Another “No Child Left Behind” Failure

How can one measure if a child has been left behind if the child doesen’t even know where he or she has been? It also seems that children today don’t even know which direction northwest is in. From National Geographic:

Half could not find New York State on a map of the United States.

A third of the respondents could not find Louisiana, and 48 percent couldn’t locate Mississippi on a map of the United States, even though Hurricane Katrina put these southeastern states in the spotlight in 2005.

Many young Americans also lack basic map-reading skills.

Told they could escape an approaching hurricane by evacuating to the northwest, only two-thirds could indicate which way northwest is on a map.

If you think this is bad, read the article to see what they know of geography and culture overseas.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Stephen, I hate to say this, but the rot runs further and deeper than is apparent. I worked very briefly for a Board of Education in on of the richest counties in the US (Montgomery County, Maryland) and can tell you that as a computer repair tech that traveled to over a hundred schools, the situation in most classrooms was nothing short of chaotic. The word ‘pandemonium’ comes to mind. Coming from a strict Catholic school background that brooked no nonsense, I was amazed at the level of outright anarchy displayed by the actions of many students and the inability of most teachers to maintain control over the learning environment. How anyone can learn anything in such an environment is beyond me. I’ve come to believe what John Taylor Gatto had written about at his Website as being, if not Gospel, then close to it; public school indoctrinates, not educates.

  2. It is my fond hope that the American education system continues it’s excellent work. In another generation the no child left behind mob will be in power and will not be able to fight wars because they won’t be able to locate their foes on a map. The FBI will monitor people who can recite the alphabet as they will not fit normal parameters