Alabama Racist is Democratic, not Libertarian

LarryDarby.jpgMy cell phone has been ringing and my e-mails are flying since this story hit the front page of Yahoo News:

Democratic Party leaders are wondering what to do about a candidate for attorney general who denies the Holocaust occurred and wants to “reawaken white racial awareness.”

Larry Darby, the founder of the Atheist Law Center, made an abortive bid for the AG job as a Libertarian in 2002, but only recently have his views on race and the Holocaust come to light.

He has no money for campaign advertising and has made only a few campaign speeches, but garnered 12 percent support in the June 6 primary in a poll of 400 registered voters last month.

Let me make something clear. Darby tried to be a Libertarian Party candidate in 2002, but dropped out even before the LP convention. State LP Chair Dick Clark told me his assessment of why Darby dropped was due to a lack of libertarian support because he was prostelitizing atheism as opposed to advancing a libertarian message. Any racist views he held were not made public (that I know of) until much later.

The first I heard of Darby’s racist tendencies was when he attempted to hijack Loretta Nall’s press conference announcing her candidacy for governor of Alabama. From Nall:

In all honesty I did not know that Larry Darby was a white supremacist/holocaust denier until he attended my news conference on the steps of the State Capitol and made it a point to inform the media of his stance on those particular issues.

Had there been a rock large enough for me to crawl under at that time I think I might actually have done it.

I vehemently disagree with Mr. Darby’s viewpoints on white supremacy and the holocaust. I find them offensive. I, however, respect his right to hold those views no matter how offensive I might find them. We all share the same freedoms regardless of how we choose to exercise them. To take away one’s freedom to think repugnant thoughts is to also take away my right and yours to think nice, tolerant, peaceful ones.

Loretta Nall is at my place right now, and restated her unquestionably strong statement on the topic, “Anyone who knows me personally knows that any charges of me being a white supremacist or a holocaust-denier are utter horseshit.”

Nall also recently spoke (video) at the Alabama Black Mayors’ Conference.

A lot of the recent controversy started with this comment to Randy Volokh.

In my investigations of modern mythology, such as the Six Millions Lie, which by the way was first trotted out by Zionists during or immediately after World War One, there is a nasty aspect that is too often ignored – that of Jewish Supremacism. I’ve noticed megalomania or superiority complexes even with so-called secular Jews. Even though so-called secular Jews reject the existence of YHWH (the Jewish God of War, the surviving god of all the gods Jews once worshiped) who made them the Master Race, according to the Tanakh, so-called secular Jews are still Jewish Supremacists.

If you are interested, there is more on the long exchange between Volokh and Darby here.

Something important is to be noted. Even before the racist issues came to light, Darby could not obtain enough Libertarian (at no expense to the taxpayers) support to run for office on the Libertarian ticket. He is now running for office as a Democrat in a taxpayer supported primary election.

To the best of my knowledge, what was reported in the AP wire (which has already been covered internationally and by major papers like WaPo) is technically accurate.

While what he wrote was factually correct, throwing the Libertarian angle into this story was a cheap shot by Jay Reeves. While Reeves brought up a very, very weak and misleading tie to Libertarians with his story, he has failed to report on Loretta Nall — although national programs like MSNBC and the Alan Colmes Show have recently covered her.

In my opinion, Nall’s statement was too polite. However, she’s running for office and I’m not. One of the key reasons I’ve become involved in politics is because I grew up in Alabama in the heat of the civil rights era. My feeling is that people like Darby can rot eternally in whatever level of hell is reserved for racist pukes and scumbags.

Nothing has changed; racists still burn crosses in Alabama. There are other great reasons for hate-mongering people to vote Democrat in Alabama elections, too.

  1. Wow. I read the headline, saw the picture, and my heart dropped into my stomach. I knew that guy. He was how I first heard the name “Roy Moore.” He was a major opponent of Moore’s going back to 2001 or before. He always impressed me as a liberal. I cannot believe he could be a white supremacist. I’m wondering if this is some bizarre kind of publicity stunt/effort to attract votes away from Moore? If so, that’s idiotic. If not, that’s worse. Wow. I’m just totally shocked.

