Alabama Dem Candidate Continues to Spew Hatred

crossburn.jpgLarry Darby, the white supremacist Alabama Democrat who keeps trying to associate himself with the Libertarian Party, has really gone off the deep end. From The Birmingham News:

Darby is running on a nine-point platform to restore state sovereignty. Under his plan, the state would gradually divest itself of the federal government, beginning with the National Guard, and strengthen the state militia.

He advocates declaring marshal law, then “ferreting out” illegal immigrants and treating them as prisoners of war. Darby would elevate county sheriffs to what he believes to be their full constitutional power, deputizing an armed civilian police force to balance the state’s power, he said.

He also would prosecute the Montgomery-based civil rights organization Southern Poverty Law Center for treason for advocating open borders.

“We are being invaded by a foreign nation,” he said. “Our social fabric is based on Western European values. It was a European Enlightenment that led to the Constitution, and we need to hold onto those great ideals.”

That same message, delivered earlier this month at a Newark, N.J., meeting of the National Vanguard, a pro-white group, brought condemnation from state and national party leaders. The state Democratic party challenged Darby’s candidacy for expressing doubt during a television interview that the Holocaust occurred and for voicing racial and social supremacist views.

This guy is getting pretty scary. Perhaps Democrats will learn to use a convention process as opposed to a taxpayer-funded primary election from this experience. In the meantime, consider this a big-ass “I told you so” from the Libertarian Party. Props to Politics In Alabama.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Let him run. If elected, the people get the government they deserve. Freedom of speech is a two edged sword.

    I am not a racist, am not opposed to immigration (legal), do not want martial law and believe in less government so you out there that care to bash me, too late. At least the voters know where he really stands on the issues. Can you say that for the rest of the liars and bandits running for office that refuse to show their true colors when politicking?

  2. As long as is “Libertarian” credentials are rebuffed, agreed. He can only make a Libertarian candidate look good. We are running someone against him, aren’t we??? Let the people eat the cake that they bake.

  3. Who is advocating that he not be “let” to run? Who is here to do the “letting”?

    I believe the point of this post is that he is an asshole; not that he should be barred the right to run.

  4. Show us the hate, Stephen Gordon! You sound like a brain-dead liberal, a droid for the hate-makers at the southern poverty law center. I believe that Gordon is obsessed with hatred for Mr. Darby and that Mr. Darby has not expressed any hatred for anyone, just statements on how to effectively deal with the Marxist-Libertarian “open borders” plan to destroy our constitutional republic. Gordon has convinced me to vote for Darby in the Democratic primary and not Montiel in the GOP primary!

  5. Wow, Marxist and Libertarian not just in the same sentence, but in the same word! That is a new one. Is a Marxist-Libertarian like a Proletariat-Bourgeousie?

  6. Jane Green, you have no idea the good that is done by the Southern Poverty Law Center. I personally appreciate them representing the people of this country, legal or illegal, against hate-mongers. If you are here in this country, no matter your status, you deserve to be treated as a human being. You need to get your facts straight. It continues to amaze me some people are against immigration when they themselves are here because of their immigrant ancestors. Things that make you go hmmm…But as a half cherokee, half white woman, I have never understood a bunch of people standing around yelling white power either.

  7. And what’s wrong with what he’s advocating? I support his platform 100% — and I’m sure many right thinking Alabamans think the same way. Its time to take the gay Jews at the SPLC and put them in prison!

  8. No surprise though, you’re advocating a nigger for Ohio governor.

    “Big L” Libertarianism = more Jewish nonsense and lies.

    Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Ludwig Von Mises … Jew Jew Jew

  9. There are folks like me whose ancestors came over on slave ships and those who were here before any white man and were forced to live in reservations in which were lands that the government didn’t want. I take the middle road on the immigration issue. Of course there are going to be extremists on both sides of this particular issue. My ancestors are still waiting for their 40 acres and a mule. Wait they cant recieve it, theyre DEAD!

  10. Bill and Jane, Even as an African-American, I will still fight for your right to burn a cross on YOUR lawn. And were you old enough to vote for George Wallace when he ran for governor too? I feel sorry for good Alabamians because they have ignorant a$$holes like you as neighbors.

  11. Mr. White,

    In addition to your deplorable stance on race issues, you’ve also made a major factual error. We are running a candidate against Ken Blackwell in Ohio, not promoting him.

  12. Chris, George Wallace sold out Whites with his schoolhouse stand. That was a pre-arranged staging between Wallace and Bobby Kennedy. Wallace made a lot of noise, but did not see or refused to take on the role of a White leader who could have defeated the Communists (Jewish-Marxists) who later passed the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 & 1965, blazing a trail for Communist popular front groups to destroy our Republic with the backing of the Federal gun.

