A Note About HoT

Hi. This isn’t news.
We usually do news, yes, but we do opinion pieces. We do editorial pages. Occasionally, we also do cartoons.
We’re the portion of the newspaper that everyone turns to first, usually. We have namecalling, we have libertarian-leaning writeups, we have bad words too sometimes (well, often if it’s my articles).
I’ve come to understand that this isn’t acceptable to some of you, this “college humor” or whatever. Others are mad that our editors take positions on things, usually when they don’t agree with the reader’s position. Still others hate that we use words like “retard,” even though these same people are defending the potty mouths of candidates.
This is why there’s many of us. We all have different points of view, different writing styles. The editors are all libertarians… and that’s where the similarities end. We’re atheists, Christians, agnostics and Lord knows what else. We are purists, we are reformers, we are everything in between. We’re Lockeans, we’re geolibertarians, we’re anarchists, we’re minarchists, we’re silver-tongued, we’re snake-tongued and we’re writing.
How sad, how uninteresting a world it would be if we all had to walk on eggshells. How sad if reformers couldn’t take being called “statist pigs”, purists “radicals,” 9/11 orthodoxists “sheeple” and 9/11 truthers “retards.” How sad if our skins couldn’t withstand the well-intentioned jabs of our own kind, because then how could they withstand the malicious strikes of the Republicrats?
There’s a lot of us here, with a lot of different viewpoints. Gentle, beloved reader, you are guaranteed to disagree with the editor’s version of libertarianism, or the editor’s methods, or the editor’s writing style about 50% of the time on this site, no matter what it is that you believe. Now, we are all grownups here, no? We can take this difference of opinion and let it inform us and make us stronger in our views and our knowledge, or we can let it grow ugly and personal.
I know what I want. I don’t know about you, but I’d miss being called a hippie retard right-winger fascist foul-mouthed statist moron. So let’s grow thicker skin.