Another Cool Antiwar Video

One of my old Georgia LP buddies e-mailed this to me:

Hey SG,

went out on a video shoot a week ago…. heres what we came out with,… an anti war music video from a Blues Guy called Big Shanty,

Name of the song is called “Killing Fields”

Hope you enjoy it


Big Shanty has a MySpace site as well as this webpage.

James Bell (link may not be safe for work) shot the video and Brad helped in the production of the video shoot. Van Gogh Productions (who did the stage production for the 2004 Libertarian National Convention in Atlanta) were the producers.

BTW, I think the song and the video rocks.

  1. kaptinemo,
    That’s off the album The Revolution Starts Now. A good listen. Available at online stores now…I like “F the CC” better, tho!