Another Paper Insinuates Libertarians are Racists

kkkinbama.jpgOK, this is getting tiresome already. Another newspaper is unfairly trying to tie the Libertarian Party to white supremacist Larry Darby on yet another issue. As I just explained, the Libertarian Party of Alabama rejected Darby very quickly in 2002.

State attorney general candidate Larry Darby wants to protect the Southern culture.
So the Montgomery Libertarian-turned-Democrat has a plan, including declaring martial law, that he says would solve the illegal immigrant problem and re-establish Alabama’s sovereignty.
Darby’s opponent in the Democratic primary is John Tyson Jr. Incumbent Troy King or Mark Montiel will face off in the Republican primary. The primaries are June 6.
Darby began his campaign for state attorney general in 2002, but ended that campaign after a few weeks. He said he now considers himself a “Dixiecrat.”

Trying to run as a Libertarian for a few weeks does not make one a Libertarian candidate. He probably (I have not yet verified the records) paid some party dues at one time, but we can’t force members through lie detectors. This continued mention of Darby as a Libertarian while the local press continues to ignore the real Libertarian candidates (like Nall, who is getting national media attention) has to end. It looks like time to start contacting editors to let them know that we ain’t gonna take this anymore. I’m now embarrassed that I used to write op-eds for The Decatur Daily a few years ago.
I’ll make this clear. While I don’t know if Darby made it to this KKK anti-immigration rally and cross burning, it seems clear that he would support it. Contrast that to Nall’s view, which was ignored by the same media:

On May 1, I spoke at two different immigration reform rallies. One at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and one at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Montevallo, AL. As a Libertarian I support the workers who are already here and do not wish to see them targeted by police if all they are doing is working hard and taking care of their families. Being anti-immigrant is Un-American. We need to reform immigration laws and make it a fairer process and then there would not be so many coming across the border illegally.

From her platform:

As the Libertarian party candidate for Governor of Alabama I would like the Hispanic community in Alabama to know that I support a guest worker program. Much of the rhetoric we are hearing with regard to immigration has roots in racism and has nothing to do with money. Of the four solutions that have been put forward, naturalization of Hispanics already inside Alabama who are working and paying taxes seems the only reasonable thing to do. We want people to come here who are willing to work and from what I have witnessed the Hispanics in Alabama do just that.

Since the morons in the press are having problems figuring this one out, I’ll clarify: the Libertarians are the only ones running non-racist platforms in Alabama.