Badnarik’s Big Brass Balls

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Sometimes I hate going out to eat with a group of libertarians. It can take hours to get ten individualists to agree upon one particular restaurant — unless someone takes charge of the situation. Similarly, whenever a Libertarian politician makes any major decision, the fiercest resistance generally comes from within libertarian ranks and not from the opposition.

One such example was the recount effort in Ohio after the 2004 presidential election. Once the decision was made to take the election results to court, both Michael and I have taken complaint after complaint about it. We’ve been accused of wasting Libertarian Party money, being in league with the Democrats, damaging the party image, and of not initially communicating well enough with the Ohio Libertarian Party. Only the last example is true; we screwed up there.

A federal judge just dismissed the recount case. Badnarik, Cobb and their attorney have not yet decided if they plan to appeal. In the meantime, Badnarik just explained that the allegations circulating within the party are incorrect.

Sometimes, it takes more courage to stand up to one’s friends than to face the enemy. Michael did so with, “I will make my decision based on what I think will be best for Liberty, and not by what some Libertarians will complain about next.”

I strongly applaud my good friend for taking charge of the situation. I’ll ask the rest of you to either support him or not stand in his way. At least he is doing something, as opposed to wasting perfectly good oxygen — like a vocal minority in the libertarian community does with their incessant bitching combined with a lack of meaningful action.

UPDATE: Badnarik just called to thank me for the support. He commented that he loved the STFU button and hopes to have a batch of them made soon.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Bravo!
    I voted for Badnarik (of course) and was mildly disappointed at his recount effort. However, that did not make me think less of him as a representative of the LP.
    As a true Libertarian I respect his right to pursue the course of action that in his mind seems best. And from what I know of Michael (and I don’t know him personally) I trust that his aims are well aligned with Libertarians in general.
    Your analogy (or was that a metaphor?)with the restaurant is pretty spot on. But despite our different tastes, we all agree that we need to eat regardless of the details.

  2. You know, the STFU button could be a good slogan in a national sense for the upcoming election cycle… “Tired of the status quo? STFU & do something: Vote Libertarian.”

    It would certainly be honest to our “antagonistic spirit.”

    Mostly, though, one could hope that it would merely get people’s attention.

  3. Although Michael Badnarik is a fellow Austinite and friend of mine, I voted for Aaron Russo for president at the National convention. I did that because I thought that was best for the party at the time. Nevertheless, I supported Badnarik’s eventual nomination, Gordon’s press efforts, and support Badnarik’s campaign for US Congress now. Nobody embodies the STFU and do something spirit more whole-heartedly than Michael Badnarik. I will see both Badnarik and Russo tomorrow at Russo’s film screening tomorrow in Austin. I am truly inspired by the dedication of these two great STFU and do something’ers.

    –Wes Benedict, Executive Director, Libertarian Party of Texas (I’ll help you pick a late night venue)

  4. Wes,

    “Rumor control” told me that you voted for Nolan at the convention, and I never asked you face to face. Like you, I took the defeat and worked hard for the winner of the convention. Thanks for all of your effort — and good luck with all of the Texas races.

    I can’t make it to Austin, although I can suggest a few late night venues preferable to the ones we visited in Arizona. :)

    Keep up the good work in Texas.


  5. The recount effort made me respect Badnarik more than anything else really. Someone willing to go whole hog gets points in my book. Before that he seemed like a nice plumb line libertarian, pretty basic. But that showed his character.

    (There are other things too, where he backed up his words with action that I appreciated.)

  6. Wow… I want that button.

    And as a person who support Badnarik since over a year before the convention… it was awesome to watch the different factions of the party unite behind him in Atlanta.

  7. I saw a good slogan for the Libertarian party in the LP news in the Mailbox section. It says “Why move left or right when you can move forward. Vote Libertarian.”

  8. I applaud Gordon and Badnarik continuing to challenge the votescam of the Bush gang. They stole two elections, lied us into war, third-world-fscist junta style secret detentions and domestic surveillance, and have plans for much bigger things to come, including an invasion of Iran, “total information awareness” and operation TIPS (hiring 4% of the population to spy on the other 96%, like the KGB and Stasi). “Libertarians” who want to ally with the Bush Crime Family should leave the LP and join the NSGOP. Some, like the CATO crew, pretty much already have.

    Steve and I have been discusiing this lately in regards to Alabama, so I thought I’d throw it out to a national discussion list…please get your state, local and national LP, local gov’t bodies and other groups to pass Bush Impeachment resolutions…anyone who can help with writing the language in a libertarian-friendly way (ie no UN resolutions) would be appreciated. If we can impeach Clinton, why not Fuehrer Shrub?