A New Year’s Wish

It is customary for people to make resolutions for the New Year. It matters not that they may be setting a path for failure. A New Year’s resolution is generally understood as a promise to one’s self. People resolve to change, and usually (if we are honest) after a week or two of hogging the treadmills at the gym, they usually give in to their weakness of a state fair’s fried Twinkies. To one more cigarette instead of Nicorette gum; they trade O’Doul’s for Newcastle. My own resolutions are not much different. I resolve to smoke and drink less. At these things, I will surely fail. Deprivation is a hard thing to handle. Perhaps we should resolve to create something more. There are a couple things that I resolve to do more of. I resolve to continue teaching the kiddos that truth comes from honest debate. Truth comes from some guy named Julian criticizing your ideas- publicly. It comes from re-evaluating your position- on everything- because popular or not, you want to learn. And you can never learn in an atmosphere of agreement. And truth comes from posting some shit that somebody may laugh about. (As much as I wanted to, I did not try revisionist history with the EDIT prompt on “Full Circle”) HoTruth and self reflection are amazing tools. We are not all lucky enough to have both. I am. Thanks to all who let me know it. I wish for continued growth and challenge. I know that I can not have one without the other.

  1. I dunno. Perhaps if any HoT editors ever have to testify in order to protect our sources, we could swear to “tell the truth, the HoTruth and nothing but the truth.”