  13. Jane, it’s ok really the “Men in Black” are coming to give you back your prozac pills so you can return back to society. In the meantime, Hitler is knocking at your door and be a good Neo-Nazi and let him in.

  14. Wow, white supremacists and anti-semites. This is a rare find indeed. Like a DVD player that also accepts Betamax.

  15. So were Jesus and the twelve Apostles. What’s your point? That Jews bring joy and laughter to people worldwide?

  16. Oh no! Stephen hurt the poor racists’ feeewwwings! What a mean Marxist-Libertarian-Sodomite-Poopyhead!

    And duh, the libertarian movement IS a Jewish conspiracy! What other explanation is there? I only joined to try to get with some hot Jewish chicks and before I knew it, they made me a slave to their evil ways. Now I’m gathering signatures to make it a law that Aryan women have to pay Jewish bankers off or get raped by the Mexican invasion force! Next thing you know I’m going to be having gay sex with the governor of New Jersey. Where did it all go wrong?

    /no need to take stupidity too seriously

  17. DW,

    The Jewish/Libertarian sex conspiracy angle is a lot more serious than even you are aware. Full details (including photographic evidence) are available here.

  18. I clicked the link to Larry Darby’s site and noticed that he said that he’d fight all forms of gambling. That doesn’t sound very libertarian to me.

  19. Darby is a jackass.

    I remember back in 2002 he came out of nowhere to demand the LP nomination for attorney general.

    He said on the email list that the party should run a joint campaign between him and Sophocleus, and should promote atheism officially.

    Sophocleus was not interested in a joint campaign. Several people on the e-mail list pointed out that we do not advocate any particular religion *or lack thereof* as a political party.

    Darby cited Ayn Rand as an authority, and some people pointed out that not all libertarians are Randroids. Ironic that the (future?) Aryan Supremacist consider(ed) the Jewish Ayn Rand as an authority.

    Some people expressed concern about Darby as a candidate, although at that time he was the only candidate for the nomination.

    At this point he voluntarily withdrew his candidacy for the nomination.

    Then he went on to complain how the LPA allegedly denied it to him because he’s an atheist – a total lie.

  20. Bill White and Jane Green

    I suppose you believe Hitler was right. White (what a convenient name, is it your real name or a pretend name), how do you feel about Iran? Do you believe they should wipe Israel off the map?

    You are just the type that I would love to have a sanctioned gunfight with in the middle of town. Too bad that is illegal. I bet you are a coward hiding behind your Nazi and KKK brotherhood and one on one, you are worthless. Answer me, coward. Let’s see what a big bad ass you really are. My favorite persecuted group of people are Jews. I am a white, southern redneck Jew lover and cannot stand pieces of turds like you. I will side with them any day, you ignorant white trailer trash.

  21. Wow, we got all the kooks here this time. Even that nazi thug Bill White. He is another racist multi hyphenate ( I think he was at one time a Marxist-Socialist-Jewish-Anti-Semitic-White Power-Black Panther-Nazi-Libertarian-Communist)who has “associated” with the LP/LP candidates in past. I’m glad he doesnt think so highly of the LP these days. Having these nutcases hating the LP ( and vice versa) is a great thing.

  22. undercover_anarchist

    “Let him run” is just a figure of speech. You are too quick to empower me where I have no power. How can I or anyone else stop him?

  23. I wish I lived in Alabama to give Mr. Darby one more vote. Its about time someone had the guts to publicly stand up for the White people.

  24. Well the thing is, White people drive like this, and minorities drive in another way altogether.

  25. Has the LP gone over to the PC asshole crowd now? One questionable result from a grassroots political movement, and Gordon advocates a system that allows only previously successful parties (you can cross yourselves off that list, folks) to field candidates? Maybe the next time an article on a candidate for office that refers to that candidate’s platform is posted, some meaningful information on that platform could be posted also? Might save the article from being nothing but vitiperous BS. Darby may be a reprehensible racist (dunno, can’t deduce that fomr anything here) but the only parts of his platform cited in this article advocate the same limits in Federal power that are articulated in the Constitution. and that is something the LP should support, not ridicule.


  26. All of the focus is on Darby’s white supremacy and atheism, but nobody seems to mention his gross lack of experience. He received his JD degree (Jones) and was admitted to the Alabama Bar in 1999. Philosophical idiosyncracies aside, is he even experienced enough to be an AG ? It was even more absurd that he ran for the office in 2002.