Aaron Russo on the Air Tonight

Listen to Aaron Russo LIVE on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory!

Monday, May 15th from 11pm-2am (PST)

Tune in to the show and call in to support Aaron as he discusses his new film, America: Freedom to Fascism. Aaron will cover subjects such as the IRS, RFID Chips, the National ID, the Federal Reserve, Fort Knox and the gold that belongs to Americans and other themes from the film.

Check the Coast to Coast website, http://www.coasttocoastam.com to find an affiliate station in your area.

Looks like a good night for Libertarian radio. Shame I’ll be in meetings and such. Loretta Nall just hit the AP on another article, too. We’ll see how many papers this hits over the next 24 hours.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. David Nolan was just on with Coast-to-Coast reject on Alan Colmes. The one guy was a windbag self-promoter too. Nonetheless, as expected David did well given the strictly limited time frame. The more exposure, the better.

  2. Kris,

    One thing to consider is that the LP didn’t support Russo in 2004.

  3. I don’t understand how their can be mutual accord between the CP (aka IAP) and Russo. Russo, in his concession speech at the ’04 convention, got up and told a story about his prostate. I’m sure that the CP denies the existence of the prostate, as a conspiratorial aspect of the “homosexual agenda.”