate the constitution itself on a legal basis? The acceptance of such a candidate by the governmental structure could then be seen to make the entire government in breach of the law. (Good luck getting *THAT* enforced.)
    Ahh, well. This is simple rambling at this point.

    The comment Eric made is a good one; about the arrests of servers and the fees, penalties, and recordation changes, but I have to wonder — and I haven’t seen much on this (granted my time and research ability are quite limited) but are there any members of the TX governmental structure that have become outspoken about *not* supporting this action? (cont’d)

  9. I was wondering simply because it occurs to me that such individuals might just react a little more strongly if we all started giving them monetary pledges for their next campaign cycle under the notation that said pledges are for “supporting the freedoms we all enjoy.”

    Get more with Honey, as they always say. Heck, one could even imagine sending letters to the ubiquitous Ron Paul, asking him to intervene in his own *state.* THAT however would be best served by a texas resident.

    Just thoughts.

  10. Ron Paul isn’t a state legislator. He has no authority in the matter, but he might have some influence. That being said, I would imagine his influence would be minimal at best. Probably not worth the energy or political expense.

  11. It’s still the area he’s supposed to represent.

    You can’t represent a group of people you’ve abandoned.

    (It would be similar to the power the President has to *suggest* legislation to Congress. Absolutely no power other than that the office is supposed to be respected due to its position.)

  12. Texas has been overrun by illegals and liberals. It is no longer the place you’ve heard about. Hell, Last month Willie Nelson was singing Gay Cowboy songs…

    The US Senate just voted to give a bunch of Criminals citizenship, but if you are already a citizens the laws are getting tougher and tougher. Here we have 4 million illegal immigrants in Texas that they won’t arrest, but if you are a Texan and have had more than 3 beers in a bar, you will go to jail.

    Hell has Frozen Over!

  13. The same mindset is ultimately behind both the de-humanizing and obscene practice to referring to human beings as “illegals” as is behind the neo-prohibition of alcohol, as practiced in the TABC raids, and in the prohibition of other drugs. It is the idea that the state owns our bodies, minds, and property.

    If bars are public property, of course they can arrest people who are intoxicated. If “illegals” are trespassing, of course they own all our property; otherwise who are they to say? And if they own all our property, of course this would include bars.

    You reap what you sow. Of course.

    “The US Senate just voted to give a bunch of Criminals citizenship,”

    Whose rights have these “criminals” violated? Who is the victim and why? No victim, no crime.

    “if you are a Texan and have had more than 3 beers in a bar, you will go to jail.”

    It’s worse than that. It’s if the TABC thinks you’re drunk.

  14. “If “illegals” are trespassing, of course they own all our property”

    I’d be alright to drink at home if they enforced immigration laws, but right now there is a double standard.

    They have violated Federal Law. If I violate federal law, I go to Federal Prison.

    How about I don’t pay the taxes they reap for no health insurance or free school; do you think the feds will just turn a blind eye as they are doing now?

    I pay everyday with more taxes for law breakers. If I have to pay for Law breakers I’d rather pay for their meals and guards in TDC.

  15. I’d be alright to drink at home if they enforced immigration laws,

    Not me. I’d like the right both to drink in private bars AND the right for people to freely enter each other’s property with the owner’s permission, and the regime of Texas or the USSA is not the owner.

    They have violated Federal Law. If I violate federal law, I go to Federal Prison.

    The “federal law” violates natural human rights. The federal agents should be in their own prison, as should the TABC scum who bust people for drinking in bars, and narcotics agents and IRS agents, too.

    How about I don’t pay the taxes they reap

    That would be a great idea. Don’t feed the regime monsters.

    I pay everyday with more taxes for law breakers.

    Then you should stop. Tax victims of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains.

    I’ll drink to that, in public.

  16. “natural human rights”

    Give me a break…tell Phang who was born in North Korea today about your natural human rights; Or the woman who were gang raped in Dafur…you have made my point with this comment…Your so called natural human right is nothing with out enforcement…if you don’t agree see above.

  17. I’m all for enforcement of natural human rights. Since one of my natural human rights is to contract with whichever service provider I choose for that purpose (or being one myself), an artificial monopoly is a violation thereof.

    I’ll drink to that, alone, so I don’t get busted. Also, because I can’t find anyone who isn’t all gung-ho for jumping off the cliff with the lemmings here at the moment.

  18. I always thought I might have a half-brother in Australia since my dad was there in 1942-1943. I think I found him!

    Greg Clark