The ACLU filed suit against the Department of Defense in federal court yesterday in an effort to get more information about the TALON database. From Reuters:

The group says the Pentagon has been monitoring anti-war groups and individuals and has compiled lists on people it sees as potential threats but who the ACLU says are exercising their free-speech rights.

The suit was the ACLU’s first attempt to force the Pentagon to disclose domestic surveillance and followed similar suits by the organization against the FBI and the Justice Department.

“It’s absolutely improper for the U.S. military to keep databases on lawful First Amendment (free-speech) activities,” said ACLU attorney Ben Wizner. “These are peaceful, law-abiding groups and individuals that oppose U.S. war policy but pose no threat to the military.”

They might as well just pitch that pesky little First Amendment thing in the wastebin, as they’ve effectively outlawed most of it anyway.

  1. The ACLU is worthless. They refuse to take Second Amendment cases. They are selective in which freedoms they consider important. Gun ownership is not one of them.