Add “Do-Over” Choice to Ballots

nobody for presidentFound this via a link to the Peirce for Ohio campaign site, Andrew Warner hits on a novel idea:

But my father broke the political silence this weekend when I was telling him that we may have more choices than the failed “politics as usual” Democrats and Republican.

He wasn’t excited at the prospect of Green candidate Bob Fitrakis or, more appropriate for his lower tax based philosophy, Libertarian candidate Bill Peirce.

“I think there should be an ‘all these candidates are bad, start over’ choice,” he said.

[…] A “do-over” choice on the other hand, may just better capture the frustration of the average voter. I honestly think it might have a chance to win an election or two. Third party candidates have been our primary way of keeping the two-party system honest, but the “do-over” button would be much more direct and to the point. How embarrassing it would be for the major parties to know they put up two bad enough candidates for the majority of voters to choose the “neither” option.

It’s novel because any campaign money raised would be for naught, as all candidates should logically be disqualified from being on the ballot again. I’d take this a step further and require all second-round candidates exceed twice the petition signature hurdles of third parties (which would effectively kill them if you know what I mean), strip all party affiliations from the ballot and just let them take their positions to the people on televised debates.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. DAP, I thought about that too… why not just put all the original candidates who got edged out by NOTA (none of the above) into one office and hold a second election in a month’s time. Giving them voting power based on the representation of the poll should sufficiently assure gridlock.

    Kind of like saying “you guys suck balls, but we’ll give you a little while to keep the seat warm and amuse us by trying to pass legislation.”

  2. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but this is a legitimate protest vote in many countries that still actually have paper ballots (read have a paper trail that can actually be revisited if need be). Blank ballot campaigns are pretty common. But the question is, how do we do it here, with electronic voting machines? Will the board of elections even bother counting ballots that don’t have legitimate names on them?

  3. Maybe the “do-over” choice could even have a fake name attached to it (a la “Alan Smithee”, the standard pseudonym used by filmmakers who don’t want their names attached to a film).

    I nominate “Mulligan.”

  4. The TXLP has included in its platform that all elections should be able to choose NOTA. I think that if the voters chose NOTA, the office shouldn’t be filled – obviously they don’t want that particular office interfering in their lives.

  5. Stephen, speaking of Peirce, do you know whats happening with that campaign. I’m really craving some updates from the site, especially the blog.

  6. We definitely need a none of the above choice. If I have to choose between a Republican and Democrat, with no Libertarian Party, I refuse to vote for either.