Another One Bites the Dust: Former Illinois Governor Ryan Convicted

It’s not even newsworthy anymore: Another former elected official is going to jail. From The New York Times:

George Ryan, the former governor of Illinois who drew international notice by emptying his state’s death row, was convicted today of all charges brought against him in a sweeping federal corruption case.

After more than five months of sometimes complicated testimony in his federal case, and after weeks of still more tangled deliberations, a jury convicted Mr. Ryan, a Republican, of granting state business to associates in exchange for cash and presents for himself, his family and for his friends.

Mr. Ryan, who served one term as governor until 2003 and as the secretary of state before that, had been seen as an old-fashioned Illinois politician, more dealmaker, complete with cigar and a cocktail, than ideologue. In its way, then, his case seemed to put this state’s brand of politics on trial, asking jurors to do the difficult work of drawing a firm line between what was a crime and what was just another day in Springfield.

Perhaps one day the voters will actually wisen up a bit and quit voting Republican and Democrat so we can put some Greens and Libertarians in jail, too.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. this is a little sad, as Ryan commuted the death sentences of everyone on death row in Ill. because of all the people getting exonerated by DNA evidence.