Barry Hess Launches Campaign Website

One of the websites I’d been working on before taking the new job at LP headquarters was for Barry Hess, who is running for governor of Arizona. As I won’t be able to run that site with my new job, Seth Cohn has taken it over. Seth did a great job of finishing my work, and the site was launched today.

They are still tweaking and adding content, but it looks (and seems to act) pretty good. Stephen VanDyke did most of the graphics, I did most of the CivicSpace work, and Seth stepped in and fixed all my errors (and did a CivicSpace upgrade). The database on the back end rocks, and PayPal now integrates into the database. The API was a chore, but it works great now.

Barry Hess is the Libertarian Party candidate for governor of Arizona.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. The audio blog sounds like Hess is a very good speaker and I liked what he had to say. I can’t wait to see/hear more.

  2. Seth is also doing the web site, and took a short break to finish Barry’s site. However, Barry is running this year, and I have 2+ years to go, so all is well, and Phillies2008 and the soon to appear Liberty For America project at a location to be announced are closing in on completion.

  3. This is great. I hear about a lot of libertarian candidates running in states where they are unlikely to win, but Arizona is the perfect state for a libertarian. I’ve lived there for most of my life and have found that most of the people registered republican are really libertarian in their views (not much religion in politics there).

  4. Nigel, Nall is going to bomb an abortion clinic to show she is most pro-life than the other candidates. And for the pubicity of course. :)

  5. Scott — unfortunately, with the popularity levels and approval ratings of Napolitano, and the difficulty inherent in removing an incumbent, Hess has some real challenges right now.

    Of course, it *IS* a good sign that there’s no serious Republican candidate, given how much of the state routinely votes ‘red’ rather than ‘blue’.

    As to the little religion in politics bit — I challenge you to find the Arizona state code that permits domestic partnerships within the state.

    (Fyi: I’ve been a phoenix resident for the last four years and am currently in the process of becoming a homeowner within the same.)

  6. Barry Hess is a smart guy and extremely personable. I’ve met with him on numerous occassions throughout the past few years. I wish him the absolute best of luck. He is worthy of your contributions.