An Interesting Opportunity

A friend sent me a link to register for Zogby polling. It is supposed to be an easy way to have your input on political races counted. I registered this morning and am waiting on their response email so I cannot tell you much, but the site says:

How it works:
1. Complete the online registration page and submit it to us.

2. Zogby Interactive will e-mail you and inform you when an online poll is ready for you to take.

3. Complete the survey. (Easy? We thought so.)

4. Zogby International will e-mail you and inform you when results are available to view.

5. See how your opinion stacks up.

6. Be ready to voice your opinion with the leading public opinion pollster in the world. If you would like the results of the poll you took (as well as other poll results and Zogby International information), be sure to check the check-box asking if you would like Zogby International press releases and other Zogby information sent to you in the future.

I am sorry to post without more detail, but it seemed like something we should share.

  1. I’ve been doing Zogby polls for years; they are quick and easy and almost always include Libertarians.

  2. I’m also on their list. I suppose they do some screening to make sure a given sampling is representative based on your demographic information, but I’m pleased to say they usually include Libertarians by name at some point in the survey (though it may not be in every question; I can’t recall).

    I always take the time to do their polls. I have one in my in-box, now, that sounds like it’s political. I’ll answer it when I get home.

  3. Been doing this for years. Well worth the extra 15 mnutes it takes. Once you’re in, though, they’ll be sending you these weekly for life it seems.

  4. Gary, from your blog….

    How could someone be against both the War in Iraq and the War in Afghanistan? After all, one actually attacked us, while the other didn’t.

    Even if you believe the silly “19 Arabs with boxcutters” conspiracy theory of 9-11, Afghanistan didn’t attack “us” – they merely asked for evidence that Osama did before handing him over.

    we should remain there to remove the rest of the standing Taliban””read: Osama bin Laden.

    From all reports, Bin Ladin is most likely currently in the territory (gang turf) claimed by US regime ally Pakistan.

    Not that getting rid of the real life Emmanuel Goldstein would really be in the USSA regime’s interests.

  5. As other comments reflect, they’ve been doing these for a while. I’m pretty sure that acute selection bias would rended the resulting polls unscientific, though (maybe made less so if they adjust for demographics, but still…). More to the point, when Zogby polls are reported in the media, I’d be very surprised if these are the same polls.

  6. I have been participating in Zogby polls for several years and they provide Libertarian candidates as options and Libertarian as a choice for Party, too. They don’t take too long to complete.

  7. 1936: Note to self, send Libertarian feedback to The Gestapo so they know my opinions….BANG!

    1966: Note to self, give my libertarian anti-govt. opinions to my next door neighbour, who is a STASI informant….Eeee awwww, Eeee awwwww….

    2006: Register with Zogby…in the USA….without Habeus Corpus…in a country that practises Rendition and Torture…

  8. Zogby’s polls are slanted. He’s part of the gov’t machine. His polls reinforce a 2-party system which allowed habeas corpus to be suspended, warrantless wire-taps to be conducted, books like “America Deceived” to be banned from Amazon and permitted the starting of illegal wars based on lies. Zogby’s polls reinforce their power.
    Support indy media (and candidates).
    Last link (before Google Book caves to pressure and drops the title):

  9. FYI, when Zogby asks your political belief, do not answer “Libertarian” if you can help it. Libertarians who answer “I’m voting Libertarian” = no news. Non-libertarians who answer “I’m voting Libertarian” = big news

    Don’t lie, but if you are registered Independent, or Democrat, or Republican, etc, put that down. If you used to be one, put that down….

  10. I’ve been doing Zogby’s polls for years – one GOOD feature, is a “fill-in-the-blank” option when they ask what issues are important to you so you are not restricted to just choosing from the statist list. I usually write in “freedom.”

  11. Good gods, will you stop pushing your “America Deceived” fiction novel? I tend to doubt it’s being “dropped” due to pressure, rather than the fact that it isn’t a very good book. I started to read the first few pages online and was thoroughly unimpressed. I would wager google isn’t either.

  12. Which is as good a time as any to ask, how much off-topic (but relevant) material is allowed here?

    A lot more lately, we been meandering on tangents a lot. I’m as guilty as anyone. Sometimes the tangents have been very interesting.