  2. Another foil-hatter trying to get in the LP and use it. Before people are nominated to run as an LP candidate, maybe it should be a requirement that they be an *ACTIVE* member for a while and have members that can vouch for them.

    Oh wait, then people like Bill Weld couldn’t materialize and use LPers for their own private vendettas whilst soundly and summarily discrediting everything we stand for and damaging its long-term viability. Can’t have anything stopping something “good” like that, now can we? It wouldn’t make for good “reform”!

  3. UA:

    1) Read his own writings in the exchange with Volokh.

    2) Read this article which just surfaced.

    3) I heard (some of it) with my own ears at Nall’s press conference.

  4. DD — He tried, but didn’t succeed — which displays one advantage of a convention system over a primary system. And we weeded him out before he got to the convention.

  5. Admittedly, I am not at all familiar with the system, in particular a convention system. Would demanding active membership as a prerequistite not be a further safeguard and perhaps even foster an increase in activism? This expands our prior discussion re: candidate pledges etc as well.

  6. “It’s time to stop pushing down the white man. We’ve been discriminated against too long,” Darby said in the interview.

    Hey, sounds like the general sentiment at my state LP convention today.

    But this is weird. If you google the name, you find his libertarian for governor web site. I scanned the platform, and it seemed to be legitimately pro-liberty (admittedly, it was a quick scan), including on immigration. Yet the article that just surfaced talks about “shooting illegal aliens.”

    I met this guy in 2002 and he was friendly, intelligent, and extremely passionate in his disgust for Roy Moore. Now, aside from his residual atheism, he would appear to be a disciple of Moore. This is all just so incongruous.

  7. David:

    we have people who get 15 minutes in front of cspan cameras at conventions who are about as crazed. No one seems to care.

    and if weld gets ballot access for the NYLP for years resulting in “non-reformers” not having to spend tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours jumping through hoops, I want you to lead the fight to refuse that the NYLP take the access becuase a impure guy got it for them.

    You gotta have principles, after all.

  8. Graham — look at my previous postings. I’m clearly not anti-atheist. I’m tired of the press stretching to go negative while ignoring the positive.

  9. Darby was an active, dues paying member of the LPA, however, given his outspoken comments I didn’t think he would get the nomination. He didn’t understand how the convention worked, it’s not really a primary. He made too many people mad at him with his atheist comments, I think he realized early on that continuing his campaign was futile, and dropped out. We eventually nominated Wilson Myers.

    I hope Larry continues his research into the Holocaust. My parents, both German, also did not believe that it happened. They could not fathom that the government they trusted and served could carry out such cruel and inhumane acts against another human being. Yet history has shown that such violence is regulary carried out in all corners of the world, and that government, while not always the sponsor of such acts, sometimes turns a blind eye while its citizens are denied life and liberty.

    We must always be vigilant.

  10. Stephen, you read me wrong. Although I do tend to be dry and concise. My point was as an anti-racist who is also Libertarian and an atheist, it’s hard to associate with any of these people and groups, considering it seems everywhere I look some “libertarian” allied group also has ties to racists and anti-semites. And I never thought of Atheists as being associated with racism.

  11. Mr. Darby is a white person who promotes the ethnic interests of his people. That is normal and that is racism, in terms of how the word is realistically applied.

    For whites, what is in our best interests is not to be displaced and dominated by alien races, rather it is to live in a white society that has traditional values.

    The only reason that non-whites in America — minorities — support multiculturalism/egalitarianism is that this is a MINORITY empowering ideology, and so blacks, Jews, Chicanos support it — for now — because it serves their perceived ethnic interests.

  12. Congrats, Jill! You’re a moron!

    How do you define white? Do you mean Western European? European as a whole? Europeans and Semites, who generally have “white” skin? Would you call Neanderthals white?

  13. Tis a shame. Holocaust revisionism and white supremecy doesn’t half to go hand and hand, but this guy is obviously a tool/dipshit that gives his enemies a crate full of ammo against him before he opens his mouth.

    and to make matters worse… he drags his stupidity into the LP.


    That said, I am a holocaust revisionist and am dissapointed that it still is such a scarlett letter topic. Oh well, all in good time.


