Be Your Own Communist Hero

retarded communist

These days, getting your mug on an old-skool Chinese communist propaganda poster (redone as an oil painting no less) is as easy as pie thanks to an ironic capitalist endeavor by Chinese resident Zhu Yao-Hui who runs (via MeFi):

1) Pick a poster from among our selection and choose your painting’s format: 30x20in or 40x26in (75x50cm or 100x65cm).

2) Take a picture of your face by following our tips. You can send us several snapshots, and we will use the most suitable one.

3) We create a mock-up at no cost in order to give you a preview of the final result, and we also include a quotation for the painting. If you agree, the painter gets down to work. Payment is effected through PayPal.

4) Two weeks later your painting is ready. It is carefully packaged inside a cardboard tube and sent to you by FedEx.

Since I expect instant gratification and see no reason why we shouldn’t give retarded folks a shot at socialist infamy (warning, department of redundancy jokes department), my own mock-up is above.

Stephen VanDyke

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