A Tale of Two Worker Statistics

drunk at workThis wouldn’t be quite as funny if the 15% number hadn’t popped up in two separate stories in the same day, but I have a strange suspicion that the 15% of workers who are allergic to work may conveniently overlap on some Venn diagram of the 15% of workers who are boozing on the job. Regardless, worker productivity continues to rise, so maybe there’s some overlapping in some other mythical Venn diagram we should be researching (any research that includes copious amounts of alcohol gets a thumbs up from us).

Hey, no doubt a couple cold ones are at least taking your mind off the sniffles while operating the drill press that just went through your hand. But perhaps drinking on the job can be endorsed, if the machinery includes anything non-industrial like say a keyboard and some blog software.

Cheers to that.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Hey, copious amounts of alcohol are always a good thing.

    I mean that for…uh…the entertainment I get from watching the OF AGE people who are ENJOYING IT RESPONSIBLY, of course…

  2. Wonder how overlap there is on the Venn diagram of those allergic to work, drink on the job, and have jobs that most people don’t want to do?

    There are some really lousy jobs out there and maybe drinking helps them cope with the job and the boss better. Getting fired from a lousy job is nothing. One can just go find another lousy job and drink there.

  3. Actually, I know some jobs where people are encouraged to drink at work. Strip clubs are one example, and I have recenlty learned that many sex toy shops have free (or easy) booze for female employees. The owners say it helps break the ir inhibitions about talking about such personal matters.

  4. Loose lips bring tips. I tended bar before in a “gentlemen’s” establishment. Drinking is definitely encouraged.