    This is the URL to Darby’s libertarian platform.

    “Darby opposes legal barriers to trade and travel, which prevent Alabama citizens from engaging in productive relationships with people in other states and in foreign lands.”

    That sounds pro-immigration to me.

    But I must say: I think the LP is asking for the racist label so long as it makes a prominent issue of affirmative action. The candidate for senator in my state has three issues: Anti-affirmative action, anti-regulation, anti-gun control. This would all appeal to my conservative Repubican father-in-law. How can a candidate for senator not make an issue of the war, the patriot act, impeachment, pro-immigration, pro-GLBT equality, etc.? By choosing to portray ourselves as “more conservative” than Republicans, we are asking to be lumped with others who similarly label themselves– i.e. the KKK and the Constitution Party (is there even a difference?)

  15. Jill, you make me sick to my stomach! Vile and sick! Thanks for ruining my day you moron. Maybe you should go listen to John Gibson, you’d probably like his him and his racist advice.

    Graham, aren’t all libertarians instantly anti-racists? It seems that in order to be libertarian you would also be anti-racist by default.

  16. Ok, Rick… it looks to me like you subscribe to an awful lot of conspiracy theory and revision this and that. I have to call you out on this one. You are out of your mind if you don’t think the Nazis murdered Jews in mass quantities. What do you think they did at Auschwitz? Sing campire songs and roast marshmellows? You are truly naive towards The State, not to mention nationalistic conservatives if you beleive that they WOULDN’T have killed their scapegoats. What do you think they want to do to us and the Arabs?

  17. DD: When I was at my state convention, I did not feel like I was in a room full of anti-racists.

  18. Jill,
    I only speak for myself, but I’m sure many Libertarians would agree with me. I do not believe in “ethnic interests.” I believe in INDIVIDUAL rights. I dont believe in tribal collectivism, regardless of the race, reglion,etc. I have rights because I exist as an individual. Each individual has unique interests, regardless of any apparent group affiliation. It is wrong to believe that white people as a group have some collective rights/interests in opposition to indivudal rights.

    Obviously, if you feel a need to be a racial collectivist, you must be a completely worthless and weak individual. People like you are either weak losers who “need to belong” to some joke of a group or the type of “leader” who preys on the ignorance,paranoia, and insecurities of such individuals. You could choose to be a real individual and not just some worthless number hiding in a sea of white. Alas, it is your choice to be a worthless piece of shit.

  19. DD,
    Well, I would think Libertarians would be individualists, and “not racist” by definition. However in politics, perception counts for a lot. Who your friends are, what you emphasize, who you “preach to.” Most people only see things in certain ways and don’t think in nuanced terms.

    I agree to the extent that, anything should be open to discourse, controversial subjects should not be “off-limits” or taboo. I am willing to read/listen/discuss anything. However, Most would question the motives of someone who seems obsessed with something like “disproving” the Holocaust. Even if it wasn’t “as bad” as reported or was exagerated, whatever- What is the point? Why do you care so much? What are you trying to prove/hope to gain? Was Hitler really a good guy who was “misunderstood”?

  20. Graham,

    The importance is much like 9/11… the event was used as a pretext for various forms of extortion, mainly political.

    I am certainly not a Hitler apologist. He was an asshole. But let us not confuse being a dick with trying to purge a race of people.

    The importance is, in Germany, you get your ass tossed in Jail for claiming “one less than 6 million died”. Are you willing to have that in America to?

  21. This story is on the Drudge Report, but luckily the article they linked to says nothing about the LP.

  22. Rajter: I think that the laws against “holocaust denial” are Hitlerian themselves. As are Israeli acts of aggression against the Palestinians–which, by saying so, I become an anti-semite in the eyes of some. But regardless, there are so many other issues, so many other indisputably false pretexts used for so much more negativity, that it is simply counterproductive to devote any mental or physical energy to seeking the “truth” about the holocaust. I’m done on this topic.

  23. Nigel Watt – You don’t know objectively whether or not Jill is a “moron”. Once you start attending high school, you’ll learn that arguments are won by facts, not ad hominems.

