Angel Shamaya in Jail on Gun Charges

UPDATE: Angel Shemaya is reported to be currently out of prison:

He’s charged with 4 counts misdemeanor possession of unregistered firearms and 1 frivolous, unwarranted, vindictive count of misdemeanor menacing.

Angel Shamaya, the founder of, has been arrested in Michigan for improperly registered firearms. The best information available so far comes from Gary Marbut, and was published in my friend Nicki Fellenzer’s directory, so it must be accurate. From the article:

Angel Shamaya, founder of is in jail in Michigan, having been arrested for possession of firearms not properly registered under Michigan law.

Angel’s friends are working to help him with this problem, but we need your help, right now!

We need character references from you for Angel. There is a form letter for you to fill out and send back at:

Be advised that Angel’s problem is happening in the Detroit area, where a strong anti-gun sentiment exists in the criminal justice system. So, we are asking you to downplay gun-rights and gun-related comments. We will NOT deliver to the court any disparaging letters about Michigan or Michigan laws. Stay on the high ground.

Please, download a copy of the draft letter. Add one sentence of personal comment if you wish – no more.

This is for upstanding, legitimate citizens only. So, we want you to add your name, mail address, and phone number to the letter, so the judge seeing these will accept your letter and will not think you are some flake.


Please pass this on to your friends for action. We need letters from everyone who knows or knows of, and appreciates Angel.

Props. I thought Scott Bieser‘s Shamaya inspired cartoon was appropriate for this posting. A copy of my letter follows:

Stephen P. Gordon
Political Communications Consultant
[letterhead information]

March 4, 2006

Oakland County, Michigan
Circuit Court

Re: Mr. Angel Shamaya

Dear Judge;

I’ve just learned that Angel Shamaya is before your court on a misdemeanor firearms possession charge. While I know nothing of the legalities involved in his particular situation, I’d like to take a brief moment to address Mr. Shamaya’s character.

As a political consultant, I’ve worked quite a variety of political campaigns over the years. In the 2004 campaign season, I managed one third party presidential race and served as communications director for another.

One result of these two races was that I was in contact with Shamaya from time to time on various issues relating to the preservation of the United States Constitution. It is rare within the political arena that I meet someone with a steadfast determination to act in a consistently principled manner — a description which only begins to describe Shamaya. He also displayed a level of determination, courage and an honest search for the truth unparalleled by his peers and colleagues.

Angel Shamaya is admired and respected by countless Americans not only for the aforementioned qualities, but also because he is thoughtfully spoken, even-tempered and a genuinely nice guy. It is my request that you afford him every respect and courtesy you would any other beyond-reproach, well-known national figure or an upstanding member of your local community.

Thank you so very much your time.

Stephen P. Gordon

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Thanks, Stephen. I appreciate having your message “out there” while so many other fictions have arisen. BTW, if you like that cartoon, which was in fact my idea, know that several dozen of the gun rights related cartoons on are my ideas, too. Specifically, see the Branco, Tuma and Bieser archives. All those fine artists came up with their own, too, of course, but a majority of those with the KABA url on them were fresh from my mind, through their pen and onto the site. I gave over 5 years of my life and untold sacrifices for gun rights. Fortunately, people who know me are standing by my side, and their faith will be vindicated for doing so.

    Angel Shamaya

  2. Angel:

    I follow the political cartoons frequently. Tuma, Russmo and Bieser are my favorites. Except for the cartoons with a reuse statement, I never know (unless I contact the artist) if I may republish a cartoon. Are you stating that such reuse is acceptable for material with the KABA logo?

    Glad you’re out of the pokey.


  3. Not being the leader of any longer, I cannot say for sure if they’ve changed any reuse policies. That being said, I believe they like it when people spread the KABA message via existing articles and cartoons, and I’m sure you can confirm that easily. We used to put footers beneath each toon stating that reuse was granted as long as the image wasn’t changed and the URL was visible. I doubt they’ve changed any of those files, which would mean they’d still have the same reuse message beneath them. Haven’t looked to confirm. Glad to be out, too, of course. And to be approaching green pastures again very soon. Take care. –AS