Another Republican Rips Bush

The line of Republicans bitchslapping Bush is only slightly longer than the line of gay Democrats bitchslapping the DNC. The latest comes from Madison, WI:

A long-time Madison Republican announced his candidacy for mayor while denouncing President George W. Bush and ripping current city leaders for what he calls “social policy experimentation.” […]

“I don’t think anyone who is in the mainstream of politics can support George Bush. I didn’t vote for him. George Bush and I disagree on everything from No Child Left Behind to the war in Iraq,” said Allen.

Why can’t both major parties stop playing political games and start doing what they all know is right?

Stephen Gordon

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  1. I hardly ever pay attention to local politics, but I fully understand the “lesser of two evils” voters every time I look at Dave Cieslewicz.

  2. we have a GOP dude here in WV running for Senate that has Ronald Reagan in his TV ads from when he last ran for office in the early 80’s! he makes no mention of anything GW Bush and calls himself a ‘Reagan Republican” in his ads.

    Bush is poison to GOP Candidates.

  3. Q: “Why can’t both major parties stop playing political games and start doing what they all know is right?”
    A: Because their power comes from being able to spend trillions of dollars every year. They would rather lose majority status than the ability to spend all that money. Both parties AGREE on spending trillions of dollars every year – and have to play political games to make you think you are voting for (and therfore approving of) all their spending.

    Think of a two party election as a bowl with two rotten apples in it. When you vote, you select one of the rotten apples. Then the politicians tell you that you like rotten apples, and the proof lies in the fact that you voted for one!

  4. I will be live on the radio from 5 to 7 PM central time tonight (Saturday) discussing the Ray Allen for Mayor Campaign.

    I think you can listen on line at

    The program is geared for African American listeners and we will be taking calls about what the Libertarian Party can do for African Americans. (like ending the Drug War)

    In the studio with me will be LP of Dane County Chair Nathan Toth.

    The host of the show is elected Dane County Board member Richard Brown, who is an African American. Candidate Ray Allen is also an African American. Nathan and I are regular white people.

    The People’s Republic of Madison, well known for its white limousine liberals, has one of the highest rates of incarceration and poverty for African Americans of any city in the nation.

    Madison is in Dane County.

    Rolf Lindgren