    I agree with Undercover Anarchist regarding Holocaust Denial. If the official version of the Holocaust is so inerrant, why does it require statutory protection in several European nations? Truth doesn’t need to be defended at “gunpoint”.

    However, if libertarians oppose government regulation, wouldn’t it be consistent for them to also oppose affirmative action, even at the risk of being tagged with the dreaded “racist” label (which no longer has credibility since it is so overused)?

  24. Sorry Stephen G, I’m feeling your pain. Just hang in there and ride it out.

    The close we get to kicking asses, the more attacks we’re sure to get. Remind me to buy you a drink when I see you.

    Oh, and love that pic with the cigar.

  25. Darby has rightly targeted the SPLC in a current interview:

    “I will declare the Southern Poverty Law Center Alabama’s Public Enemy No. 1 and launch a probe into its activities since its inception with a purpose of emptying its coffers, estimated in 2005 at $193 million, and running them out of Alabama.”

    Darby claims to have evidence that the SPLC and Morris Dees had foreknowledge of the OKC bombing. I hope he nails them to the wall.

  26. This guy is crazy (from Stephen Francis’s link):

    Major Alabama newspapers owned by foreign corporations appear complicit in treason against Alabama, […] Reporters and editors continuously write articles promoting foreign and subversive ideologies that over the decades have distorted perceptions of Alabama in other parts of the United States and the world. The Code of Alabama provides for prosecution against defamation, fraud and harassment. Foreign corporations who act to dumb-down or mislead Alabamians will be scrutinized for violations of criminal and civil laws.

    Just what we need to do, throw reporters in jail for “defaming” or “harassing” Alabama lawmakers with those horrible stories about how much they suck.

    Is this guy for real?

  27. It’s not about ““defaming” or “harassing” Alabama lawmakers”, it’s about peddling lies, something that mainstream journalists seem quite happy to do.

    Personally, I hope he wins. It would shake up American politics.

  28. So is it your view that I shouldn’t be allowed to satirize a lawmaker?

    How about if I uncover some Alabama scandal but don’t reveal my sources to protect them from political backlash? Should I be thrown in jail?

    You don’t account for this kind of law being easily abused. We already have a libel and defamation system that works, I see no need to add some kind of knee-jerk enforcement that will only see some arrogant bureuacrat happily skipping down that slippery slope.

  29. “So is it your view that I shouldn’t be allowed to satirize a lawmaker?”

    You’re the one that brought lawmakers into this. It appears to be a strawman.

    To answer your question, we should all satirize lawmakers everyday as often as possible. Too many Americans give politicians and military leaders respect that they didn’t earn.

  30. BTW, it doesn’t seem as if Darby “denies” the holocaust. His numbers are just far lower than the accepted version of history.

    A “denier” would say that no Jews died under the Nazis.

  31. I said I was “done” with this topic, but I just want to clarify something for the Anchorage Activist. Yes, affirmative action as practiced by the federal government and its corporate welfare beneficiaries (who are the only ones subject to Nixon’s executive order) is a statist program. But instead of opposing “affirmative action,” why not just keep up the libertarian agenda of opposing federal programs and corporate weflare, without which affirmative action (as outlined in Nixon’s executive order) would be nonexistent? And secondly, I accept and in fact that it good that minorities and women are treated as “protected classes” in terms of discrimination in public accomodation and employment. This could be debated from a non-racist point of view among libertarians, but the fact is that if the LP advertises that it “opposes the Civil Rights Act” 99.999% of people are going to see that as code for “RACIST.” Just as a party that advertises its support for “state’s rights” or secession.

  32. “How do you define white? Do you mean Western European? European as a whole? Europeans and Semites, who generally have “white” skin? Would you call Neanderthals white?” — Nigel Watt

    Susan Sontag, (b. Susan Rosenbaum), once wrote “the white race is the cancer of human history.” Was she confused about who is white?

    I don’t think that Susan included Neanderthals as white, yet considering that not one Jew or non-white in America is against ethnic or racial discrimination, but rather ardently support these things when it serves the interests of their own racial family … you have to wonder how “Neanderthal” white Gentiles are who think otherwise.